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April 11, 2020

Unboxing ASUS Zenfone 5Q

This post is a very long over-due. My phone is already two years old and it is only now I am sharing this. I am already thinking of getting a new unit. 

My previous phone is ASUS Selfie and after eyeing for a lot of brands and models, I decided have the same brand and get the Zenfone 5Q.
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I've been eyeing a lot of brands and models. Instead of having another brand, I decided to get the ASUS – Zenfone 5Q. 


I have an experiences with ASUS (laptop and cellphone) and is satisfiedI am not into brands or models but with specifications. As long as it meets my standards, it will more than okay.

Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,

Here are the specifications:

Design and Display
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,
It comes with a clear protective case
Zenfone 5Q is slim (1.79mm only) and lightweight to about 168 grams. The front and back panel is made of 2D-contoured glass. Absence of capacitive buttons in front makes it totally sleek and clean.

It has a 6-inch full HD screen with 80.30% screen-to-body ratio and has a blue light filter function that helps protect the eyes. The screen has 10 multi-touch points that support gloves touch.
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,

The rear fingerprint scanner placed at the back just can be used to unlock the phone in 0.3 seconds. It can recognize up to 5 fingerprints even the damp ones.
CPU and Memory
Zenfone 5Q has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Mobile Platform with 64-bit Octa-core Processor. Having a 4GB RAM makes the internal processing faster. Although it has a 64 GB ROM, only 50.92GB is usable for storage but it supports up to 2TB microSD storage.

Zenfone 5Q has an Android Nougat which can be upgraded to Oreo in the third quarter of the year.

Camera for Photos and Video Recording
Asus Zenfone 5Q is the World’s first true quad camera smartphone. With 20MP Selfie camera and a 16MP rear camera will make taking photos to a higher level. The front camera is made equipped with Sony IMX376 image sensor with an f2.0 aperture while the rear camera has an f2.2 aperture.

It’s  2nd camera, both rear and front, allows you to take wide-angle photos up to 120° which makes it perfect for selfies and group photos. It is also great for capturing scenery and landscapes.
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,
Front Cam
Zenfone 5Q is capable of recording 4K UHD videos using the main rear camera.

Connectivity and Wireless Technology
Zenfone 5Q has a micro-USB slot which enables you to transfer media content to your PC.

It has also WLAN 801.11 b/g/n/ac with 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.1, and WiFi Direct 

Battery, Audio, and Others
With a 3300mAh built-in battery capacity, Asus Zenfone 5Q can be used at a longer time without charging. It can stand up to 24 days 4G standby or 30 hours 3G talk time or up to 4 days music playback.

It has a loudspeaker and can play in FM mode.

Reduction Technology.
Zenfone 5Q has a triple slot for dual sim and one microSD card that is secured and can only be opened with the ASUS-provided key.

The package contains the main handset, a headset, charger and USB connectivity cable, and a Zenfone 5Q Clear Case.

I got this at a discounted price of PhP16,995 at Abenson. It comes with a JBL Clip2 Bluetooth Speaker worth PhP3,000. 

Now the price in the market drops between PhP8,000 to PhP10,000.
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August 16, 2018

Unboxing Samsung A6+ Smartphone

Mommy and I had an upgrade on our gadget. She had the Samsung A6+ while I got Asus Zenfone 5Q which I will also post it here soon.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

For the Samsung A6+, the package contains the usual Smartphone, charger with cable and headset.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

Now going for the external features, the Samsung A6+ is made of an all metal body with a 6.0-inch full HD+ Super AMOLED display. Navigation buttons are removed in front making it look more sleek, stylish and smooth finish.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

The power or lock button is placed on the upper right side while the volume buttons are located on the left side.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

Below the volume buttons, two separate slots are provided. The first slot is for the Primary SIM and the other slot is for the secondary SIM and the microSD tray. these slots can be open with the pin provided.

I just observed the top side of Samsung A6+ is free of any inputs of speaker. The 3.0-mm jack inlet is located at the bottom beside the charging or data cable slot. Another is the phone speaker is located neither top or bottom side but on the right side just above the power button.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

The Samsung A6+ is equipped with dual 16MP + 5MP rear and a single 24MP front cameras. The front camera has features of taking Single and Wide selfie, Sound and Shot, Selfie Focus, Beautification,  and Bixby Vision modes.
Samsung A6+ Smartphone, smartphone, phone review

On the other hand, the dual rear camera has an Auto, Pro, Panorama, Continuous Shot, Night, Sport, Sound and Shot, Live Focus, Beautification, and Bixby Vision.

To provide enough and controlled lighting for taking photos, a LED flash is equipped in the unit. This can be also used as flashlight.

Right below the rear camera is a rectangular fingerprint sensor.

With a huge capacity battery pack, the 3500mAh can stand the device up to 11 hours while up to 18 hours in airplane mode.

Here are the other features of Samsung A6+:
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Memory: 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM
Operating system: Android 8.0 (Oreo)
Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n (a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.2, GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), HSPA (850/900/1900/2100 MHz), LTE (Band:1/3/7/8/20/38/40), Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
Size (L x W x T): 160.2mm x 7.9mm x 75.7mm or  6.31in x 0.31in x 2.98in
Weight: 191 grams

Next to post is my Asus Zenfone 5Q.

What can you say about the Samsung A6+?
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November 30, 2017

Unboxing Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, I was able to share this one. It has been months since I have an update on my blog. Medyo busy due to heavy workloads. 

My old vacuum cleaner is still working but it seems not work that good especially on the car. Dust and pebbles are not removed totally. This made me decide to get a new one. I picked the Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

The sleek design looks elegant and lightweight. It has wheels making the user more comfortable while in use.

Compact Size
Electrolux MobiOne is small enough that can fit into small space.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to worry taking care of the cables before storing the unit after use. With just one push of the button, the cord will automatically wind inside the unit. Check the short video below.

The package contains two chrome metal tubes that can be used as an extension of the handle or can be used to clean hard to reach areas.

It has also an upholstery adapter that is ideal for cleaning couch and corners.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner
With bush nozzle and combi-crevice nozzle, dusting off small areas like keyboards and other appliance is easy. 

In spite of MobiOne’s compact size, it is still powerful with a 1400W motor. It has great suction ability that it can easily collect all the pebbles inside the car. Also, the dust that seeped into the carpet can be easily removed. 


Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Just remove the tub and put the trash in the garbage. To clean further, just remove the filter and wash with soap and water or just fill any rectangular sink or basin and soak the tub to wash out dirt. Just be sure to dry it up before using to prevent electric shock.

Replaceable filter
Since it is bagless, it has a replaceable filter that is available in stores.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Low noise
With 81 decibels produced noise,  the Electrolux MobiOne is quiet and not irritating to ears.

Here are the other features of Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Filtration: Bagless
Main Colour: Ebony Black
Filter: Micro Exhaust Filter
Cord Length: 50 cm
Weight: 3.2 kg (cleaner only)
Dust container Capacity: 1.2 L
Price: PhP 4,098.00 (at Abenson Appliance Store

Aside from carpets and couch, I tried using Electrolux MobiOne Vacuum Cleaner for dusting off window screens.

With Electrolux MobiOne Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning household will be easy as 1-2-3.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.
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July 5, 2017

Unboxing Creative SBS E2400 Speaker

This is another overdue post but I need to share this since I really love listening to music.

There are movies I downloaded with low audio even I put the TV’s volume at maximum. There are also movies that the volume suddenly increases especially the special effects.

As part of our “home beautification”, I finally got a speaker that will be connected to the TV to enjoy watching movies and TV series at home.

I got this Creative SBS E2400 Speaker System.
Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Source: Creative Asia
The box contains the main subwoofer, two satellite speaker, RCA connectivity to TV sets and DVD players, and a remote control.

The sub-woofer is made of a wooden cabinet for superb bass reproduction.

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker

Here are the other features of Creative SBS E2400 Multi-Purpose Home Entertainment System:

As Speaker Output
Connecting to TV is easy. All you need is a jack with 3.5mm ends. Connect it to the headset output of the TV while the other end is connected to the input of the main speaker. This can be also used for connection to portable players, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This, perhaps, can be used with Guitar Center, kay guitars for better audio output.

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Satellite Speaker
It only took me time before I used the speaker connected to the TV since the connector included in the box is only for DVD players.

Remote Control

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Remote Control
Changing the music or volume can be done in just one click with the remote control.

USB Flash Drive Connectivity
The speaker has also USB slot where you can save music into a thumb drive and play.

Built-in FM Radio
Also, it has a built-in FM radio. However, I need to add an extension on the antenna or buy an indoor antenna since it doesn’t work well.

I got this from Electroworld for PhP2500.

This set is considered as entry-level multi-purpose home entertainment speaker system with a power output rating of 24 watts of raw audio but still let you pick on different multiple equalizers presets.

What speaker system do you have at home?
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July 26, 2016

Unboxing ASUS Zenfone Selfie

This is the 2nd ASUS product that I will share - a cell phone.

I am not into a high-end gadgets that most of my phone lasts for years before I change into a new unit. The last time I had a new phone, or should I say we - Mommy and me, was almost two years ago.

Last week, I asked Mommy if she wanted to have a new tablet. She declined and pick a new phone instead. This is part of an anniversary gift for her. Then she asked me if I wanted to have a new gadget too. I simply smiled with bright eyes which means definitely YES.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie

Just like what I said, I am not considering if the gadget is in high-end, pricey, or cozy. As long as the specifications are great I can live with it. When it comes to brand, I want to try other brands instead of having the same brand so I can also compare and will make me help decide what brand to buy next.

With all the choices I ended picking the ASUS Zenfone Selfie.

Here are the features that helped me decide to pick this phone.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie has a huge internal memory of 32GB (expandable up to 256GB via a memory card). This storage capacity is already enough for me to save music, movies, photos and install games.


Rear Camera with Dual-tone LED Flash
The Asus Zenfone Selfie has a 13MP with led flash, both rear (f/2.0, 28mm,laser autofocus, dual-LED flash) and front f/2.2, 1080p, autofocus, dula-LED flash), which makes you not to worry what camera are you going to use especially when taking selfies.

Front Camera with Dual-tone LED Flash

ASUS Zenfone Selfie is powered by Android Lollipop 5.0.2 and 3GB RAM and 1.5GHz Octa-core processor making is faster compared to my old unit. According to some articles this can be upgraded to Adroid 6.0 Marshmallow.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie Screen (Tempered glass screen protector not included)
The 5.5-inch (1080x1920 pixel) display screen is vivid which allows you to enjoy viewing photos as well as watching movies.

The ASUS Zenfone Selfie comes with a removable 3000mAH lithium-polymer battery. This means that you are going to enjoy more time with your phone before needing a recharge. For example, a 12% remaining in the battery can last up to about 5 hours idle time.


Since I love listening to music, a gadget giving a nice sound is perfect during sound trips.

For a special offer of 10,995 pesos, you can already have this ASUS Zenfone Selfie. A savings of 2,000 from the original price. I got this from Memoxpress, SM Marilao Branch.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie (Backview)

I will make a post on Mommy's new gadget soon.

Do you own ASUS Zenfone Selfie too?
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December 17, 2015

Unboxing Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set

One of the items in my Christmas wishlist this is an electric drill. Though I don’t have much background in carpentry or machine works, having this tool will be a big help in DIYs at home. I don’t need to borrow the heavy one from our workplace just to drill a hook for a photo frame.

Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set, power tools, electric drill
Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set

Last week during the online revolution in Lazada, Mommy asked me what hand drill I will buy from Lazada. So I immediately searched and I got this Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set with a hugely discounted price. It was delivered the following day. Ang bilis! By the way, this is another fruit of blogging and other online opportunities.

The drill comes in a sturdy box.

Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set, power tools, electric drill
Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Case

Aside from the drill, it comes with drill bits – 5 pieces masonry drills, 4 pieces wood drills and  5 pieces high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits.

It also comes with 10 pieces different CRV screw driver bits and 7 pieces sockets perfect for driving screws and bolts. Thirty pieces screws and tox were also added in the kit.

Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set, power tools, electric drill
Bosch GSB 500 RE Impact Drill-DIY Tool Set

To complete the DIY set, spirit level, cutter, hammer, adjustable wrench, combination pliers and tape measure is incorporated in the box.

With this tool, making DIYs at home is not a problem anymore.

Have you already received some of items in your Christmas wishlist?
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December 3, 2015

Unboxing Asus X555L Laptop

Mommy’s ultimate Christmas wish last year is to have her own laptop. She had already picked a model, but we choose to get a TV first. Since it has been a year since we have our TV, I think it is okay to grant Mommy’s ultimate wish since she receives a lot of online opportunities.

Last week, I asked if she still wants the laptop she saw in Abenson. She answered without hesitation a big “YES”.

Here are some information about Mommy’s Asus X555L laptop.

The laptop has great with features like 1TB storage (divided into C and D), 4GB RAM, 2GB Video Card, windows 10 operating system and an Intel core i3 processor. Please don’t ask me about this features for I am not a techie person but with this features, I think it is already more than enough.

It has three ports for thumb drive or USB, a VGA and HDMI ports, memory card slot and optical disk drive.
Top: VGA, HDMI and 2 USB ports/
Bottom: Optical disk drive, 1 usb port and memory card slot

It has a wide screen of 15.6 inches (diagonal) making viewing movies more enjoyable.

15.6in Screen

See how Matthew enjoys watching the music video of Alden Richards’ Wish I May.

Matthew watching Wish I May (Grabbed from FB)

The numerical keys are already separated making it easier to type numbers. Also, the keys are ergonomically designed which provides 1.8mm of key travel and minimal key float giving you more solid typing experience.

Ergonomically designed keyboard

Though it has a Zen-inspired finish for an elegant and metallic look, this seems to be a slight disadvantage for me because fingerprints and scratches are more noticeable. Frequent wiping can remove the fingerprints, though.

Zen-Inspired Finished surface with few fingerprints

Anyway, here are the other features that might catch your interest and you may include Asus X555L in the models to be considered in buying a new laptop.

Long-Lasting Polymer Battery
ASUS X series laptops feature a Li-Polymer battery that gives you up to 800 charge cycles — 2.5 times the lifespan of standard Li-ion cylinder batteries. On top of that, a Li-Polymer battery retains up to 80% of its original charge capacity even after hundreds of charge cycles so you won’t have to worry about deteriorating battery performance. Thanks to a clever combination of hardware and software optimization, the battery adheres to the highest battery safety standards and gives you optimal charging performance to prolong its lifespan.

Short Circuit, Cell TCO, Charge, and Temperature Protections
The battery automatically shuts off when the control board detects a short circuit. The battery has a transparent conductive oxides that guard against overheating. Furthermore, overcharging is prevented by cutting off the electric current when the battery is already full.
There are built-in sensors that ensure the batteries are working in a safe temperature. Charging will stop once a high temperature is detected. Since the battery is made of polymer, it has a higher level of safety and reliability.

Larger and Smarter Touchpad
The touchpad has a dimension of 106mm x 74mm which is larger compared to others. It has also a pal rejection features which can differentiate between an actual fingertip and palm contacts.

IceCool Technology
This is a unique internal design that prevents heat build-up in the palm rest.The palm rest surface stays between 28ºC to 35ºC even after hours of use.

There is a professional codec that ensures precise sound performance while an optimized amplifier, larger speaker and resonance chamber delvers powerful audio output and deeper bass. An additional signal processing helps fine tune the hardware, filter noise and improve clarity giving the best audio result.

Eye Protection
Asus Eye care mode reduces the emission of blue light by 33% making more comfortable on eyes and prevents from possible eye fatigue and other ailments. Blue lights are often emitted by LED panels which causes macular degeneration and retinal problems.

For more features and information about ASUS X555L, you can visit the Asus Website
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March 4, 2015

Unboxing Brother DCP-J100 Printer + Brother's Jolly Delights

One day, Matt has an assignment. He needs to paste a family picture in their workbook. 

Though we have lots of family pics in my camera, we have no printer at home. The only one available is already placed in a photo frame and he was two months old.

No choice but to get that photo and used it for his homework.

With this, we decided to buy one so when the time Matt needs printing works for his school projects and activities, we will not encounter the same problem.

Mommy is also thinking of accepting made-to-order (MTO) invitations where a nice printer is a must.

After searching for some models and brands, reading reviews and feed backs, I finally made a choice for the right unit. I choose the Brother DCP-J100 3-in-1 printer (scanner, printer and photocopier).

Brother DCP-J100

I picked this brand and model mainly because the ink cartridge is individually installed. Once you ran out of one color, you can purchase the cartridge for that particular color alone unlike other brands that you have to buy one cartridge with three colors even other colors are still available.

The printer will run even  only the black cartridge is installed.

Interior of Brother DCP-J100 printer

Scanning is also easy. Just press the scan button, pick for the scanning method. It will automatically connect to the computer and just press the start button, colored or graysacle, for the scanning to proceed . Scanning methods are: scan to e-mail, scan to file or scan to image. 

Ink cartridge installed individually and scanning options

With the photocopier, you can directly choose enlarger or reducer from 100% to 47% or fit to page. It can perform photocopying up to 99 pages per run. Some units are limited to 20 pages per run only.

Enlarge and reduce option

The unit is connected to the computer via USB port attached inside the printer right under the scanning/photocopying platform. Storing of the connector when not in use is not a problem. There is an ample space beside the port where you can place the cord.

It has a detachable paper rack. Just place the paper and you’re on the go.

Detachable paper rack and the USB port

Aside form these features, here are the other specifications of the printer:

Brother's Laminated Piezo Print Head minimises print head damage and enhances the durability of the machine, allowing users to save on repairs. Furthermore, with low-cost super high yield InkBenefit cartridges, the inkjet Multi-Function Centre meets the demands of high print-volume businesses for low running costs.

Save on Repairs
Lamination Technology & Piezo Technology enhanced durability and minimises print head damage, helping you save on repair and replacement costs.

Low Running Costs
Enjoy low ink costs with affordable 2,400^ super high page-yield InkBenefit cartridges. Reduce ink wastage with an individual ink cartridge system that allows you to replace only the colours you need. Plus, easily produce 2-up and 4-up on a single sheet. This saves paper when viewing drafts or layouts.
^ Refers to black ink. Colour ink: 1,300 page-yield. Approximate page-yield declared in accordance with ISO/IEC 24711. 

Improve Productivity
Featuring high print speeds of 11/6ppm* , time is saved when there are large volume printing tasks. Users can utilise their time more efficiently instead of waiting for their printouts. Furthermore, with paper input of up to 100 sheets, users avoid having to refill paper tray too frequently.
* ISO/IEC 24734. Click here to find out more about Brother print speed.

Save Time
Enjoy convenience of less-frequent ink purchases with super high-yield InkBenefit cartridges. Plus, save valuable time as you can still print in black even if colour cartridges run out.

Professional Quality
Our colour inkjet series deliver consistent and high quality results with sharp images and crisp text. Our Multi-Function Centres offer unique colour enhancement designed to optimize your color prints with true to life colours. Brother black pigment ink will provide you with sharp text printing on standard paper. It is water resistant so it won't smudge. You get consistently sharp text every time.

A good news to those who will buy a new Brother printer thru Brother’s Jolly Delights. Different food packages from Jollibee can be availed with every unit of participating Brother Printer Models. See scanned photo details.
Free food packages from Jollibee (Scanned using Brother DCP-J100)

Brother's Jolly Delights mechanics (Scanned using Brother DCP-J100
For other details about this promo, you can visit Brother’s website.

The Brother DCP-J100 unit comes with Package B composed of three (3) sets of One-piece Chickenjoy with rice,  Jolly Spaghetti and Regular drinks.  

And guess who's excited with the free Jollibee package. 

Matt with the free Jollibee food package

What is your printer at home?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

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