August 8, 2016

What is Your Interior Design Style?

It is more than half a year since we had a "major" rearrangement on our interior. New sofa set, dining table, and curtains. We are planning on having another rearrangement. There are also plans before that haven’t materialized due to busy schedules and made-to-order items in our online shoppe.

Curtains are constantly changed every month while sofa seat covers are done every two months. Since we only have two sets of seat covers, I made another one over the weekend. Next project will be curtains. We still have lots of fabrics at home for this one.

Our Sofa Set

Though there are plans in mind, I cannot think of ways on how to do it and what should be the first thing on the list. All I have in mind, for now, is to maximize our home and use some areas for another purpose.

For example, in the kitchen, placing shelves or racks under the counter is feasible. This can be used to store pans and pots. The same thing can be also made under the stairs for my tools. Since I already have a Bosch DIY impact drill set making these is not a problem. I can make shelves or racks under the kitchen counter as storage for pots and pans. The same can be also made under the stairs as storage for my tools.

We also have lots of picture frames bought in Divisoria but until now, none of it is hanging on the walls. I just wanted to have a repainting on the walls first before placing the frames.

Anyways, if you are trying to have an interior d├ęcor or arrangements at your place, you may take the interior design quiz and you might get an idea on how to decorate your home. Just visit the link:

Shabby Chic

I got the Shabby Chic design. Romantic and vintage-inspired styles are two things you appreciate. Decor in your home should have a quaint, cottage-esque feel with rosy tones throughout. Furniture and window coverings that look distressed, yet elegant, will make your home feel cozy and comfortable.

Do you have plans of re-decorating your home?
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July 26, 2016

Unboxing ASUS Zenfone Selfie

This is the 2nd ASUS product that I will share - a cell phone.

I am not into a high-end gadgets that most of my phone lasts for years before I change into a new unit. The last time I had a new phone, or should I say we - Mommy and me, was almost two years ago.

Last week, I asked Mommy if she wanted to have a new tablet. She declined and pick a new phone instead. This is part of an anniversary gift for her. Then she asked me if I wanted to have a new gadget too. I simply smiled with bright eyes which means definitely YES.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie

Just like what I said, I am not considering if the gadget is in high-end, pricey, or cozy. As long as the specifications are great I can live with it. When it comes to brand, I want to try other brands instead of having the same brand so I can also compare and will make me help decide what brand to buy next.

With all the choices I ended picking the ASUS Zenfone Selfie.

Here are the features that helped me decide to pick this phone.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie has a huge internal memory of 32GB (expandable up to 256GB via a memory card). This storage capacity is already enough for me to save music, movies, photos and install games.


Rear Camera with Dual-tone LED Flash
The Asus Zenfone Selfie has a 13MP with led flash, both rear (f/2.0, 28mm,laser autofocus, dual-LED flash) and front f/2.2, 1080p, autofocus, dula-LED flash), which makes you not to worry what camera are you going to use especially when taking selfies.

Front Camera with Dual-tone LED Flash

ASUS Zenfone Selfie is powered by Android Lollipop 5.0.2 and 3GB RAM and 1.5GHz Octa-core processor making is faster compared to my old unit. According to some articles this can be upgraded to Adroid 6.0 Marshmallow.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie Screen (Tempered glass screen protector not included)
The 5.5-inch (1080x1920 pixel) display screen is vivid which allows you to enjoy viewing photos as well as watching movies.

The ASUS Zenfone Selfie comes with a removable 3000mAH lithium-polymer battery. This means that you are going to enjoy more time with your phone before needing a recharge. For example, a 12% remaining in the battery can last up to about 5 hours idle time.


Since I love listening to music, a gadget giving a nice sound is perfect during sound trips.

For a special offer of 10,995 pesos, you can already have this ASUS Zenfone Selfie. A savings of 2,000 from the original price. I got this from Memoxpress, SM Marilao Branch.

ASUS Zenfone Selfie (Backview)

I will make a post on Mommy's new gadget soon.

Do you own ASUS Zenfone Selfie too?
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July 21, 2016

My Weight-Loss Goal Update

One of my goals this year and previous years is to loose some pounds. I weighed about 190 pounds (about 87 kilos), thirty pounds greater than my target weight – 160 pounds (about 70 kilos).

My average weight
During the first month, I have been struggling and trying different but healthy ways. I tried the modified military diet which limits the amount of daily calorie intake but it seems to fail because I started craving for more food. So I stopped my journey on hitting my goal. Instead of losing weight, I gain more pounds.

But I continue to pursue my goal. Now, I weigh 168-172 pounds (about 76-78 kilos). Konting effort na lang to hit my target numbers. By the way, I am not the only one who shed pounds but Mommy too.

I can already wear some of my shirts and even pants that have been kept in the closet for a long time.

Here are some ways that I think helped in putting me close to my target.

Less rice.
Limiting, not eliminating, rice intake made a great impact on achieving my goals. From the usual 2 cups of rice, or even more kapag gusto ko ang ulam, gradually decreases to 1 ½ to a maximum of 1 cup especially on dinner. 

Now, I am consuming one cup of rice for breakfast, three-fourths for lunch, and a half for dinner.

I did not remove rice in my meal because according to some nutritionist, you need to sustain it or else it will make you gain more weight when you go back to the normal diet.

Balanced meal.
Balance meal for me does not mean that every meal should be complete with meat and vegetables. I just make sure that whenever I take meat on one meal, I have veggies on the next one, or vice-versa.

For example, if I have chicken afritada for lunch, I make sure that our dinner is veggies like pinakbet or chopsuey.

Sometimes, I used to replace my usual snack with fresh fruits. An apple or a banana is a good alternative for bread.

Less soda or fruit juices.
We know that soda and ready-made fruit juices are high in sugar. If not burned, it will turn into fats. 

Again, i did not omit these items in my meals, I just lessen it. Whenever I crave for these, I drink a glass or lesser just to satiate my taste buds. 

Green tea and lots of water.
Normally, I drink a cup of coffee with my breakfast. I replaced it with green tea since I am having a cup of coffee during our break time. I think this one made an impact in reducing my belly area.

Taking 8-10 glasses of water is not only essential in our system but water has zero calories so it is safe to drink more than the recommended amount especially on hotter days.

After a month of modifying my food intake, about 10 pounds were shed on my weight. This motivates me to continue what I am doing.

This time, I included daily routine exercise like abdominal crunches and weight lifting to tone my arms and tuck my tummy. But adding these activities might slow down weight loss because of gaining muscles.

Losing weight needs a lot of discipline but it does not mean to starve yourself. You can eat whatever you want but still in moderation.

What is the status of your weight-loss goal?
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July 18, 2016

Why Do I Play Clash Of Clans?

Clash of Clans is an online strategy game wherein you need to build a great base against the attackers. The is will be composed of defenses, training barracks, storage facilities, defense walls, town hall and clan castle.

Troops will be trained in the barracks using elixirs – dark and pink. On the other hand, defenses and buildings will be purchased using gold coins. Defenses and troops should be upgraded to attain a maximum defense and troops for attacks.

There are two categories in the Clash of Clans. The multi-player and the war. For the multi-player, this is being used to attack farm bases to gain trophies which will put you in a league. The war  game is the main a battle between members of another clan.

I was introduced to this game by my sister and brother in law.

At first, I am keeping the application on my phone since Mommy wouldn’t allow me to play this game. Maybe she is reading different articles that besides the game, there are some “evils” behind.

Others said that they are spending lots of money to buy gems for them to upgrade the base faster.

Or should I say, she is also afraid that Matthew might learn to play this game and will prioritize it than his studies? We used to hear that there are kiddos as early as 10 already play this game.

Good thing Matthew told us that he will never play this game because he doesn’t know how.

But lately, I was allowed to play Clash Of Clans.

Why I play this Game?

Mental Exercise.
By playing Clash of Clans, you are going to work you brain as fast as you can. After declaring an attack for the multi-player game, you are given 30-seconds allowance to think where to attack to get the most gold coins and elixirs. On the war mode, you are given 24 hours to study your opponent’s base.

Aside from the battle, you need to think how you are going to construct your base that will give the best defense against attackers.

Just like other applications, there is also a chat box where you can talk with other members of the clan. Ask for help on how to perform best in war, what troops would be used, what structures you should upgrade first and other even non-clash-of-clans topics.

Time Killer.
There are times that I don’t have something to do and I can’t even think of one. I spend my spare time playing Clash of Clans. Attacking will only spend few minutes and you need to wait for next few minutes to train your troops. During that time, I can already think of something to do and will forget to play until I got another spare time.

After work and during lunch breaks, I used to play Clash of Clans as sort of relieving the stress being encountered. Kahit papaano, it will keep you free from work mentally even for a short time.

These are the main reasons why I am playing this games.

Though there are articles regarding negatives of Clash of Clans, I find no harm in playing this game. All you need is discipline.

Do all your chores and responsibilities, at home, work or school, first before grabbing that device and start playing. If you cannot do this rule, better stay away from it.

Do you play this game too?
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July 15, 2016

Paalam Nanay

The past week has been one of the most difficult stages of our life especially Mommy’s. Her greatest mentor has finally joined our Creator.

I know Mommy shared a lot of things about her. How her strength weakens because of her sickness but now I know she was in a place where pain is no longer felt.

Though Mommy has already known this will happen on what she has observed, I know she was still in grief and asking why it happened so soon.

I am not a poet nor a writer but let me share something I made:

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