June 26, 2016

Tips on How to Improve Your Home on a Budget

On my previous post, I shared some ideas to consider in home renovation. Home renovation needs huge amount of pennies. But what if you are on a budget? Here are another tips in home renovation. 

Limited financially this year? Want to improve your home? No worries. With a few simple tips, DIY projects, and the right attitude and time allocated aside, you can truly improve the look and resale value of the home, even if you do not have too much put away to spend. These are a few simple ways to go about improving your home's appearance, even if you don't have much to spend in the process of doing so.

Refresh it 
You'll be surprised at what a coat of paint can do to any room. Many people think new furniture or pricey flooring is the only solution. Painting a room is far cheaper, and you can choose from hundreds of colour combinations, which will truly add a pop to any room. But on the other hand sometimes you can pick up furniture to refresh your home for cheap. When looking for new furniture you should always look online and in your local stores to see if there are any deals on the items you are looking for. Sometimes it is better to make a little investment instead of spending time refurbishing items you already have. There are multiple catalogue comparison sites which can help you find the perfect deal. One example of a site is latesthome.co.uk.

DIY it
Yes, doing it yourself is a great way to save money. Need new cabinets? Consider refinishing old ones in the home. There are dozens of little projects you can hire a professional to do, which will end up costing you two or three times as much than if you were to take the time to DIY these projects. 

Crown moulding
Yes, crown moulding adds great resale value to any room. But, hiring a professional is costly; and, doing it yourself can be extremely tedious and time consuming. But, products like trimroc moulding simply require you to slide a few pieces into place, and fit the foam coated plaster into place. It looks great, and takes virtually no time or effort to complete. 

Carpet runners, a small staircase, or even utilizing cubby holes or hidden spaces for storage, are all simple (affordable) solutions to improving your home's appearance. And, the beauty of these projects is how simple they are to complete, and how affordable they are for any homeowner to tackle.

Do you consider home renovation at this moment?
Any other tips in minds to share?
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June 10, 2016

US TV Series First Time in Filipino

I have been fed up, no offense meant, with the primetime teleseryes in major TV stations. Most have the same plot. It always started where the main characters were kids especially on the first week of airing. This is one of the reasons why I am looking for US TV series.

Though most of the series are shown on a weekly basis, sulit naman kasi almost one hour din. Hindi bitin. Watching such series ay medyo nosebleed, hindi mo naman pwedeng I replay kung may hindi ka naintindihan.

Until recently, I discovered how to enjoy some US TV series more. These are dubbed in Filipino. Hindi na kailangan ng tissue habang nanunuod.

These are Smallville, Arrow, Supernatural, and Once Upon A Time. Regular showing is every Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays starting at 7 PM on TV5.

The series is all about Oliver Queen, a rich but playboy of Starling City. He was stranded on an island of Lian Yu, somewhere in the Pacific, for five years. Most knew that he was already dead.

Photo Source

Upon his return, he was reunited with his mother, Moira Queen, sister, Thea Queen, and friends. Oliver also meets his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance who stills blame him over her sister’s death.

The series has lots of flashbacks showing how Oliver and Sarah, Laurel’s sister, survived on the island of Lian Yu.

I haven’t watched the first season of this series and started the second season. As of today, the current season has ended last week but I am looking forward to the third season to be shown soon. Currently, it was replaced by Smallville as TV series about the strongest man on the planet – Superman.


Supernatural is about the adventures of Winchesters brothers, Sam and Dean hunting monsters and solving paranormal mysteries.

Photo Source

Currently, the series is already on its seventh season where the brothers deal with the evils known as leviathans.

One advice to parents like me, always watch this with your kids because of the violent scenes.

Once Upon A Time
This series is about the town of Storybrooke, Maine, where the main characters are from different known fairy tales who travel to the “real world”. However, the characters lost their memories because of the curse from Rumplestilskin applied by the Snow White’s Evil Queen Regina.

Photo Source

The Evil Queen Regina became the mayor of the real world and the only hope to regain the memories of the fairy tale characters is Emma Swan. She is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. She was sent to the real world via magic wardrobes before the Enchanted Forest was cursed by the evil queen.

Emma Swan is helped by her son, Henry who became an adoptive son of the evil Queen.

What TV Series are you hooked currently?
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June 2, 2016

These Past Weeks...

These past weeks, I have been in a stage where I don’t have the drive to write even a single word on this blog. If it is not for a paid post, I haven’t updated my blog.

These past few weeks, I am losing my motivation to write.I know there are lots of thoughts and ideas but my brain cells seem hibernating.

These past weeks, there are lots of happenings that, I think, great to share but I cannot find the first word to start. The keyboard and the computer are staring at me waiting for my fingers to press the first letter.

These past weeks I have seen movies and other TV series that are worthy of catching the interest of others and may be hooked too but I won’t find the willingness to make a post on it.

Have you experienced the same situation?
What motivation did you use to get back in writing and maintaining your blog?
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May 14, 2016

Things to Consider in Home Renovation

About two more years to go and we are finally done paying our small but home sweet home. Time flies so fast na parang kailan lang I was visiting the house weekly until we finally set there.

Our house 8 years ago.

After two years, Mommy and I plan to have a major renovation. We want to fix the room for Matthew, more space in the kitchen, another bathroom upstairs, a relaxing spot on the second floor, and many more. At ang nakakagulat, Matthew wanted to have a swimming pool!

Before having a house renovation, here are some factors that you need to consider in pursuing home renovation.

Though there are many things we wanted to change in our home, having a final design will guide the people who will do the renovation making the process smooth. Also, by having a design in advance will give you an estimated value for the materials and time frame.

Others consider consultation with a Feng Shui expert for good lucks. If the budget for this is not included, here are some basic tips that can be used as a guide: http://www.americanclassichomes.com/blog/feng-shui-for-american-homes/.

After having the desired design, next thing to put in consideration is the budget. Without considering the budget, a delay in finishing the project will be encountered.

Tip: If you are on a tight budget, doing DIYs can help a lot.

In my previous experiences, the best season for home renovation is during summer. The probability of encountering heavy rainfall is very rare making the process of drying on some areas like cement and adhesives faster. 

Furthermore, in case the project is not yet done especially in roofing, worrying about getting the entire house wet will be reduced.

Furniture and Fixtures
Choosing the right fixtures and furniture must be put into consideration too. After having the home design, searching for the right furniture must be made. 

If hiring an interior designer, a close communication with the renovation team is needed to determine what size and forms of the furniture will fit the new house.

There are still other considerations that are not yet mentioned above. Can you think of something?

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April 28, 2016

CLSU Summer Festo 2016

Last week, we had a chance to visit our home town for some “business opportunity”. Mommy and I decided to take a try on this one rather than keeping our savings in the bank which gives an insignificant interest. We really need to take the risk. As the quotation by Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Mama and Papa were surprised on our arrival. Though Mommy’s brother already mentioned to them that we are going home that they, hindi din kasi kami nag-inform na darating kami.

We were informed that there is an event happening at CLSU Oval (sports field), the CLSU Summer Festo. This event is the counterpart of the yearly Lantern and Float Festival every December.

It was 2002’s Lantern and Float Festival when Mommy and I last attended an event in the same place. Fourteen years na pala. Every year, we are planning to attend the same event but the date always coincides with our company’s Christmas Party.

There were floats, street dance contest, food stalls and much more to enjoy. Parang Lantern Festival din. Sinabayan pa ng mahangin na panahon that time.

Matthew is very happy and much enjoyed the event too. Parang hindi nagbyahe ng apat na oras.

There is also fireworks display but we haven’t caught it since it started before we arrived the place. Nagtreat pa kasi si Papa for our dinner.

What we watched is the street dancing competition by different colleges. They tour the audience by dancing into different Asian festivals like in Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar and others. Kumpleto pati costumes and music. Some are accompanied with drums and beginner guitar.

After the street dancing, comedy duo is the next part of the event but did not start immediately. I asked Mommy if we can go home and take a rest after the long travel.

There have been changes in such event in our Alma Mater. The stage is a lot different from before. Kumpleto na ng light effects and widescreen is already installed so everyone can have a view even far from the stage.

By the way, sorry for the quality of photos, these were took using our phones.

I am hoping to attend such events in our Alma Mater in the future.
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