September 20, 2021

Kill Boredom in Online Class Thru Web-Based Games

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I am currently enrolled in my graduate studies. Every Saturday is my class schedule for the three subjects. Every subject is a 3-hour online class.

My class starts from 7am to 10am, followed by 2nd from 10am to 1pm, then lastly, 2pm to 5pm. Imagine having a chemistry class in front of the computer for that period.

Although we did not consume all of the time allotted per subject, I, sometimes, feel bored and look for something to kill the boredom. I watch informative videos from Youtube, reading newsfeed on my Facebookand play web-based online games.

Speaking of web-based online games, there are many options but most of them require registration or subscription. Fortunately, I was able to find which offers hundreds of free web-based online games. The games were made for kids but can be for adults too.

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class, has various game categories to choose from. I am more into a puzzle or an educational games that tickle my brain to work. Here are some of my choices:

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
This is an entertaining mathematical game in particular to addition. You need to determine the weight of the poddle placed on one side of a weighing scale. The weight will be added slowly on the other side of the balance until you reach equilibrium. 
web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
After determining the correct weight, an equation of what has been added will show on top of the screen.

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
This interactive game helps kids to construct a sentence with the help of Garfield and Odie. 
web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
With the jumbled set words, the player will pick what word to place first until the correct sentence is unlocked.

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
Pinball is one of my favorite games when I started using PC. 

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
Strategy is to be used to keep the ball inside the playing field. The game is entertainment.

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
Who can’t remember the Tetris or more commonly known as “Brick Game”? 
web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
The main goal is to clear all the blocks and as much as possible not to touch the topmost part of the screen. As the level increases, the speed of falling bricks also increases.

3D Tangram will make your brain cells work. 
web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,
With the set of different shapes with various sizes, you need to fit it in the correct place to form the figure given in each level. Making this mind bugging game more interesting, the figures are of different animals like cats, dogs, and others.

web-based games,,web-based online games,online class,

Whatever online game you play, it is very important to have a discipline. Some of the games are addicting and may affect the study habits. As parent, it is important to monitor when to start and stop doing online games.
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September 18, 2021

Essex Medspa Laser Skin Rejuvenation Littleton


Living in an area with a high elevation is known to affect body functions such as breathing. One can become nauseous and suffer headaches. However, exchanging valleys for mountains can affect your skin as well.

Skin Takes Longer to Heal
If you live or spend extended time in places located at 14,000 or more, it will become harder for oxygen to reach your skin tissue. Stress hormones also increase. So if you have cuts or cracks on your skin, it will take longer to heal.

Skin Can Get Sunburn Quickly
Do you enjoy reaching the summit of a mountain? Reaching closer to the sun may feel amazing and make for a great Instagram moment, but it will also bring you closer to direct UV rays.
There is less atmosphere for the UV rays to pass through in the mountains - so there is also less protection. Trekking through the Colorado Rockies would expose your skin to twice as much radiation as a trip to the beach.

Skin Needs Extra Hydration
If you enjoy participating in the many outdoor activities available at high elevations, such as rock climbing, snowboarding, or skiing, your skin will be more susceptible to drying out. The dry air in the mountains can crack the skin. Like any good workout, intense outdoor activities will cause your body to lose water through perspiration.

Skin Will Easily Break Out
Your skin cells may become dehydrated from the low humidity. It may cause itchiness or breakouts from the build-up of dry skin cells causing acne.

Skin Will Need Extra Care Overall
Living in a high-altitude environment will require some extra skin care to combat the increased exposure to the sun and dry air. Here are a few suggestions for proper skincare at this level:

1. Find a good dermatologist or cosmetology professional to help you keep your skin in its best form and screen for skin cancer.

2. Keep a comfortably moist environment at home. Turn on the humidifier before you go to sleep.

3. If you exfoliate your skin at home, don't overdo it. Scrub as gently as possible

4. Make sure that you have a good moisturizer. Try different lotions and serums to see what works best for locking hydration into the skin.

Life in a city or country at a high altitude can come with scenic views and adventure. However, your skin will be under extra stress. If you are a Colorado resident, keep your skin refreshed with a visit to Essex Medspa Laser Skin Rejuvenation Littleton.
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September 17, 2021

6 Signs You Need New Windows

6 Signs You Need New Windows
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Quality windows are a good investment for any home. Not only are they good protection for your home, but they are also made to last. Most window professionals say that quality windows last about 15 to 20 years before you need to replace or begin performing regular repairs to them.

Some of the signs that your windows need to be replaced include:

Cracked Window

This is perhaps the most obvious and can happen tone one of your windows any time. A warped, broken, or damaged window sash or frame not only looks bad, but can also compromise the safety and comfort of your home. It can also let in small vermin and insects.

Constantly Fogged Glass

Do you have double- or triple-pained windows that have a constant fooged-like appearance? If so, condensation may be getting trapped between them thanks to even the smallest of holes. If this starts happening on a regular basis, you should consider replacing the window.

A Soft Frame

If you have wooden windows, excess moisture can cause the windowsill to rot on the outside of the house. If the wooden sill feels soft to the touch, consider replacing the entire window and frame on the exterior.

A Sticking Window

Is your window constantly getting stuck when you open and close it? This can happen after you have had it for a while and are constantly opening and closing it. If this wear and tear are causing you problems, it’s probably time to replace the window.

Drafty Rooms

If there are cold drafts in your home through other openings besides the designated window opening — even after you have caulked and weather-stripped a few times — it may be time to get new windows installed.

Rising Energy Bills

Are your energy bills getting to be more and more expensive each month? If so, you may have a window problem. Typically, about 41% of recurrent household costs go toward heating and cooling your home. If you notice that energy consumption increasing, it is possible that your windows are the problem. Getting new windows to replace old ones can help cure the problem and keep your energy bills at a normal level.

If any of these issues could be affecting your household, it may be time to call in a professional to take a look. They can assess whether you may need to undergo a window installation project now or shortly and can provide a quote for the work.

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September 16, 2021

Reminiscing the CLSU Intramurals

My alma mater recently announce to offer a graduate course in Chemistry – Master of Science in Chemistry. This caught my attention and immediately inquire about the said graduate program. Since we are still in the pandemic, all classes will be online. Because of this, I decided to take the course. The class officially started on September 13, 2021.

Studying at CLSU makes me reminisce about some of the important events during my undergraduate. One of those is the Intramurals.

This weeklong event happens during the first semester gives break to student from their academics and show their skills in sports.

CLSU Athletic Field during vacation

The event usually starts with a parade of the athletes wearing their respective uniforms composed of collegiate shorts and jerseys. It is followed with an openning program where the torch lighting is conducted at the atheltic field.

I heard that in the recently held CLSU Intramurals, different units have alredy their own name and logo that best represents their respective college. This logo are printed in their uniforms like the HBCU Shorts Collection.

Different colleges battles for medals in various sporting events like ball games, swimming, track and field events, chess, and not to forget the showcase of each unit’s muses bagging for the Miss and Mister Intramurals.

The Bleacher
The majority of the events happens on the athletic field. The bleacher is where the expectators go to watch the different games happening simultaneously. By the way, the bleacher is not only used during intramurals but also a venue for holding some classes and term examinations.

However, if you wanted to focus on a specific event, you need to stay under the scorching heat of the sun because ball games like basketball and volleyball are located in an open area. Be sure to have your umbrella with you all the time.


Swimming events happen in the CLSU Swimming Pool while indoor games like badminton and sepak takraw happen in the CLSU gymnatorium.

I know that many things in the Intramurals have changed since I left CLSU 18 years ago. Unfortunately, I will not be able to witness the innovations because, during the pandemic, it prohibits face-to-face classes and holding such events.

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September 6, 2021

The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Dog

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If you have a dog, it's important to give them the best care possible to ensure a long life. This can allow you to get to know your dog on a closer level and even detect when there might be a potential problem that requires a visit to the vet.  Following these simple guidelines can keep your dog healthy for many years to come.

Give Them The Best Food
Quality food is important for your dog so they can stay healthy and avoid certain problems. Do your research and select a diet that is good for your dog. You might need to use supplements to give them everything necessary that the diet does not include. Avoid by-products whenever possible since these can have negative side effects.

Take Them to The Vet Regularly
Regular trips to the vet keep your dog happy and healthy no matter how old they are or what is going on with their bodies. You'll need to give your dog vaccinations depending on their lifestyle and in order to maintain compliance with your city. You can find out what kind of dog vaccinations Wythe County VA are required for your pet.

Give Them Lots of Love
You want to have a close relationship with your pet. Make sure you do fun things with them, such as taking them to the dog park, giving them lots of attention, and spending as much time as possible with them. Dogs are social creatures, and they appreciate having close relationships with their humans.

To give your dog the best kind of life possible, make sure they eat a quality diet that gives them all the nutrition they require, using supplements if necessary. Take them to the vet for checkups and make sure to give them lots of love. This can promote a high-quality and happy life for you and your best friend. 
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