November 23, 2016

Home Beautification Project 2016 Update

Currently, we are doing home renovation or should I say beautification. Instead of hiring someone to do the task, yours truly made it, but of course with the help of Mommy.

The project is not as fast as expected since I can only do this after work and during weekends.

To give you some updates, I am already done repainting the kitchen and I have to add some shelves for the condiments.

Kitchen is almost done here
Since kitchen is one of my favorite spots at home, I am looking for the best anti-fatigue mat that will help lessen the stress caused by several hours of standing preparing for the week's menu.

On our living room, I finally made this simple wall where to place the TV.

Chemist Dad Working in the Living Room

The TV set is already in place and the Christmas Tree is already up but curtains, carpet and cover for the sofa is not yet finalized.

Our Living Room, not yet finished
I am also looking for a nice speaker to complete the home entertainment experience at its best. I want to have a unit that gives the best sound like how a shure beta 91 captures the beat of the drums.

There are still lots of tasks to be done and hopefully, I can finish these before the year ends. Later, I will be doing the repainting of the remaining walls as well as the stairs.

That's all for now and I will keep you updated on our Home Beautification Project 2016.

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November 18, 2016

Repainting with Davies Paints

As mentioned before we are doing home repainting. As of today, I already finished the kitchen and in our dining area. more to go.Whew!

When we had our previous repainting two or three years ago, I decided to buy a pail of paint mixed in a paint center nearby. The paint lasted though there are areas that started to fade. The quality is not good since when you rub it with a wet rag, the paint disappears.

Davies Paints

I don't want this to happen again. this time, I decided to buy a trusted brand that will.last for years even it will cost a bit more. I opt to use Davies Paints.

Coat Saver

For the plain white or "flat", I opt for Coat Saver Flat Latex Paint. By the way, this brand is also made by Davies Paints.

First coat that hides the old paint

As to the description, it has high hiding capacity which is true. You can already see the difference after the first coat and after the second coat, you can no longer see any trace of the old paint.

Davies Megacryl

For the final color, I picked the Davies Megacryl Semi-Gloss Latex Paint. I did not buy the ready-to-use colors but opt to have white or base color and mix with the tint. This procedure is available at Ace Hardware, but I am not sure if all branches offer the same. By the way, I picked for the Mission Beige tone.

All you have to do is to pick the color you want from their "color fan", enter the code into the computer and voila, you got the color you pick.

One thing that is good with this method is you can have exactly the same color anytime. Unlike the ready-made, there is a possibility that the color you picked might run-out of stock.

Since the Megacryl is a semi-gloss, removing dirt or stain is easy. Just scrub it with a wet rag.

Davies Aqua Gloss-it

Since there are cabinets and doors to be repainted as well as the stairs, I need to have another color. This will be also used as accents or contrast to the color of the walls. Since these colors will be used in concrete, wood and metal, I picked the Davies Aqua Gloss-it. This is a 3-in-1 Water-Based, Glossy Enamel meaning it can be used for any surface.

To get its optimum painting ability, I did not add water to the paint even if a small amount is recommended

One more thing why I chose these set of paints is they have low odor. Parang walang nagpipintura sa bahay.

Grabbed from Instagram
I need to leave from here and continue my repainting task.
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November 15, 2016

On Christmas Gift Ideas For Dads and Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Forty days to go before Christmas. You can already feel the cold breeze, especially in early morning.Have you already started buying gifts? If not, here are some of the gift ideas for fellow Dads like me.

Finding best buys in stores and malls can be tiring nowadays since there are lots of individuals, just like everyone else, searching for their Christmas list too. One way to get rid of this scenario is thru online shopping.

One thing that you should take into consideration is the credibility of the site to avoid scams. Groupon is one of the many online shopping store in the web. As early as today, they are giving discounts via Groupon Coupons.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for Dads like me.

This is a “cliché” and the simplest gift that can be given to Dads. Although easy to find, looking for a perfect piece is not simple. You must know what is their preference in terms of color and fit. Polo shirts or simple t-shirt will do. If you are not sure of the color, choose plain white like the one I saw from Hanes.

You can choose  a wide variety of shoes when you go to the mall. From casual to formal and even sports shoes will be a great option. If I am to be asked, I prefer sneakers, low or high cut will do. World Balance, Converse or Skechers will be a good option for me.

Since we are already in the last part of the year, most gadgets will have markdown prices. This will be the best time to purchase one.


Belts and wallets will be definitely included in the list of possible items to be wrapped as Christmas presents though there are other leather accessories to find in stores.

Wine and Liquors

There are times Dad needs to have a chill, either alone of with company. Giving alcoholic drinks like wine or liquors is quite good. This is can be also stored for a longer time making a great memorable gift.

Most Dads love doing home tasks mechanic or DIYs at home. Wrapping tools for these hobbies will surely put a smile on their face. 

How about you, what are your gift suggestions for Dads?
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November 13, 2016

A Place To Call Home TV Series

Pinoy Teleseryes are good but most plots are cliché, meaning they have almost the same story. This makes me a bit uninterested in watching these soap operas.

I tried diverting my interest in watching foreign TV series and I found another quality TV Series. This time it is not from the US but from Australia entitled A Place to Call Home.

A Place to Call Home
Photo Source: FOXTEL

The setting of A Place to Call Home is in the rural part of New South Wales after the Second World War.

The story revolves on Sarah Adams who came back from Europe. After 20 years, Sarah returned and wanted to start a new life in Australia. 

On her travel going back to Australia, Sarah clashed with a wealthy family in the ocean liner – the Bligh, headed with Elizabeth.

Sarah saved the drunk James Bligh, Elizabeth’s grandson, trying to end his life by jumping off the ship. Elizabeth asked Sarah to keep the incident a secret among them.

Upon Sarah’s return to her mother’s house, she found out that her mother is ill and looking for her. Unfortunately, she needs to get out of the house since her mother refused to accept her. Sarah can only return to the house if she is willing to deny her being Jew.

Nothing to go, Sarah send a note to George Bligh, Elizabeth’s son, and asked help. George and Sarah had an immediate connection in the ocean line.

Knowing that she is a nurse, George referred her to Dr. Jack Duncan and started immediately as the new community nurse.

From there, the secrets of Sara Adams and the Bligh Family will start to reveal.

Who is Sarah Adams in the past? How was her life in Europe during Second World War? How she survived the war?

What are the secrets of Bligh family? Why did Elizabeth want to keep James’ suicidal act a secret? Why James do wanted to end his life?

How do Elizabeth and Sarah deal with each other?

A Place to Call Home Casts (Source: The Guardian)

Currently, A Place to Call Home airs on its 4th season but I am still on the 2nd. Though the series is set in the 1950s after the Second World War, there are lots issues there are seen in our current time. Every Episode is also full of twists and revelations.

You can watch all the episodes in Putlockers and if you want to download and watch it later, you can do this thru Internet Download Manager.

Are you a follower of this series too?

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