October 26, 2015

Christmas Card Guide from MagnetStreet.com

Sixty days to go before Christmas. I can already feel the breeze of the holiday season. Some has already started shopping what's in the Christmas List. Aside from the gifts, greeting cards is also a nice way to share the holiday season. Either ready-made or personalized will surely make you connected with friends, family, and colleagues as well.

Speaking of cards, MagnetStreet is giving 25% discount on all Christmas Cards. Just use the code LHOLIDAYS25 upon checkout. This offer runs until November 20, 2015 only.


MagnetStreet offers 100% custom and quality guarantee because customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal. 

Browse MagnetStreet site and take a look on beautifully designed layouts. You can also modify the color with your own preference. You can add your personal greetings and photo of your choice. Having a unique photo and personal message make a perfect holiday greetings.

Below are the different types of greeting cards offered in their site. Again, 25% discount is offered on all Christmas Cards until November 25, 2015.
Folded Cards

Folded Cards Classic Greetings. Enduring look with many templates to choose from! Custom-design from front to back, your photos will look amazing printed on any one of the 3 premium papers.

Magnetic Cards

Magnetic Cards - Unique Keepsake.  Family and friends love this distinctive and long-lasting keepsake magnet. Your greetings stick on the fridge while your photo and sentiments remain in their hearts.


Photocards - Contemporary Cheer. These classy cards are a terrific option for sharing a few of your favorite photo highlights from the year. Match the paper style to your festive design.

Are giving greeting cards to your family and friends this Holiday Season?

Disclosure: This post was provided by eAccountable and contains affiliate links that may yield commissions earned at no cost to you.
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October 22, 2015

Captured Moments: No Parking?

Just like what I posted before about following traffic rules, here is another simple rule that are being ignored.

Ignored "No Parking Sign"

In one of the narrow roads of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, there is a "NO PARKING" sign that is always violated by many especially the tricycle drivers. They still parked on one side and some managed to pull their vehicles just beside the sign.

One more thing, there is a traffic enforcer assigned in an intersection near this traffic sign. However, drivers are allowed to park their vehicles on the said area.

Is this scenario common in your place too?

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October 17, 2015

Fun Games with Parents

Mommy already wrote about Matthew’s School’s Foundation Day. As part of their celebration, the school invited parents to attend and watch the fun games prepared for the kids on the following day. Since I still have two more leaves remaining for the year, I decided to use it and join Matthew.

We are advised to wear the same color what our kids wear. Matthew picks red.

The program started a bit late since some of the school officials were caught in traffic. Yes, traffic is not only happening in the Metro but going to our place too.

The kids were advised to go out of their rooms to officially start the program. Each grade level have their own games prepared by their teachers and where the common parlor games we know.

Preps waiting for their turn

Parlor Games

Time to the kinder and preparatory level. Their game is to paste duck’s bill while being blindfolded. Matthew’s classmate tries it first. And when her teacher asked who wants next, Matthew immediately volunteered. Hindi mahiyain.

Turn for Kinder and Prep

As he approaches the drawing, he peeked from the blindfold and place the bill just like his first classmate does. Silly boy. When I asked why he did it eto ang sabi nya: “Eh di hindi ko po mailalagay ng tama ung tuka ng duck.”

Matthew's Turn

After that game, a Pabitin was prepared for preschoolers too. I can't find Matthew while the game is on but he got two bags of candies after the game.

The Pabitin

After all the grade level do their games, I thought the program was about to end until the emcee asked 20 parents to play the games and I was forced to join. We played Mother Goose where we need to put bandana, carry bilao and umbrella, and place balloon between our legs and race. Our group won. Buti na lang wala akong pic. Hahaha.

Another game was set to parents, Catch My Egg. Unfortunately we placed 2nd.

After that fun-filled activities, here are the prizes Matthew and I got.

Prizes for Matthew and Me

Joining such school activities is one of the things that parent’s shouldn’t miss. Kids were not the only one who enjoyed but parents too.

Have you joined your kid’s school activities too?
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October 14, 2015

Elimidrol the #1 Opiate Withdrawal Supplement

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that one of my cousins had a motorcycle accident. He was rush to the emergency room and got ten stitches on his right ankle. He was still lucky compared to other motorcycle accidents that lead to bone fractures or worst, death.

Now, he is under recovery and his condition is getting better. During this recovery, I know he suffer pain. Simpleng gasgas lang masakit na what more for that kind of injury.

You also need to take lots medications like antibiotics to prevent from infections and pain relievers. For severe pain, common prescribed medications are mefenamic acid and ibuprofen. But this does not assure of and efficient and long term effect.

Some doctors recommend other drugs like opiate and opioid like heroin, opium and morphine. However, these drugs should be in strict control since some patients tends to have immunity and ask more dosage of such drugs which often leads to addiction.

Addiction to opiates and opioids is not the worst part. Once a patient stops using these drugs, it will lead to unpleasant problems like chilling, body aches, restlessness, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia and others. These condition is called opiate withdrawal.

Though there are other home remedies to treat these symptoms, Sunrise Nutraceuticals developed a more potent and safer way to get rid of the negative effects of opiate withdrawal in the form of Elimidrol.

Elimidrol - Opiate Withdrawal Supplement - Click
Elimidrol: #1 Opiate Withdrawal Supplement

Elimidrol is recognized as the #1 opiate withdrawal supplement. It is made of clinically proven ingredients giving a sure relief from mental and physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal. It can be used in either gradual reduction of opiate dependence or totally quitting from it.

It comes in a powder form which ensures high effective and fast acting relief. Elimidrol comes in daytime and nighttime formula both having 28 servings enough for a 4-week detox time. This does not mean that taking Elimidrol is limited to 1 serving per day only. Additional intake can be made for additional relief especially during the more difficult times.

Though there are such drugs that can help recovering from pain and supplements that can counteract the side effects of being addicted to it, driving safely is the best way to avoid incurring these incidents. I heard my cousin was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurs.
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October 12, 2015

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a member of a cactus family that grows in tropical and subtropical countries like Asia and Latin America. It has a yellow or red skin with green scales which resembles a dragon where it was named. It is also known as Pitaya in other countries. There are different varieties available depending on the color of the flesh – magenta, white, and yellow.

Dragon fruit.jpg
Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

In the other blog, I shared how my dragon fruit developed from flower and bears fruit until harvested and served on the table. I was excited since it is the first time for my dragon fruit to bear its fruit after two years.

Dragon fruit or Pitaya is considered as super because it has lots of health benefits. Here are some:

It helps give the feeling of being satiated after eating dragon fruit. Also, because this fruit is high in fiber and low in calories, it will give the feeling of being full for longer time. Dragon fruit also helps boost metabolism rate which aids in good weight-loss management.

Blood and heart disease.
Dragon fruit was found to contain mono-saturated fats that help in decreasing bad cholesterol resulting to a healthy heart condition.

It also helps to reduce the level of oxidative stress, a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

Digestion and Blood Sugar
With rich fiber content, dragon fruit is best in cleaning of the digestive system and will give a regular and better bowel movement.

Furthermore, fiber is known to help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and avoid sugar spikes often observed after eating high glycemic index foods.

Dragon fruit is high in anti-oxidants which help in reducing the amount of free radicals in the body thus slowing down the aging process of our skin. Combining dragon fruit with yogurt is a good facial mask.

Aside from anti-aging property, it can be also used to treat acne because it is high in vitamin C. Applying a paste out of dragon fruit then washing it with lukewarm water can give a best result against acne.

Dragon fruit is also high in vitamin B3 which aids in soothing and moisturizing sunburned skin. All it takes is to add honey and apply to the affected area then wash it with lukewarm water followed by cold one. Applying juice to the affected area before going out can protect the skin against UV rays.

Chemicals used in coloring hair can do damage on it. Applying dragon fruit juice on the scalp can help protect chemically treated hair. It allows the hair follicles open and keep the hair to breathe and maintain its healthy and smooth condition.

Fights Cancer
As mentioned above, dragon fruit is jam-packed with antioxidants that fight cancer-causing free radicals.

Prevents Arthritis and asthma
With dragon fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce irritation of joints that leads to the development of arthritis.

With the high vitamin C content, dragon fruit can boost the immune system and prevents from respiratory tract disease including asthma.

High in Vitamins and Minerals
Aside from vitamins C and B3 mentioned before, dragon fruit also contains high amounts of B1, and B2. Essential minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus can also found in dragon fruit.

Here is the nutritional content of dragon fruit (per 100 grams)
Total fat – 0.61g
Protein – 0.229g
Ash – 0.68g
Water – 83.0g
Potassium – 0.436g
Calcium – 8.8g
Dietary Fiber 0.9g
Calories – 99.0

Do you like eating Pitaya or Dragon Fruit?

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October 7, 2015

Halter Short Dress at Dress.PH

Get a vintage look with this halter dress. You'll feel the 1940's fashion! This dress is also designed to have High-Low Hem that gives the dress a "playful look" to balance its elegance.

Halter Short Dress

The halter strap and overall design is intended to emphasize the sexiness of your shoulders to make you look slender. A hole in the middle of the halter adds charm.

Halter Strap

The fabric material is Chiffon to make you feel light. Its see-through quality gives it a sheer look that really suits formal occasions such as weddings/prom!

Halter Short Dress

The Purple Chiffon Halter Off Shoulder Short Dress is available in Light Blue/White and comes small and big sizes.

Grab their huge discounted price at PhP701 from the original price of  PhP4183. That's 83% off.

Dress.PH accepts payments through PayPal and your own shipping option. EXPRESS SHIPPING is also offered! Have your ordered item within 3-7 business days only!

For more details, just click on http://www.dress.ph/COCKTAIL-DRESS/CTD006_7.html

We prioritize your value for the latest fashion trend! More designer-inspired dresses with the lowest prices are available at our shop. Visit http://www.dress.ph/cat_59_Cocktail-Dress/

If you've ordered and experience size problems (the dress doesn't fit right), don't worry! Dress.PH will have your item exchanged for Free!

Choose Dress.PH now and shop wisely!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post
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October 6, 2015

How Text Messaging Started?

It has been more than two decades when texting was introduced as another mode of communication. Within this two decades, Philippines has been recognized as texting capital of the world. In 2009, it was estimated that 1.39 billion text messages sent came from the Philippines alone and keeps on increasing every year.

Message Exchange of Matthew and his Tita Sexy

Before being the text capital of the world, did you know how does text messaging or short message service (SMS) emerges? If not, here is a brief history on how SMS started:

1984 - The concept of SMS was developed by Friedhelm Hillebrand who worked in Deutsche Telekom. He tried to type random sentences using a typewriter and counted every character including space, punctuation marks and numbers. Almost every message counts 160 characters. This became the basis why only 160 characters are allowed in every message.

1985 - Together with Bernard Ghillebaert this concept was developed and created a technical proposal for Groupe Special Mobile which further developed by the GSM committee.

1992 - A test engineer for Sema Group, Neil Papworth sent his first personal text message to Richard Jarvis via Vodafone. Since phone handsets are not yet capable of sending SMS, Papworth uses a computer to send his message. The first ever text message sent was "Merry Christmas".

1993 - Nokia developed the first handset that is supported to sent SMS messages. They are also the first to release a full keyboard mobile phone in 1997 - the Nokia 9000i Communicator.

Nokia Communicator - First Full Keyboard Mobile Phone (Source: GSM Arena)

Now, there are different lots manufacturers creating different features on mobile phones. Aside from the usual call and text capability, most mobile phones nowadays have the capacity to browse the internet.

Aside from knowing the brief history of text messages, do you know how messaging started? You can check it on https://simpletexting.com/history-of-messaging/. It shows how messaging develops from using smoke signals to the use of instant messaging and SMS or texting.


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October 5, 2015

Matthew and His New Bike

Because of Matthew's great performance this first quarter in school, Mama and Papa promised to give him a reward. Spoiled talaga sa mga Lolo at Lola.

When he was asked what he want, he said, "Gusto ko po ng bike.", without any hesitations. "Gusto ko po ung colorful.", he added.

At first, Mama told us that they are just going to buy the bike in Nueva Ecija and we will fetch it when we visited there. Since our vehicle has limited space, I recommend that we will just buy it here and they will just send the money. With this option, Matthew will also able to pick his choice.

Earlier we already bought his new bike. We opt to get the one with a "balancer" or guide because he does not know how to drive it yet.

His happiness could not contain as shown in his smiles.

I remember few years ago, it was also his Lolo and Lola who bought his first bike.

Matt and his first bike
I think I need to have my own bike too. So Matthew will have his cycling buddy. Right, Mommy? What do you think Mommy?

Thank You Mama and Papa! - Matthew
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October 1, 2015

Top 5 Cancer-Causing Death

Cancer Awareness Month
Cancer is considered to be 2nd of the leading causes of death worldwide. (Source: Medical Daily). Though ways to treat this disease, either natural or modern means, are already available, only few were able to survive.

One of these survivors is Ledi who keep on struggling against Acute MyeoloidLeukemina. You check her story on my previous post or by going to the Braveheart Album in Facebook. Ledi’s case is considered rare and not considered as one of the top 5 deadliest cancer. According to WebMD here are the list of the deadliest cancer:

Lung Cancer (US deaths in 2014: 159,260)
About 1 of 13 men and 1 of 16 women have can have this. People at 65 or older are commonly victims of lung cancer.

Lung cancer’s common cause is smoking. Frequent exposure to chemicals like asbestos, arsenic, chromium, nickel, beryllium, cadmium, tar and soot can also increase the risk of getting lung cancer.

Colorectal or Colon Cancer (US deaths in 2014: 50,130)
About 1 of 20 people in US may get this type of cancer in their lifetime. Smoking, drinking of at least three alcoholic drinks a day and obesity are the most common cause of getting colon cancer. Age is also considered. As you get older, there is a high risk of getting this.

Breast Cancer (US deaths in 2014: 40,430)
It is estimated that 1 in 8 women had breast cancer. Women are not the only gender that are prone to this but men too (around 1 in 1000). Getting this usually happens after menopause. Obesity, dense breast, hormone replacement and exposure to radiation also contributes in developing breast cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer (US deaths in 2014: 39,950)
About 1 in 67 person may experience pancreatic cancer. Smoking, obesity and long-lasting pancreatitis are the most common causes of it.

Prostate Cancer (US deaths in 2014: 29,480)
Around 1 of 7 men who are in their 50s are prone to prostate cancer. However, reported cases of this were found in men who are older than 65.

Prostate cancer are common among African-American compared to whites, Asians or Hispanics.

Aside from the identified causes of each type, an individual may have high risk of getting cancer if it runs through the family or in their genes.

Now we starts the first day of October. This month also marks the Cancer Awareness month. Perfect Memorials participates in celebrating this event by having an Awareness Jewelry, Urns and Memorials sale for the entire month of October.

Perfect Memorials is the leading online retailer of premium quality products. They are working very hard to keep on the top against their competitors In Memorial Industry.

On top of the discounted price, a 5% coupon voucher is also available. Just used the code RIBBON15 upon checking out. This promo is valid until November 01, 2015.

You can also check hundreds of different products by checking on their site HERE.

In order to fight and prevent cancer, here are some important things to remember according to Philippine Cancer Society.

Source: Philippine Cancer Society

Stay healthy and fight cancer!

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