October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I was scanning my photo files early this morning when I got this picture of Matt. Mommy placed her hair over him to see how he looks like in case he became a girl.  Perhaps irritated by the hair or he already understood what we planned, he keeps on moving and rolling over. Instead of having a photo of a little girl, we had this "Chuckie" image ready for revenge. LOL.

Happy Halloween to all!
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Papa @54

Today, October 31, 2012 is Papa’s 54th birthday. Though we will not be able to go home today since we still have work, we will just request him for a treat tomorrow. Haha

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October 30, 2012

Disposable or Cloth Diaper?

When we had Matt, we used to buy disposable diapers. We tried almost all of the brands in the market to compare and find what fits Matt.  Every payday, we bought two large packs for just half-month consumption.
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October 27, 2012

Mechanical Engineer? (Part 2)

Before, Matt is trying to fix his ride-on toy, (you may check it HERE) but now he is with the real thing. While Papa is fixing Jaby, Matt hurried to him and pick up the screw drivier and try to imitate what Papa does. 
Will he really be a mechanical engineer or he is just trying to explore things? 

Matt and Papa fixing Jaby
Time to test Jaby

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October 26, 2012

Captured Moments: Day's End

While waiting for the auditor's report last Wednesday, I got a chance to take photo of sunset that looks like there is a huge flame in the sky.

For me, sunset alwyas represents hope. A hope that there are still days to come to complete all your unfinished tasks for the day.

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October 25, 2012

Captured Moments: Blue Sky

Exploring the archive of Matt’s photos last week, I got this from of the albums. This was taken last April 2011 at the clubhouse while having a Sunday afternoon walk.

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October 24, 2012

Family Day Sunday: 10212012

Early morning, I received a text message from Mama that they are already on their way to Bulacan for a week vacation because they really missed Matt. We immediately prepare since we will fetch them at Pulilan. We also got a chance to visit our aunt’s house somewhere in Guiguinto where I took the photos I posted HERE.

I saw bunch of “Makahiya” (Mimosa pudica) plant so I made Matt familiarize with it. I showed him how it folds its leaves when being touched. He was so happy to see it and tried it by himself. He keeps on screaming after touching the leaves and watching as it slowly closes its leaves.

Since it was still early, we proceed to SM Marilao and we are going to buy some yarn for Momaye’s Shoppe’s orders. I asked Papa to go with Matt on the mini-carousel while Mommy and I went to buy yarns. We also showed to Mama and Papa what the gift Matt wants on Christmas is, and they promised to buy it for him (I’ll just make a post once they bought it. Hehehe).

Then we went to the BGS (Big GarmentSale) to look for some stuff. There are lots of people coming from nearby cities buying tons of clothes since you will really get great discounts on branded clothes. Also, this is their last day of their sale. Unfortunately we didn’t buy even a single piece of clothes since it has really a very long line in the cashiers. One thing I like in this garment sale is that they offer free lunch and snacks to all of their customers. LOL

We went back home and again, do some of the orders while having small chitchats with my parents. I also asked papa to check Jaby (the red motorcycle) since it didn’t start when I tried to use it last week. Good that he fixed it. Yipee! Jaby is on the go again. Matt immediately asked Papa to have a quick ride around.

What a tiring but fulfilling day.

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October 23, 2012

Captured Moments: Flower Power

I was really fascinated with flowers especially the tiny ones. I took several flowers of weeds/grasses trying to explore more of our 5-year-old digicam. As per my previous post, I haven’t fully explored our cam since we bought it. Here are some that I got. I am also starting to explore some photo editing.


The following flowers are about 5-10cm in size. Taken using either macro or normal mode with manual zooming.


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October 20, 2012

Matt and the Teribble Two

When Matt reaches the age of two, Mommy and I observed a sudden change in his attitude. He used to cry whenever he did get what he wants. Sometimes he will start stomping his feet or even sit down and cry. Until we read about what experts called “Terrible Two”. This is a change in their attitude and part of their development. Most kids starts to have tantrums whenever they are upset to a particular thing. Worst, some will hit their head on the wall. The term “terrible two” does not mean that they will show this one as they reach the age of two like what we observed from Matt. In some kids, this starts as early as they reach their 2nd age or after their first birthday.
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October 19, 2012

BGS (Big Garment Sale) Meycauayan

Photo Source
Star Trend Apparels is currently having a Merry Early Christmas featuring F21, Diesel, H&M, Old Navy, G2000, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Dockers, Billabong, and many more.

Enjoy great savings and discounts. Purchases can be made thru cash, Gcash or ATM/Debit Cards. BDO Credit Card Holders can avail the 0% for 3 months when you avail a minimum of P3000.

Refer to the location map below.

For existing members, don't forget to bring your BGS Card.
For non-members, you may register for free, just bring two (2) valid IDs, at the entrance and wait for the card to be issued.

For more information, call 2996061 or text 09088742059 and look for Ms. Divine.

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Mudra @53

Today, October 19, 2012, Mama celebrates her 53rd birthday.

Last year she celebrated her birthday at our home and we did a little surprise for her. We did not tell her that we are going to have a simple dinner at home. While she was out for church, Mommy and I did all the food for less than two hours. Good thing that Matt behaved that time.
Macaroni salad is her ultimate request

I remember her reaction that time as she saw the food in the table with a small piece of cake roll. She couldn’t remove the smile on her face and I know that she was really happy for it.

Happy Birthday Mama. We love you...

From Maye, Matt and I.

(Today, we also remembered 11th year of Tatay’s lost.)

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Captured Moments: Just Tried

While waiting for mommy at the park, I took a photo of this plant in a black and white mode. Our digicam is already 5 years old but seems that I haven't explore the entire features. Sounds really ironic since I want to have a new one, preferably DSLR. LOL

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October 18, 2012

Creepy Crawlers: The Moth

Yes, two weeks ago, I took another batch of caterpillar from our subdivision and put them in my jar. This time, it is different type than the previous one. I took them from the taro or gabi plant. it look like these:
Photo Source

After two days of feeding, it suddenly changed to a darker shade of green which is an indication that it will turn into a pupa. However, unlike the  first batch, the caterpillars collected some leaves and wrapped it around as added protection. After more than two weeks, it totally came out of the chrysalis. This time, it was not a butterfly but a brown colored moth.

Maybe, next time I will look for another variety of caterpillar and find out if it will turn into a butterfly or a moth.

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October 17, 2012

Captured Moments: Sunrise or Sunset?

Who says it is sunrise? Who says the other way or sunset?

This morning we passed by the road where Matt and Tita took their early morning walk routine and give the key in our gate. I noticed that the sun looks like a sunset at around 6:30 so I went out of the car and of course took a couple of shots without using my "improvised filter".
Have a great morning!
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October 11, 2012

Diskettes Re-used

Who can still remember this colorful storage device? I used this one when I was still in school. I doubt if there are still computers that can manage to read this device.

I found a great use of this old stuffs – taking photos. Open the diskette and get the black film and trace the size of your lens, I think this inly works with digicams since the films is really too small.

Here are photos taken using digicam with and without “filter”.  This method is best taking photos during solar eclipse.

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October 10, 2012


Yesterday, after Matt’s daily routine at the clubhouse, he went home handling 2 pieces of chocolates. Mommy opened it and was surprised that it was Chocomani (chocolate-peanut flavored polvoron). Mommy take a bite and requested me to buy some more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find same brand but have the other brand, Hany.

This is really addicting. Actually I bought 12 pieces of it. Maybe, next time we went for grocery I will request Mommy to but a pack or two of it. 

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October 8, 2012


(This post is a bit late)

Photo Source
Teachers: I consider them as one of the most overworked but underpaid profession. They worked almost the whole day in school standing and talking in front of students nurturing their minds. The work does not finished there, they have to bring their work at home by preparing their lessons including visual aids for the next day, making exams, checking papers, computing grades, and other school related things instead of having bonding time with their family.

Photo Source
Once, my sister, who took Elementary Education course, and I got a conversation about our courses. I wasn't able to argue with her when she told me that chemists like me and other professions are not possible without teachers like them which makes me realized that the above slogan is really true.

In celebration of the World Teacher’s Day, I salute all the TEACHERS for hardships and dedication in practicing their chosen profession.

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October 6, 2012

Captured Moments: She Needs Help

My schedule to our Tarlac Plant is twice a week, Wednesday and Friday. On these days, I often saw this lady with a disposable cup on one of her hand and asking a little help from the vehicles passing.

She has this large mass on the left part of her neck that almost covers that entire part of the body. I was so bad that I didn’t give even a small amount every time I passed her. I just think that I will send a picture of her to some charitable shows like Wish Ko Lang as my way of helping her. But I was also hesitant to approach her for she might get angry upon taking picture so I just took a couple of stolen shots as I passed her.

I just hope that one day she will gain some help in removing this huge mass in her neck.

WARNING: Look at the photo at your own risk.

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Giveaway: $100 Cash

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October 5, 2012

Captured Moments: Time to Feed

I was watching this butterfly and aiming to take photo of it as it landed on a flower. I was surprised when it suddenly took out a needle like structure attached to its mouth, and directly and precisely inserted it in the middle of the flower. After few seconds, it flew away. Perhaps, it already collected the nectar from the flower.

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October 4, 2012

Captured Moments: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Seems three generations of flower. Yesterday the other one was blooming, today the two flowers are widely open while the other one is about to bloom in the next day.

To give you idea on the actual size of these flowers:

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October 3, 2012

MOVE (MeralcO Virtual Engine)

Meralco has launched their new application - MeralcO Virtual Engine or MOVE. This is a free application designed for Filipinos. This application lets their subcribers to access their services thru smartphones or tablets anytime of the day.

This application was desinged since most of their clients consume their time online. MOVE gives the benfits of ease and convinience to customers in managing their concerns.  MOVE offers the following applications:

Location Help - this gives information on Meralco directory where you can find the nearest Meralco Office in your area. Furthermore, this application will provide you list of Bayad Centers where you pay your bills.

Consumption Control - You can easily determine your power consumption thru Meralco Appliance Calculator. Here, you ca also find Bright Ideas that can help you use better and save electricity.

Helps in Planning - This gives up-to-date information on power maintenance schedules. You can also view your E-Meralco Bills where ever and whenever.

MOVE application can be downloaded free. For more details visit their website www.meralco.com.ph, like their faceboook page or follow them on twitter (@meralco).

Source: Nuffnang PH

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Giveaways: Winners of Amazon $200 and Lovesac Chaise Sectional

Congratulations to the winners of the following Giveaways and for those who joined, thanks for your participation and better luck next time.

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October 2, 2012

Captured Moments: Blacks vs. Whites

I got interest in taking this creatures using “macro” mode of my digicam. It is like the black ants are making battle with the white aphids.

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October 1, 2012

NLEx Tip

Do you hate waiting in lone lines just to get a ticket upon entering North Luzon Expressway or NLEx? Here is one technique I learned from my colleagues and I think only few knows about this.

More often, the Easy Trip Lane does not have long line since this is only for those having EC Tag in their vehicle. Here’s the trick, even the flag “EASY TRIP ONLY” is indicated in the lane, check whether the green arrow pointing downward is lit or not, if lit, you can enter the lane even you don’t have the EC Tag. If not, better luck next time.

Upon entering the lane, just press the button and wait for the ticket to come out and that's it!

I hope this helps. Have a nice and safe trip.
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