November 25, 2023

Honda BeAT Makes Commuting More Fun and Cost-Effective in the Long Term

5 ½ years back, our trusty BeAT-oy rode with us through the bumpy roads of daily commutes. Navigating the peak of road repairs, it became our saving grace, slashing our weekly gas bill to a mere 200 PhP. Here's to the little scooter that turned our daily grind into a budget-friendly joyride!

Kuya Matthew's 8th Birthday Gift

Find out how The All-New BeAT is the perfect way students can elevate the fun of going to school

It’s clear that we are all back to normal. People are going out more. Doing more outdoor activities and travelling more often. Even schools are seeing more face-to-face classes than online ones. And this means that students are going to be busier than in the last 2 years especially for students.

What with the demands of schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, school socials. Not to mention the need to maintain certain grade point averages. Aside from this, they still need to budget properly for transportation expenses every day.

So, students need to get more creative in terms of getting to school while keeping within budget. One long-term, practical solution is getting a motorcycle. After all, having your own bike not only gives you the opportunity to better control your travel time but also control the long-term impact of rising transportation costs by public utility vehicles.

While it’s true you will need to shell out cash, but the cost you can save from taking the jeep, bus, taxi or ride-sharing arrangements will be worth in the long run since the transportation costs will add up to a lot of money one way or the other. What’s more, you cannot control how fast you can get to school.

But with all the makes and models available, choosing the best one for yourself - especially if you’re a student - can be a bit daunting.

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, offers The All-New BeAT. This bike will help Filipino students by providing an outstanding, and cost-effective-solution to the issues of everyday commuting. But what does this motorcycle have that makes it stand out among other bikes?

Performance, performance, performance
As a student, don’t you think you deserve the best performing motorcycle? The All-New BeAT promises just that. It’s powered by a 110cc, 4-Stroke, SOHC, Air-Cooled, ESP engine equipped with PGM-FI technology capable of generating 6.63kW of maximum power @ 7,500rpm, and 9.30Nm of maximum torque @ 6,000rpm and when combined with Honda’s Combi Brake System ensure that you not only get to your classes on time but safe and sound every day.

There’s more to this bike than meets the eye. It's loaded with advanced features that’s both functional and stylish, two things that are important to any student. It has a redesigned LED headlight that modern and stylish while allowing you a better view of the road in case you need to travel at night or during the rain. It also showcases an eye-catching semi-digital meter panel, Secured Key Shutter with Integrated Seat Opener, Side Stand Switch, and Park Brake Lock for added safety while you’re at a standstill. It also has a large 12-liter luggage box to carry your book, notebooks, laptop and anything you may need in school.

What’s more, Honda knows how important it is for you to stay in touch with friends and family that’s why The All-New BeAT has an ACC Power Socket, so you can charge your mobile phone anytime.

New ACC Power Socket 

But what really makes The All-New BeAT the ideal choice for students is its outstanding 58.2 Km/L fuel efficiency rating based on World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC). This factor when coupled with the bike’s 4.2L capacity fuel tank means you don’t have to worry about refueling often within the week so that your weekly allowance will go a long way because you save on fuel costs.

Performance meets style
If these features aren’t compelling enough, The All-New BeAT is available in three exciting design variants, namely, Playful, Premium, and 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. This means, you can choose the ideal bike to match your own individual style.

The All-New BeAT Playful

Starting with The All-New BeAT Playful (SRP: PhP71,400.00), this variant comes in eye-catching colors, Fighting Red, Pearl Sylvestris Gray, Pearl Nightfall Blue, and Clipper Yellow colors. These colors when combined with its unique decals make it ideal for individuals with different personas like guys with a sporty personality, artistic flair, or a gamer’s sensibility. Even the fashion-conscious individuals will love it!

The All-New BeAT Premium
Then, there’s the  All-New BeAT Premium (SRP: PhP72,400.00). On the other hand, the Premium comes with a new 3D emblem and gold color cast wheel is available in Pearl Arctic White—perfect for riders with a sophisticated style, and Matte Axis Gray Metallic - ideal for those who prefer a dashing yet understated look.

The All-New BeAT Limited Edition
Finally, to mark the brand’s 50th anniversary of making the freedom of mobility a reality for Filipinos, there’s also The All-New BeAT Limited Edition (SRP: PhP74,400.00). This is available in Special Edition Pearl Arctic White colorway as well as Honda Tri-Color decals, and blue-colored fenders. This unique variant showcases new accents, and a front position 50th Anniversary logo to enable riders to experience a sense of exclusivity, fun, and stand-out style.

So, the next time you consider your next ride, get a unique and stylish feature such as The All-New BeAT Playful, Premium and 50th Anniversary Limited Edition that elevates the fun and allow you to enjoy the freedom of mobility when commuting to school.

For more information, visit Stay updated on Honda’s newest products and promos by following Honda Philippines, Inc. on Facebook ( and Instagram (, YouTube (HondaPhilippines_Motorcycle) and Tiktok ( or contact (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and 0917-884-6632. 
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November 22, 2023

#Life@Bounty: Loyalty Award

I embarked on my journey with Bounty immediately after graduating 20 years ago. Joining as a Junior Laboratory Analyst, I applied the theories and ideas acquired during my college days, transitioning from simple chemical and reagent preparation to the intricate analysis of feed and feed ingredients. As I continued my tenure, my knowledge and skills continued to evolve.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the company underwent a temporary shutdown. After three years of dedicated service, I made the decision to tender my resignation. In hindsight, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, providing me with the opportunity to focus on self-review for the Chemist Licensure Exam. Balancing work and exam preparation had proven challenging, and the hiatus allowed me to dedicate more time to my studies. After three attempts, I successfully passed the board exam. Subsequently, I applied for a laboratory chemist position within the same company and was promptly rehired.

Returning to my corporate journey, I transitioned from the laboratory to operations, assuming the role of a Quality Assurance professional responsible for ensuring the quality of raw materials and finished products. My scope expanded from a single location to overseeing operations across Luzon, encompassing not only Quality Assurance but also managing other systems such as quality management and hygiene and food safety. Despite numerous challenges, I effectively managed and overcame them, with invaluable support from Mommy Maye.

On February 18, 2023, Mommy Maye and I were honored as loyalty awardees in the 15-year category. The award ceremony took place at the Metrotent Convention Center in Pasig City, with a theme of "Shine Bright Like a Diamond," requiring attendees, especially awardees, to don formal wear.

In addition to the loyalty awards, there were group presentations from various divisions. Fortunately, our division secured the 3rd place, marking our inaugural participation in the competition.

As I look ahead, the prospect of a 20-year Loyalty Award looms uncertain. The future holds unknown challenges and opportunities, and only time will reveal the course of my continued #Life@Bounty.
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November 7, 2023

My Graduate Studies Journey: #RoadToMSChemistry (An Update)

Series of problem sets and take home examinations

It has been two years since I mentioned my graduate study journey at Central Luzon State University. 

Back in 2021, the online classes began, and they posed a unique set of challenges. All of my classes were scheduled for Saturdays, which happened to coincide with my weekly work meetings.

Work meetings and online class at the same time

Most of the time, I found myself juggling two gadgets simultaneously to attend both online activities. This constant balancing act defined my academic year.

Moving on to the following academic year, things took a more challenging turn. I had a laboratory class that required face-to-face sessions.

To accommodate this, our weekly work meetings were rescheduled to Tuesdays, and I was immensely grateful for the adjustment, as it allowed me to accumulate leave credits by not attending classes on Saturdays.

One of our laboratory class

Fortunately, our professor displayed great understanding and allowed me to skip Saturday classes, provided I made up for them by keeping up with the course activities.

Working on isolation of egg protein

Measuring the total protein from egg

The laboratory class was particularly significant, as it covered various aspects of my thesis work, using a plant of special interest to me—Clerodendrum schmidtii, also known as the Nodding Clerodendrum or commonly referred to as Indian Beads.

My plant of interest: Clerodendrum schmidtii or Idian Beads

Working on my thesis

As I moved into my last semester, I faced the challenge of both laboratory and lecture classes, both held in a face-to-face format. My days began at 6:30 am and didn't conclude until 5:00 pm, all for just two subjects.

Even after the last semester ended, I still had a special topic subject assigned for the mid-term. We were tasked with selecting a special topic from a journal and required to conduct a comprehensive journal review, which we then had to present in class.

My special topic in Biochemistry

Aside from the special topic presentation, majority of our subjects require a journal review and presented as a seminar to our classmates and even BSChemistry Students.
Behind the scenes in some of the seminar presentations

After enduring four semesters and one mid-term, I am pleased to share that I successfully passed all of my subjects. 
Acamedic subjects: Passed, Thesis: In-progress

Currently, I am eagerly awaiting the schedule for the comprehensive exam and hope to emerge victorious. I've also taken the initiative to forward my thesis draft to my advisor, eagerly anticipating her feedback, with hopes of presenting my proposal before the semester draws to a close.

With determination and perseverance, I am steadfast in my goal to retrace the same educational pathway I embarked on twenty years ago and ultimately earn my well-deserved diploma.

I'll make a follow-up post on my journey to #RoadToMSChemistry.
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