August 14, 2014


Entitled McArthur is the 6th book, if not mistaken, of Bob Ong. This is also known as the Red Book. Thinking why entitled this way? Just read the book. Medyo unsanitary kasi ung description. But I think it is very shallow and there is a deeper meaning for choosing the title.

The book is all about a man named Noel taking nursing in one of the known universities in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, he caught into peers and learned how to use illegal drugs to escape from life’s reality.

One day, he went to his friend, named Cyrus and stayed there for a night. On the following day, Noel went to pharmacy to buy Mang Justo’s (grandfather of Cyrus) medicine since Cyrus is in deep sleep and under the influence of drug.

When Cyrus woke-up, he hallucinates seeing a big monster that will eat Mang Justo. With the eagerness to save his grandfather from the monster, Cyrus released gunshots to kill the monster.

When Noel came back, he saw Mang Justo’s body lying on the floor. Full of blood and gunshots in his head and other body part.

After the incident, Noel went home. Instead of being mad, his father welcomes his return to their home. Just like McArthur’s famous line: “I shall return.”

Actually, before started reading it, I opt to finish only half of it since it was already late night and I was sleepy already. Upon reaching the middle chapter, nawala antok ko. I was carried by the plot and finished to the end. Parang hindi ako makakatulog kapag ‘di ko tinapos.

This book is not recommended for the young ones since there are many explicit language and violence.

How about you, have you read this book already or shall I say, are you a Bob Ong fan too?