August 31, 2012

Matt's Dictionary

It was really funny to hear kids starting to learn words and speak. Yes there are some words that make them hard to pronounce resulting to their own words.  Just like Matt, he has some words that are really far from the original or what he is referring to. Here are some:

Badush – Sabaw (Soup)
Banos-banos – Labanos (radish)
Begi – Tubig (Water)
Corat – Carrot
Daper – Diaper
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National Heroe's Day

While some is taking time for the event, we are celebrating our 109th monthsary, but I need to go to work because I need to make a report in one of our toll milling plant. I need to take pictures and make a presentation to be presented in their weekly meeting.

After I finished the report, I returned back home and spend the rest of the day with my family. Matt wants to go so we went to the clubhouse. He was very happy and keeps on running at the volleyball court. I saw many dragonflies so I tried to catch one and give it to Matt but he was afraid to touch it. LOL. It took me about half hour before I successfully catch one. Mommy keeps on saying the famous line for catchers: "Tutubi, tutubi, wag kang pahuli sa batang mapanghi." Matt keeps on shooing away the dragonflies too.

I really missed those times we are chasing and catching dragonflies in the middle of the day. I just hope that Matt will also experience this when he grew up a little more.

Sorry I forgot to bring our cam so Mommy didn’t take a pic of me while catching. I just took a pic of the dragonfly at home.

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August 30, 2012

Captured Moment: Blanket

On my way home from tarlac, I took a picture of Mt. Arayat before the rain pours. The white clouds look like a blanket covering the top most part of the mountain. Sorry for the shot, I just used my ordinary digicam.

Mount Arayat (Scene from NLEx)
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August 29, 2012

Kitchen Adventure: Sitaw Con Carne

"Sitaw Con Carne"

Tired of the usual dish for string beans? Why not try to make “Sitaw Con Carne”?

Just prepare:
String beans – 1 bundle (about 15-20 pieces) cut into about an inch long
Pork meat – ¼ kilo, cut into strip (menudo style)
Oyster sauce – 30 grams
Onion – 1 medium size cut coarsely
Tomatoes – 2 medium size, seeds removed and cut into strips
Cornstarch – 2 tbsps
Soy sauce – 2 tbsps
Cooking oil – 2 tbsps

Marinate pork in soy sauce-cornstarch mixture for at least 30 minutes.

While waiting the marinated pork, blanche string beans in boiling water with a little bit of baking soda for about a minute. Drain and immediately placed in ice cold water. This method will maintain the tenderness and enhance the color of the string beans.

Stir-fry the pork in hot oil until tender. Reserve the marinade for the sauce. Add the string beans, 1 cup of water, oyster sauce and the marinade. Simmer until the sauce becomes translucent. Add tomatoes and onions and simmer for another minute. Done
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Project: Mickey Mouse Hat

Mickey Mouse Hat
 At last, after few attempt to make one, I'm done! (of course with a little help from Mommy)

Matt loves Mickey Mouse so I decided to make a crocheted hat. Good that I still remember how to crochet, which I learned during my elementary days. Just searched for some pattern and voila!

At first, Matt refused to wear the hat, so  I need to wear it first to let him see it was a Mickey Mouse  hat and there he goes, he put it by himself.

If you want this hat, just message me and let's talk about the price. LOL!
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August 27, 2012

PCC Dairy Products

In my previous post about our long weekends, I mentioned that we got a chance to buy some dairy products at PCC-CLSU.

Before, they are just selling fresh carabao's milk which really an all time favorite of most residents - faculties, staffs and students in the University. Morning joggers, will definitely not forget to visit and bought a pouch of fresh milk.

As they continue to sell fresh milk, they tried to innovate their products. They eventually have choco-milk (combination of milk and chocolate), lacto-juice (fruit-flavored milk) and even pastillas made from pure carabaos milk.

Now they are also selling veggie-enriched pastillas (malunggay, ube and squash), flavored polvoron, ice creams as well as plain and flavored yogurt.

Once you got a chance to visit my Alma Mater, try to visit the PCC Product Outlet Store and try to taste their products. This is also a great item for pasalubong.
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August 25, 2012

Long Weekends Part 2

Here is my second and last part of my long weekend in Nueva Ecija.

Just as usual, when Papa heard that Matt was already awake, he asked Matt to go with him and they will visit my uncle's house. Mommy and I immeidately fixed the bed and told them that we will also go. Unfortunately, they are not at home so we just roam in their yard while Mama and Papa picked some veggies that we will bring home here in Bulacan, Matt, Mommy and I took chances to take pictures. 
Matt and I
Mommy and Matt
Matt was happy to see the rabbits and wants to play with them. He really loves animals. These rabbits were pets by one of my cousins who really fond of taking care different animals.
Matt and the rabbits

After very long time, I got a chance eat guava fruits directly picked from the tree. I remember the last time I did this is when I was still capable of climbing trees or should I say, guava tree can still manage to carry me. LOL.
The Guava
After few minutes, we also visited Nanay (Papa's mother) house in the nearby baranggay. She was really happy to see Matt. She missed him so much. We also visited our former college teacher and have a small chitchat.

We then proceed to my aunt's house and took some coffee. Before heading back to home. Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to took pics on the last two spots because it was already raining.

I cooked sweet and sour fishballs for our lunch. Papa really liked the dish and even eat the fishballs without the sauce. hehehe.

After lunch, it is sad but we really need to prepare and travel back home. I know Papa and Mama is happy but will definitely feel sad since he waited, not us but Matt, for so long yet we spend only two days with them. On the other hand, they promised that they will visit us here in Bulacan once they got a chance to travel.

That's how we spend the long weekend. It is quite short but we really spend it quality wise.
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Kitchen Adventure: Dinegdeng with a Twist

cooking, dinengdeng, kitchen adventures, recipe,

I mentioned dinegdeng in my previous post as pasrt of my Long Weekend. Some bloggers asked me to share the recipe. It was really simple but I made a twist on the said dish. There are other methods of cooking this dish as well as veggies that can be included. In my version, I used: 

Okra, eggplant (round variety) - fried and set aside
Kamote taps
Katuray flowers
Onion and garlic

Just saute garlic, onion and stir-fry kamote taps and katuray flower, add patis (you may use fish bagoong) and a cup of water, the fried veggies and simmer for about a minute and serve with steamed or fried rice.

You can add other veggies like patola, upo, squash flower, etc. It will be more delicious if you will add either fried or grilled fish.
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August 24, 2012

Long Weekends Part 1

We reached our home in Nueva Ecija at around 9PM. We might be earlier if we haven't encounter traffic at Baliuag, Bulacan area. Due to tiredness, we just took our dinner and have our sleep.

The following day, we woke up early because Matt wants to go out already and see the fishes as promised by Papa. 

Searching what to cook for breakfast, Mama told me to cook the eggs as well as the instant noodles. Then I saw bunch of different freshly picked veggies in the backyard and I decided to cook "dinengdeng" (an Ilocano dish) with a twist. Instead of directly cooking it in boiling water, I fried the veggies (round eggplant, okra, kamote taps and katuray flowers) before adding the soup. That was really delicious. Papa told me that the smell alone can already tell. 
Dinengdeng with a twist
Bahay Kubo...Kahit Munti...
After breakfast, we went to Mommy's customer to deliver the ordered items (yes, we are still working even on holidays, LOL) together Papa, my sister and her daughter since we will proceed at CLSU Dairy to buy some of their products like pastillas de leche, polvoron, yogurt, and flavored milk drink. It was also Matt's chance to see carabaos in live. Of course, we have some photo sessions before going to the next spot, the feeding fishes (Matt's favorite hang-out in CLSU).
Yum! Yum! Yum!
Kudos to the Carabao!
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Papa and his Apos
Before lunch, we headed to the Poblacion to deliver another set of items for our high school classmate's order before proceeding to Lupao to fetch Mommy's sister and her daugther. Since it was raining, I was able to take pictures of the foggy mountains on the way (Sadly, most areas in the mountains does not have trees already). We have our lunch at MIL's house and spend the rest of the day before going back to our house.

That's is our first day of our long weekend.

Foggy Mountain at Lupao
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August 23, 2012

Giveaway: Zooligans Kids Shoes

When Mady was learning to walk I had been buying her the critter themed soft-soled shoes and loved how they let her feet muscles develop without the restrictiveness of a traditional shoe {google it if you are unaware that this is important - you'll learn more than I could ever post here}, and she loved the critter styling! I was a bit disappointed to find that, when she outgrew the soft-soled types, there was very little to graduate to - and nothing with her beloved critters on them. Then Zooligans contacted me! Finally a cute and whimsical shoe with a super flexible sole for ages 1-5 {shoe sizes 4-12}!! Did I mention cute???? Mady loved them at first glance, when I showed her on the computer. I tried to stear her towards selecting the darling little Panda but she wanted the Bunny, Kitty, and the dog versions, then narrowed it down to the just as darling Kitty. And they have really cute details - like the wild cat print on the inside. :)

There is a critter for everyone in their line-up - boys and girls alike will love them!

I mentioned that four-way super flexible "Paw-Flex" sole - you can see that here. Try that with a traditional shoe. Not gonna happen. Each pair also feature ultra-soft breathable leather uppers, a roomy toe box, and did you notice the bottoms? Your kids will! I love these and so does Mady! And they are PINK! :)

The shoes arrived quickly and with a minimum of packaging which is important to me. We also love the box design - it turns into a pet carrier for your child's favorite stuffed animal {or just keep the shoes in the box - for awhile kids will prob love putting their shoes to bed and you will be able to easily find their shoes!} Love multi-purposing! And, of course, they remind you that cardboard is recycleable - when your child is done playing with the box please add it to your recycle pile. :) {Do you know what happens to our trash? After you enter the giveaway, Google that one too - it was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Especially the parts about the trash islands out in the ocean. ick. Please recycle folks!}

Mady loved the little critter keeper and promplty made it a home for her bat and doggie beanie toys. Another fun feature is that each pair of shoes comes with a tag that features the animals name as well as a fun and eductional story so kids can learn about the animals characteristics and quirky habits.

The Zooligans line was born from the creative team of longtime footwear designer and former toy designer, Joel Rusnak and his wife Cheryl Andonian, a creative marketer and brand builder. They teamed up with MA based Klas Shoe company to bring the shoes to the marketplace The combination of Rusnak and Andonian’s own brand building expertise and their playful approach to design and product combined with the solid footwear sales and distribution experience of the Klas team creates great potential for this new brand, even in these di cult times in the marketplace. Who can resist a shoe that looks you in the eye and smiles?  Parents Magazine just announced Zooligans as one of their top ten favorite products in their June ‘12 issue.
Keep reading because... I know you don't want to miss the giveaway!

Great company, great shoes, happy child. :)

Zooligans has kindly offered up a pair of their shoes to one lucky winner! Of course the winner will get to choose which critter design and size.

Thanks Zooligans!!

Zooligans are available at and other fine realtors and... this is exciting! They are now available at! and some new critter designs will be coming out for Spring '13 - these will hit shelves in Jan.

Connect with Zooligans!



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When to join?
August 22 to September 08, 2012

What to win?
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(Winners will be notified by mail and given 48 hours to respond)

Who can join?
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Good Luck everyone!
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August 22, 2012

Giveaways: Winners

I would like to congratulate the winners of the following giveaways.

1.) Kindle Fire and Diamond Candle (hosted by Bay Area Mommy)

2.) $200 Amazon Blast (hosted by   I Heart GiveawaysZoes Printable CouponsMy Charmed MomKeeping It SimplePinay Jade,Fashion In The ForestRichly Middle ClassGo Momma CouponsCelebrate Woman Today and More from Mom! ) 

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Alma Mater dear 
O' Hail to thee
Full glory and honour may yours forever be 
The lights we share from the torch you hold
Vanquish darkness and spread cheers all over the whole wide world 
C-L-S-U, C-L-S-U
Patriotic service to country
We'll prove to you our love and loyalty
So Hail! Hail to thee
Alma Mater!

Who can forget this university hymn for someone like me who almost spend half of his life in the said place where I studied from kinder until college.

I learned this song since I was kinder. During our high school days, we used to sing this as closing part of our Monday flag raising ceremony. In college, as requirement for one of our subject, we need to sing this in front of our class. Furthermore, we are required to sing this properly before the librarian signs our clearance. It is alright to sing this but they required us the Filipino version. Wheew!
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August 18, 2012

Calcium Carbonate-Protein-Encapsulated-Fat

In other words, EGGS.

I’ve been working in one of the largest broiler integrator in the Philippines, Bounty Fresh since 2003 under the feed milling division. I would like to share something in one of our end products (not the feeds, maybe next time) in the market, EGGS.

What about eggs? Do you know how they classify eggs according to sizes?

Egg sizes are classified according to its weight. Every country has its own eggweight classifications, and for every country, every company has its own standards too. Just like ours, we did not follow the common standards of eggs according to its weight.
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August 17, 2012

Kitchen Adventure: Biscocho Made Easy

Last Wednesday, I prepare and easy to do breakfast meal, BISKOTSO.

In the Philippines, it wa originated in Iloilo. It was typically known as toasted bread with butter or margarine and sugar toppings while some added garlic on it.

The word biskotso came from Latin phrase "bis coctus" meaning twice baked.

I just used the loaf bread covered and placed in refrigerator for at least overnight. Spread with margarine, dipped in white sugar (the part with margarine), then toast. I used pan in toasting process since I have no oven toaster at home. We have this with hot chocolate (cocoa powder, milk and sugar in equal parts simmer for about a minute).

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August 16, 2012


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Photobucket and it's team of beauty professionals are very much dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. They work hard to provide some of the finest hair and cosmetic products in the world, with a large dose of exceptional service.They carefully review and make available a wide variety of salon professional brushes and beauty tools with your specific styling needs in mind.
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One lucky winner will receive a fab vanity set from!

The set includes the following:
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August 14, 2012

Free Blogger Event: Lovesac Chaise Sectional

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Prize: Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers {RV$3,260}
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Giveaway: The Bounciest Giveaway Ever!

Mom Powered Media proudly presents the Bounciest Giveaway Ever!

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The Castle Bounce N' Slide w/hoop is a spacious bounce house with castle top keeps your kids active all year round. Compact size allows it to be used indoors, such as in the basement, during cold or rainy days. Attractive bright colors perfect for parties. Jumping area of 77 in x 77 in and slide length of 60 in. Inflated basketball hoop attached.

  • Infalate size: 12 ft x 9ft x 7 ft H
  • Velcro opening for safe and easy access into and out of the bouncer.
  • Powered by a strong UL blower (included).
  • Heavy duty commercial grade material bouncing surface.
  • Heavy-duty puncture proof materials with double to quadruple stitches.
  • Long (approx. 6 ft) fill tube allows blower to be placed away from the bouncer.
  • Easy set up and take down. Inflates in less than a minute.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use.
Bounceland bouncy houses offer exciting, colorful, and affordable inflatable bounce houses that will bring lots of smiles to kids. There are many styles for you to choice from, each one offering a unique experience to add to your outdoor events and birthday parties. They also make great gifts and are perfect for fairs, school and church events, and business functions.

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August 13, 2012

Kitchen Adventure: Tokwa Sisig

Tokwa Sisig
(Sorry for the quality of picture)
Thinking of what to do with tokwa aside from turning it into adobo or just frying and dipping it with soy sauce and vinegar. This is also good for vegetarians that wants to eat sisig.

You simply prepare the following:
6 pcs tokwa fried and chopped into small bits
1 piece medium-sized onion, finely chopped
1 piece medium-sized chili, finely chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup calamansi juice
1/2 cup mayonaise

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and serve. You can add calamansi juice depending on your preference. You may also make this in a sizzling varation.
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Free Blogger Event: Zooligans Kids Shoes Sign-Up

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August 10, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Pancit and Tacos

August 05, 2012

Sunday is always a family day for us.

After attending the mass,  mommy and I discussed if we are going to SM Marilao but we decided to go home because of the threarts of heavy rain. We took a short trip in the nearby market to buy some fruits for Matt. Unfortunately, the prices are really high and the quality is not that good. So we decided to go home and spend the rest of the day staying at home.

On our way home, Matt asked ice cream so I parked the car in the 7-eleven store and buy Fundae.

Tita has already cooked the pancit when we arrived. I did some "repair" since I bought squid balls and kikiam intended for the pancit (with only few bits of veggies since the price really shoots up)

After taking our lunch, I decided to go upstairs and put Matt to sleep. However, he did not want to sleep. Maybe, he just making use of the time we are with him since the following day will be another day for work. Suddenly Matt keep on saying, "Daddy, kain! Stand-up! Please?!". I check the clock and it is already time for some merienda. I prepared some tacos this time. Nanay Bisaya (our neighbor) gave us some ginataang bilo-bilo.

We went back upstairs and make some cuddling with our little angel.

That's how we spend our family day this week. 
The Pancit
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Captured Moments: Alone

I was in our Tarlac Plant yesterday (supposed to be Wednesday) when I saw this pink rose that is starting to bloom. I remember Mommy since she really likes pink. I was really amazed so I took a picture of it. The best time to took flowers is right after the rain, because water droplets bring a nice effect (Scott Kelby).

Taken using digicam (Canon Ixus 70)

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August 8, 2012

Captured Moments: Floods

Yesterday, there are many reports about the flood happened in National Capital Regions as well as neighbouring province. I just want to share mine.

This one is taken yesterday at around 11am on our way home. This is the level of water under the bridge of Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Actually there is an alternate route underneath the bridge but is was already submerged to water already.
This one is taken earlier on my way to Tarlac, along NLEx. It was supposed to be ricefields.
Also earlier, on my way to Tarlac, NLEx northbound (along Balagtas, Bulacan area), this four-lane road was already submerged to water. The innermost lane is passable but still flooded. 
After passing the flooded area in Balagatas, I immediately took neareast and returned to Sta. Maria, Bulacan. I cancelled my trip to Tarlac and schedule it either tomorrow or on Friday. 
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