May 14, 2016

Things to Consider in Home Renovation

About two more years to go and we are finally done paying our small but home sweet home. Time flies so fast na parang kailan lang I was visiting the house weekly until we finally set there.

Our house 8 years ago.

After two years, Mommy and I plan to have a major renovation. We want to fix the room for Matthew, more space in the kitchen, another bathroom upstairs, a relaxing spot on the second floor, and many more. At ang nakakagulat, Matthew wanted to have a swimming pool!

Before having a house renovation, here are some factors that you need to consider in pursuing home renovation.

Though there are many things we wanted to change in our home, having a final design will guide the people who will do the renovation making the process smooth. Also, by having a design in advance will give you an estimated value for the materials and time frame.

Others consider consultation with a Feng Shui expert for good lucks. If the budget for this is not included, here are some basic tips that can be used as a guide:

After having the desired design, next thing to put in consideration is the budget. Without considering the budget, a delay in finishing the project will be encountered.

Tip: If you are on a tight budget, doing DIYs can help a lot.

In my previous experiences, the best season for home renovation is during summer. The probability of encountering heavy rainfall is very rare making the process of drying on some areas like cement and adhesives faster. 

Furthermore, in case the project is not yet done especially in roofing, worrying about getting the entire house wet will be reduced.

Furniture and Fixtures
Choosing the right fixtures and furniture must be put into consideration too. After having the home design, searching for the right furniture must be made. 

If hiring an interior designer, a close communication with the renovation team is needed to determine what size and forms of the furniture will fit the new house.

There are still other considerations that are not yet mentioned above. Can you think of something?

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April 28, 2016

CLSU Summer Festo 2016

Last week, we had a chance to visit our home town for some “business opportunity”. Mommy and I decided to take a try on this one rather than keeping our savings in the bank which gives an insignificant interest. We really need to take the risk. As the quotation by Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Mama and Papa were surprised on our arrival. Though Mommy’s brother already mentioned to them that we are going home that they, hindi din kasi kami nag-inform na darating kami.

We were informed that there is an event happening at CLSU Oval (sports field), the CLSU Summer Festo. This event is the counterpart of the yearly Lantern and Float Festival every December.

It was 2002’s Lantern and Float Festival when Mommy and I last attended an event in the same place. Fourteen years na pala. Every year, we are planning to attend the same event but the date always coincides with our company’s Christmas Party.

There were floats, street dance contest, food stalls and much more to enjoy. Parang Lantern Festival din. Sinabayan pa ng mahangin na panahon that time.

Matthew is very happy and much enjoyed the event too. Parang hindi nagbyahe ng apat na oras.

There is also fireworks display but we haven’t caught it since it started before we arrived the place. Nagtreat pa kasi si Papa for our dinner.

What we watched is the street dancing competition by different colleges. They tour the audience by dancing into different Asian festivals like in Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar and others. Kumpleto pati costumes and music. Some are accompanied with drums and beginner guitar.

After the street dancing, comedy duo is the next part of the event but did not start immediately. I asked Mommy if we can go home and take a rest after the long travel.

There have been changes in such event in our Alma Mater. The stage is a lot different from before. Kumpleto na ng light effects and widescreen is already installed so everyone can have a view even far from the stage.

By the way, sorry for the quality of photos, these were took using our phones.

I am hoping to attend such events in our Alma Mater in the future.
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April 25, 2016


We know the story of the strongest person in the earth - Superman. He was sent to earth by his parents from the planet Krypton just before their planet exploded.

But did you know that aside from him there is another person sent to take care and look after him upon reaching Earth? It was her 13-year old cousin Kara Zor-El.

Supergirl (Photo Source)

Unfortunately, her ship was affected by the shock wave from Krypton's explosion and diverted to the Phantom Zone. She stayed there for 24 years. The time also stopped for Kara and when she escaped from the said place, she reaches the earth as a 13-year old girl.

Her cousin, Kal-El was already known as Superman and seems she doesn't need to take care of him anymore. She brought to the family that took care of her cousin.

As she grew up, she just kept her powers and live as a normal girl thinking that the planet doesn't need another superhero.

However, she had to reveal her powers because of one disaster where she needs to save her foster sister from the plane crash. From there, she was recognized as Supergirl.

Supergirl is starred with Melissa Benoist as Kara. For some, she was known as Marley Rose in the Musical TV Series, Glee.

The first season of this TV Series has already ended few weeks ago but I am still on the 7th episode and looking forward to finishing the entire series soon. According to some reviews, there are lots of twists happened towards the end.

Have you seen this TV series too?
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April 15, 2016

Things To Do This Summer for Kids

Matthew is officially in the vacation mode since their moving-up held on the first week of April. Though he already had a week-long vacation in Nueva Ecija, this is not yet enough for him to keep from being bored staying at home. Gusto pa nga mag-extend ng bakasyon kaso walang magbabantay. Mama and Papa go to work too.

With this, Mommy is looking for something to keep him busy at home. Printing coloring pages, downloading e-books for kids are just some.

Here are other suggestions that will help kill kid’s boredom at home.

Summer lessons
This season, there are many sports clinic offered. Basketball, swimming, martial arts are some of the common physical activities that kids may enroll.

Aside from sports, there are also art lessons like singing, playing instruments and dancing.

Advanced lessons
Though it is time for kid’s mind to take a rest from stressful school activities, having advance studies can help their mind to keep on working. Para kapag start na ulit ng school, their minds are still in condition.

This year, we wanted to improve Matthew’s penmanship. We are leaving writing tasks for him. Mommy is also looking for instructional materials to cursive writing.

Out of town
The best way to treat kids this summer is having an out of town trip. Beaches and resorts will be great but be ready for the bulk numbers of people having the summer escapades.

Going to other recreational sites like the zoo and themed parks are also a great place to visit.

Learning crafts
Learning new things is another nice way to keep kids away from being bored. Without any bias, crocheting is good. It helps improve your mind, body and mood. Aside from this, kids will have an opportunity to earn few bucks this summer.

Summer break is really a great time for many things while in another part of the globe, spring is the best time to deal with different activities. Check on the different activities for spring and it might be applied this summer too.

What are the other activities to do this summer?

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April 13, 2016

Great Summer Calls for Great Photos

Photographs are considered as integral part of man’s existence since its inception back in the 1800’s. A breakthrough that gave a portraitist and its subject time saving and an ease to a consistently excruciating pose to achieve such perfection of a desired imagery.

Capturing the precise moment.
Most of us may not know Lisa Gherardini, She is known as the lady who holds the title of the most parodied, most sung, most visited and the best known work of art in the world.

Displaying Mona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouched.jpg
Photo Credit
Her portraitist, is also known as an inventor, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, amongst the long list of his designation. Leonardo Da Vinci, believed to have worked on his Mona Lisa between 1503- 1506. Finished it 1517.
In order for one to accomplish such perfection in imagery, one should have utmost creativity, passion and talent to produce a grand artful output.

Beauty and Talent can strike you a Home Run
Nowadays one need not be a superb artist nor professional photographer to capture precious fambam moment, summer outdoor activities and amazing rendezvous, on or below sea level. Facilities offering extreme adventures such as Zip line and the likes are mushrooming everywhere. Active lifestyle is the in-thing that needs a gadget that corresponds and chronicles each memorable experience.

Cd-r King, Your one-stop media provider offer its patron, The Action Cam.

CD-R King Action Camera

It has a waterproof casing with waterproof rating of IP68 (Ingress Protection). Cd-R King’s Action Cam carries an LCD Display of 1.5" TFT (Thin Film Translator) and is HDMI 1080p capable with Image Resolution capacity of 4000x3000/3648x2736/3264x2448/2560x1920 and Video Resolution of 1920x1080@30FPS1280x720@60FPS/1280x720@FPS.

 Official Specification:
Mode: Capture/Video/Setup/Playback
File Format: MOV (H.264)/jpeg
Lens View Angle: 120 degree
Build in Wifi: IEEE 802.11B/G/N
I/O port: Mini HDMI/Micro 
USB 2.0 
Charging time: up to 5 
Actual usage time: up to 
Supports: Micro SD card up to 32 
Battery: 1000mAh 
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