February 24, 2015

HSBC’s “It’s On Us” Promo

Credit card provider’s one way to keep their loyal users is by giving instant rewards like gift certificates, food items, apparels and even gadgets.

Photo Source: HSBC
Last week, I received a text message from my credit card provider – HSBC that they are giving instant reward thru their “It’s On Us” promo. For a minimum spending of 2,500 using HSBC Red, Classic or Gold card, you can redeem food items from Teriyaki Boy or KFC.

For 2,500 spending:
KFC – Spaghetti or Junior Sandwich

For 3,000 spending:
KFC - 1-pc Chicken, Rice, Soup and Regular Drink; or Pasta Bowl and Regular Drink
Teriyaki Boy – Chicken Rice Meal Bowl; or Crunchy Kani Maki; or California Roll
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February 20, 2015

Are We Ready For This?

Source: Clothes and Camera
Last Sunday, our new kasambahay ask to have her day-off. We grant her request but asked her to come back at 6 pm. It was already past 7 when Mommy asked where she is. We never received any response from her so Mommy called but she refused to answer but texted like this: “Ate, hindi ko po kaya ung trabaho.” After two weeks of working with us, she quits the job for one reason – “Akala ko po magbabantay lang ako kila Matthew and Nanay. Akala ko po hindi ako maglalaba at magluluto.”

Before hiring her, we already gave instructions on what be her tasks which includes not only taking care of Matthew and MIL, but includes laundry and cooking breakfast. "Kasambahay talaga." And with full of confidence, she accepts the duty. “Kaya ko naman po.” Also, she was trained by SIL for a week on what to do which means she has all the knowledge of all her assignments.
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February 16, 2015

Magnetic Bracelet and Its Health Benefits(?)

Magnetic Bracelets (Me, Mommy and Matt)
Last Sunday night, while arranging the buttons we bought at Divisoria, I saw the elastic string I bought to be use in repairing the magnetic bracelet I kept in the closet for several years.

Since there are no crochet orders at the moment, I started doing my magnetic bracelet. I added some metallic beads which I bought the last time we visited Divisoria. There are there are some spare pieces so I made another two for Mommy and Matt. 

Few years ago, wearing such accessories is not only for fashion but for medical purposes called magnetic therapy. This has been popular in ancient times especially in Egypt. They believe that this can help improve one’s health.
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February 5, 2015

Family Day Sundays: WOF + Marian Exhibit

Matt's Current Grades (Momaye's Diary)
Last Sunday, as promised to our Little Boss, we will treat him for the good grades he received after their 3rd quarter.

According to his teacher, he leaped 2 notches from his previous rank, 8th to 6th. Though he is not in the honor’s list (they only announced the first five), we are still proud of what he did. I heard that he is just 0.05 behind to be part of the top five.

Here's a note from his adviser - if he performs more this quarter, he might be included in the honor’s list in their final ranking.

I believe that putting pressure on him is a NO-NO. Ranking is not important to us. As long as we observe improvement and he learns a lot, that will be more than enough.

First, we attended the mass at Sta. Maria. Before the mass ends, there was an announcement that a Marian Exhibit is currently held in the church vicinity. I asked mommy if we can take a peek. I only took couple of pictures using phone since I left my camera at home.
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February 4, 2015

Captured Moments: Rizal's Tallest Statue in the World

Rizal Shrine of Nueva Vizcaya
Riza Monumnet in Nueva Vizcaya
(Source: Vigattin Tourism)
Jose Rizal is considered as Philippines' National Hero.  At first, his tallest monument is located at Brgy. Casat, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. However, Jose Rizal is considered as "the greatest son" of Calamba, Laguna, they need to break the record and the tallest statue must be located in the said town.
The government of Laguna made the Tallest Rizal Monument and unveils on June 19, 2011 during his 150th birth anniversary.
The statue is sculpted by Toym Imao and situated in a park known as The Plaza in front of Calamba City Hall Complex in Barangay Real.
It is placed on top of a 2.8 meter podium consisting of 15-step stairway which symbolizes one decade since Rizal was born in 1861.
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