July 14, 2017

30-Day HIIT and Ab Challenge

Losing weight needs a lot of discipline. I managed to shed about 10 kilos in less than a year but it seems I am starting to gain back extra pounds again. Kaya nga ayaw ko na muna tumapak sa scale.

I felt getting heavier again since Lenten Season. Kain-tulog lang kasi ginawa sa Nueva Ecija. I need to get back on track. For now, Mommy and I are doing the Darebee's 30-Day HIIT Challenge.

This challenge does not need any equipment or weights or even hitting the gym to finish. We are currently on Day 10 of the challenge.

How do we manage to do these challenges? All we have to do is wake up early.

Since we have work from Monday to Saturday, we get up from bed at 4:30 am. Before we start, we prepare our food for breakfast and dinner. 
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Once we are waiting for the food to be cooked, we will start the routine. Most will only take about 3 minutes and so far the longest is 18.

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Aside from the HIIT Challenge, we also added the 30-Day Ab Challenge which focuses the belly area. It consists only of sit-ups, plank, and flutter kicks.

I will make an update after finishing the challenge.

What is your fitness routine?

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July 7, 2017

Electrical-Related Fire Safety at Home

From time to time, we hear from the news that there is a fire. The most common cause of such incident is due to electrical means. Left cell phone charger plugged, damaged electrical wirings, electrical overload to name a few.

How can we avoid electrical-related fire? Here are some things that we can do to avoid this untoward incident:

Electrical Devices
Turn off any electrical appliances like heaters, conditioners, and ovens when not in use especially if you are leaving your home.
Ensure that devices that generate heat must have proper spaces all around for proper ventilation.
Check regularly the wires, plugs, switches. Replace if found damaged.

Cords and Electrical Outlets
Never place cords or extension cords under carpet.
Fully unwind cords to avoid.
Do not overload electrical outlets by plugging too many plugs.
If found any sign of damage, replace immediately.

Use the proper lighting fixtures for each area at home. Using the wrong type can cause a fire. LED lights produce less heat than CFLs. Speaking of LED light, do you know when and how it was invented? Check it HERE and see how electricity including the discovery of LED light was.

Keep attention on dim, flickering or surging lights. This should be checked and replace immediately.
If heating of switches is observed, turn them off.

Aside from the above-mentioned, prevention is the best way to avoid electrical-related fire. Never attempt do-it-yourself electrical work for it will not only cause a fire but electrocution too.

Do you have any electrical safety tips too?
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July 5, 2017

Unboxing Creative SBS E2400 Speaker

This is another overdue post but I need to share this since I really love listening to music.

There are movies I downloaded with low audio even I put the TV’s volume at maximum. There are also movies that the volume suddenly increases especially the special effects.

As part of our “home beautification”, I finally got a speaker that will be connected to the TV to enjoy watching movies and TV series at home.

I got this Creative SBS E2400 Speaker System.
Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Source: Creative Asia
The box contains the main subwoofer, two satellite speaker, RCA connectivity to TV sets and DVD players, and a remote control.

The sub-woofer is made of a wooden cabinet for superb bass reproduction.

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker

Here are the other features of Creative SBS E2400 Multi-Purpose Home Entertainment System:

As Speaker Output
Connecting to TV is easy. All you need is a jack with 3.5mm ends. Connect it to the headset output of the TV while the other end is connected to the input of the main speaker. This can be also used for connection to portable players, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This, perhaps, can be used with Guitar Center, kay guitars for better audio output.

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Satellite Speaker
It only took me time before I used the speaker connected to the TV since the connector included in the box is only for DVD players.

Remote Control

Creative Speaker, Home theater system, Creative SBS E2400, multi-media speaker
Remote Control
Changing the music or volume can be done in just one click with the remote control.

USB Flash Drive Connectivity
The speaker has also USB slot where you can save music into a thumb drive and play.

Built-in FM Radio
Also, it has a built-in FM radio. However, I need to add an extension on the antenna or buy an indoor antenna since it doesn’t work well.

I got this from Electroworld for PhP2500.

This set is considered as entry-level multi-purpose home entertainment speaker system with a power output rating of 24 watts of raw audio but still let you pick on different multiple equalizers presets.

What speaker system do you have at home?
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June 30, 2017

Latest Car Safety Features Must Haves

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

If you have plans to buy a new car, it's safety must be on your top list. Good thing is that today's new cars are packed with safety features that help protect drivers and passengers as well as pedestrians. Now, what car safety features to look at when buying a new one?

Car Safety Features, cars
Here are the latest car safety features must haves you need to consider for your next vehicle.

Safety-belt Features

Seatbelt is one of the most importance piece of safety equipment. When a car crash happen, seat belts will keep you inside the car reducing the risk of colliding with the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield. Today seat belts has enhanced features to improve seat belt performance.

Seatbelt pretentioners retract the seat belt to remove excess slack during frontal impact. Adjustable upper belts allow you to change the position of the shoulder strap to adjust to a person's size making it more comfortable thus encouraging its use. There are car models that offer inflatable safety belts in the rear seat, which further reduce force of the belts on the back passengers during accident then spread the forces over a wide range. This is particularly useful with more vulnerable passengers like children and elderly.

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) System

This is a must have especially for  family with children. Although all vehicles are now required to have the LATCH system to make car seat installation easier and more secure. This system has built-in lower anchors and top-tether attachment points that's designed to encourage the use of car seat for children.

Air Bag

Front air bags have been standard safety features on all new cars. Front air bags inflate to prevent passengers from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel and windshield. Side air bags on the other hand, reduce the risk that passengers will hit the  door or objects that crash through it. While airbags can saved lives, they may also cause potential injury or death if the passengers are not wearing seatbelts.

Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDW)

LDW systems alert you if you steer your car out of its lane without the turn signals activated. These systems use a camera or lasers to monitor lane markers.  If you leave your lane LDW may sound a chime, blink a dashboard telltale, and/or vibrate the steering wheel or seat.

Rearview Camera

Rearview camera is a tiny camera that is mounted on the back of the vehicle. It transmit an image to the dashboard or rear mirror to make it easier to see people or object behind you. 

Enhanced Visibility

This safety feature, offered by some luxury cars, is an infrared night vision that can alert the driver with the hindrances waiting beyond the reach of the headlights. There are also some cars with adaptive headlights that shift when turning to help you see around curves.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)

ABS prevents a vehicle's wheels from locking during panic breaking. This allows the driver to maintain greater steering control that may avoid a collision, but it does not guarantee the ability to avoid crash. There will still be possibility of losing control when driving at excessive speed. Proper use of ABS can provide the greatest safety benefit from the system.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

This is system is also called pre-crash warning system that is often combined with automatic braking. This warning system alerts the drivers, with visual or auditory signals, if they're about to run into something.

Reverse Backup Sensors

This safety equipment, with or without the use of camera, helps alert you if you are about the collide with something.

Sideview Assist

This is particularly helpful a car is on your blind spot. The sensors on teh rear bumper will alert you with a light in the side mirror or with a beep if you turn signal.

Parking Assist

Parking assist feature is helpful for those who hates parallel parking. This feature can detect the size of the parking space then guide you into the starting position and the computer will back the car into place without you touching the wheel.

Traction Control

Traction control systems, mainly found in four-wheel vehicle antilock brake systems, improve the vehicle stability. The system controls the amount the drive wheel can slip when excessive power is applied. It automatically adjusts the engine power output and/or applies braking force to selected wheels during acceleration. 

Electronic Stability Control

This electronic stability control technology helps correct a swerving vehicle by applying brakes on individual wheels thereby giving the drivers a chance to regain control.

Those are the latest car safety features must haves. If you plan to buy a new car, it's better to do some research first. You can check digital automotive classified sites like Cars.com to compare car models, its safety features, prices and more. Cars.com also has a large compilation of cars reviews that will help you decide with what cars to buy.

Always remember that these features are not substitute for safe, defensive driving. We must learn to drive safely  on the road and now the traffic rules. 

Drive safely!
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June 26, 2017

Soon on Netflix: The Defenders

Since I have a free Netflix Subscription bundled with my Globe DSL Broadband, I made use of it. There are lots of movies and TV series available for watching. Aside from these, there are also series that are exclusive to Netflix.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Marvel,

Currently, I am watching Marvel Series – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

I heard that coming this August 18, 2017, these four extraordinary individuals of New York will come together in a series – The Defenders. Their ultimate goal is to save New York City. Check the trailer below.

Before The Defenders airs, here is a short background about these four solitary figures that have burdened by their own personal challenges.

Played by Charlie Cox who played as Matthew Murdock, a blind lawyer by profession who owns a law firm with his friend Foggy. and a masked crime-fighter by night at Hell’s Kitchen New York. He developed his other senses in order to fight criminals.

Because of his attitude merciless against criminals, though he didn’t kill them, he was initially referred to as The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Until he took down Wilson Fisk, he became known as Daredevil.

Jessica Jones
This series features Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. She works as a Private Investigator in Hell’s Kitchen New York City. Her personality is characterized as hot-tempered, sardonic and badass. She was trying to rebuild her personal life from tragedy after being influenced by Killgrave.

Driven by hatred, Jessica Jones fight demons inside and out using her extraordinary abilities.

Luke Cage
Portrayed by Mike Colter, Carl Lucas is a former policeman from Georgia who was convicted into Seagate Prison. During his imprisonment, he went into an experiment to save his life which ended to have extraordinary strength with unbreakable skin.

After his escape from prison, he went to Hell’s Kitchen New York and changed his name to Luke Cage. There he met Jessica Jones during an investigation.  He also found Jessica, under the influence of Kilgrave, was involved in his wife’s death.

He soon moved to Harlem to build a new life.

Iron First
Danny Rand, played by Finn Jones, is a Buddhist Millionaire monk and martial artist. He was considered dead for 15 years. He returned to New York City to recover his family's company from Harold Meachumand and his children Ward and Joy.

With his mastery of kung-fu and ability to have a fiery Iron Fist, he will fight against the criminal elements invading New York City.

If you are looking for the TV Series, check Netflix and there is the best deal here.

Are you waiting for the airing of The Defenders too?
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