April 29, 2020

5 Proper Steps To Follow When Wiring Your House

In order to wire your house successfully, you need to have a good understanding of how electricity works and the different systems incorporated within your home.
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It’s worth noting that there are an estimated 20 deaths a year from electrocution, evidencing the need to be safe when undertaking any form of electrical works. You should also be aware that some wiring in your home can only be undertaken by a qualified professional.

Should you decide to do any wiring in your home there are 5 steps you should follow every time.

Draw It
The first stage should always be to draw what you are intending on doing. This may be a new installation, one extra circuit, or even just a socket. Drawing it will help you identify what materials you need and make sure you have everything you need to hand before you start.

Verify Socket Numbers
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The average radial circuit is only allowed to have between 6-8 sockets. You need to verify this number with your local regs and then identify all the sockets on a particular circuit. Once you’ve done this you’ll know whether you can add to a circuit or need to install a new one.
It’s important to stick to the guidelines as too many sockets will increase the risk of overloading and the potential for a fire.

Check Before Drilling
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When you’re running new cables into a position you’ll need to drill holes through walls and floors to ensure the cables are in the best possible position. You may also want to run them behind the walls. But, even if you’re simply fastening trunking to the side of a wall you’re going to need to drill fastening holes.

Whenever you drill into your walls, floors, or ceilings, you need to be certain that they are no electrical wires or water pipes in the walls. Hitting one of them could be bad news for you and your home.

Power Off
Before you start any work you must switch the power off at the main breaker and verify that it is off where you’re working.

This is a simple thing to do and one that could literally save your life.

Contact A Professional
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Even if you decide to complete the work yourself it’s a good idea to contact your local electrician Sydney and have them inspect your work. This will allow them to grant you a certificate, that’s useful if you ever decide to sell the house. They can also identify any issues and give you peace of mind.
Of course, if you decide the job is too complicated for you to do by yourself then step 5 becomes step 1, and you won’t need to do anything else.

Don’t forget, if you’re running in a new circuit you’re going to need a new breaker. You should also wire from your breaker box outward, never go from the socket to the breaker box only to discover you don’t have enough cable.
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April 21, 2020

Urban Gardening - How To Grow Eggplants

I heard from the news that the Department of Agriculture will give vegetable seeds to the residents of the metro to promote home-based gardening or urban gardening.  Some of the seeds are eggplant, tomatoes, and onions. Planting materials will be also given.

This project will help sustain food production during the enhanced community quarantine.

I just want to share how I grow eggplants in pots in our urban garden. Planting eggplant is not just put the seeds in the soil, water them,  let them grow, and bear fruits. There is a right way to do it and get the results you want to achieve.
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Eggplant is one of the easy-to-grow plants for urban gardening. Here are some guides to have a healthy eggplant at home.

Since the seeds are tiny, it needs to grow in a seedbox first before transplanting to its permanent pot or place. This is method is called indirect seeding.
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Soil in a seed box to be used in growing eggplant
In a seedbox with a potting or garden soil, sprinkle the seeds then cover with soil to about 1/4 inch thin. Water with a slow stream to avoid disturbance of the soil covering.

urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Day 6
After 5-7 days, the seeds will start to germinate and you can see sprouts coming out of the soil. 

Two to three weeks after germination, the seedling will have about 4 to 6 leaves. As a rule of thumb, having these number of leaves, the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted to a pot. 
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Eggplant Seedlings
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Eggplant Seedlings
In a large pail filled with a fertile and fast-draining soil, the seedlings are transplanted. I used regular soil mixed with rice hulls or sawdust.
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Eggplant seedlings transplanted in a large pail.
Place the plant in an area where they can get at least six hours of sun daily.

Water the plants regularly when they are young. This will help them develop deep roots. Adults plants need soil that is kept moist but not soaking them.
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Mulching: The top layer is covered with saw dust to retain soil moisture
To keep the soil moist, mulching is advisable. Using sawdust or rice hulls or paper are good materials in mulching.

The plant will enter the maturity or adult stage where they will exhibit the main stem with several branches where a leathery or spiny or hairy, oval-shaped leaves grow. Applying organic fertilizer, like animal manure, once a week is recommended.

Adult eggplants normally grow to about 18-36 inches tall. Since this is an urban gardening, pruning is recommended to limit the height of the eggplant.
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
Eggplant's Flower
A purple and star-shaped flowers will start to appear in the stem once the plant reached maturity (about 6-7 weeks). These flowers will then turn into fruits and will be ready to be harvested. The ripe fruit is described as a firm with a glossy texture.
urban gardening, tips on urban gardening, how to grow eggplant, gardening, home and living, organic farming,
The Fruit
The Fruit
Eggplants are prone to insects like flea beetles. These insects usually create pinholes on the leaves and can cause damage to plants. Using homemade insecticides can help shoo away flea beetles.

Another common disease of eggplant is the fungal disease called verticillium wilt. This can be acquired from the traditional garden soil.

Frequent watering of the soil, again not soaking, can avoid this disease. Heating the soil before planting the seedlings can also prevent the eggplants to have verticillium wilt.

Applying low-nitrogen, high-phosphorus fertilizer can also help the plant survive this disease.

Having vegetable grown in your home will give lots of benefits and help you survive in crisis like what we have now.

Any tips on how to grow eggplants?
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April 17, 2020

3 Tips for Starting a Small Business on a Tight Budget

Mississippi is a great state for an entrepreneur to start a small business. Approximately 96 percent of all employers in Mississippi are small businesses. If you've thought about starting your own business, but are short on resources, here are some ideas to get you started.

Small Loan
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Many startups don't require a huge investment. A business like an Amazon Storefront or service you provide to your community can be started with just a few thousand dollars. You may need to keep your job with your current employer until your business gets off the ground. In this situation, an installment lender Mississippi can provide easy access to funds so you can get started.

Start From Home
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Waiting to pay rent on a retail or commercial space can save you money on one of the biggest expenses a business pays each month. Many successful businesses start operations from a home. Google was started in a garage and has become one of the most successful companies in the world. Operating a small business from home is a trend that has seen tremendous growth in the internet age.

Market on Social Media
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One of the greatest advantages of starting a business in the last few years has been the growth of social media advertising. With social media, your advertising budget can be as little as 0 dollars to just a few dollars a week. The only skill you need to see success on social media is the ability to engage your followers. It is through your followers who share your content that your following will grow. There are many useful tips on the internet on how to create posts that engage your audience.

Starting a business with a small budget is possible. The tools for success are already available to you, but the most important tool you need is ambition.
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April 16, 2020

Elder Care Options for Loved Ones

As family members age, powerful choices must be made about their care and safety. It is important to allow your loved ones to make as many decisions about their own care as possible. It is best to discuss plans ahead of time, so everyone feels comfortable and has input on critical decisions. Here are some things to consider about elder care planning for the well-being of the entire family.

Maintaining Independence

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While older persons may need additional support, with proper elder care Bethesda MD, some can still live independently. There are many resources to help, including everything from financial planners to home health services. There are graduated support possibilities, which provide for persons who need assisted living placements or consistent nursing care. In each case, the need to preserve a level of independence is necessary to help individuals thrive.

Supporting the Transition

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For elderly family members who move into a new place, supporting the transition process is vital. There are counseling services available to answer questions about what to expect and offer a wealth of ideas about consistent routines and emotional encouragement. Counselors can also help define items a person needs to make their new space a true home.

Choosing Caregivers

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Whether your family member lives at home or in a care facility, selecting the right caregivers is equally important. Loved ones need to feel safe and confident with their personal care. Look for people who are willing to establish a relationship and whose primary concern is individual welfare. Families should establish good communication lines with care providers. A genuine rapport will help in times where difficult decisions are essential.

The decision to seek elder care for loved ones is among the most important in a lifetime. The good news is the abundance of existing resources, so priceless time together remains your first priority.

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April 14, 2020

Urban Gardening - Homemade Insecticide

I want to make our urban garden organic as much as possible. Since I started planting veggies on it, I haven't applied any fertilizer since the soil is a mixture of ordinary soil and decomposed rice hulls.

But one problem arising now is the ants and aphids attacking the plants particularly the string beans. With this, I made some research on how to make homemade and organic insecticides to shoo away insects.
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I made the all-in-one homemade insecticide spray. This is easy to make since all you need is to mix all the ingredients and let it stand overnight before using.
tips on urban gardening, urban gardening, homemade insecticide, home, home and living,

Here is the recipe for the all-in-one homemade insecticide spray.
All-in-One Insecticide Spray
tips on urban gardening, urban gardening, homemade insecticide, home, home and living,

1 bulb garlic, minced
1 medium-sized onion, minced
2-3 pcs chili pepper, minced
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tbsp dishwashing soap
1 tbsp vegetable oil

1. Mix all ingredients in a 1-liter capacity bottle.
2. Fill the bottle with water and shake. Let it stand overnight.
3. Strain the mixture and spray directly into leaves and other exposed surface of the plant.
4. Store any remaining mixture in a fridge and can be used up to 1 week.

Care to share your own insecticide recipe?
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April 11, 2020

Three Ways to Elevate a Birthday Party

Whether you're celebrating for a young child or an adult, birthdays are the perfect excuse to get together and have fun. Unfortunately, many birthday parties can feel like the same old event on repeat. If you want to elevate your next party, consider these three tips to make it a birthday to remember.

Start With a Showstopping Cake
party, birthday, birthday party, cupcakes, cakes, party favors, home and living, DIY,7th Birthday, McDonald's, McCelebration
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From birthday cupcakes austin tx to multi-tiered cakes, having something made by a professional baker is a great way to wow both your guests and the birthday boy or girl. In addition to offering a wide variety of flavor combinations, these companies can offer creative ideas to add to the decor while creating something unique to the event. Everyone knows that the cake is the true centerpiece of a birthday party, so make it extra special!

Plan for Quality Entertainment
7th Birthday, McDonald's, McCelebration, party, birthday, birthday party, cupcakes, cakes, party favors, home and living, DIY,
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It's fun just to get together and spend time with friends. However, kids and adults alike can get bored with mingling in a short amount of time. Make sure you have some quality entertainment planned to keep the guests occupied from start to finish. Try to think outside the box to make the event more memorable. Hire a local band or musician, rent a mini golf setup or find a local art instructor for a more interactive option.

Don't Forget the Favors
party, birthday, birthday party, cupcakes, cakes, party favors, home and living, DIY,7th Birthday, McDonald's, McCelebration
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Don't make your party favors an afterthought. For your guests, they're often the highlight of the event! There are plenty of choices to consider, from keepsakes to edible options to something just for fun. Research ideas online and be sure to incorporate them into your decorations for a cohesive look. However, make sure they're still easily accessible so your guests won't miss them on their way out.

There are plenty of ways to make birthday parties more fun for everyone. By planning thoughtfully and investing in the right areas, you can plan a party that's sure to be a blast from start to finish.
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Unboxing ASUS Zenfone 5Q

This post is a very long over-due. My phone is already two years old and it is only now I am sharing this. I am already thinking of getting a new unit. 

My previous phone is ASUS Selfie and after eyeing for a lot of brands and models, I decided have the same brand and get the Zenfone 5Q.
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,

I've been eyeing a lot of brands and models. Instead of having another brand, I decided to get the ASUS – Zenfone 5Q. 


I have an experiences with ASUS (laptop and cellphone) and is satisfiedI am not into brands or models but with specifications. As long as it meets my standards, it will more than okay.

Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,

Here are the specifications:

Design and Display
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,
It comes with a clear protective case
Zenfone 5Q is slim (1.79mm only) and lightweight to about 168 grams. The front and back panel is made of 2D-contoured glass. Absence of capacitive buttons in front makes it totally sleek and clean.

It has a 6-inch full HD screen with 80.30% screen-to-body ratio and has a blue light filter function that helps protect the eyes. The screen has 10 multi-touch points that support gloves touch.
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,

The rear fingerprint scanner placed at the back just can be used to unlock the phone in 0.3 seconds. It can recognize up to 5 fingerprints even the damp ones.
CPU and Memory
Zenfone 5Q has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Mobile Platform with 64-bit Octa-core Processor. Having a 4GB RAM makes the internal processing faster. Although it has a 64 GB ROM, only 50.92GB is usable for storage but it supports up to 2TB microSD storage.

Zenfone 5Q has an Android Nougat which can be upgraded to Oreo in the third quarter of the year.

Camera for Photos and Video Recording
Asus Zenfone 5Q is the World’s first true quad camera smartphone. With 20MP Selfie camera and a 16MP rear camera will make taking photos to a higher level. The front camera is made equipped with Sony IMX376 image sensor with an f2.0 aperture while the rear camera has an f2.2 aperture.

It’s  2nd camera, both rear and front, allows you to take wide-angle photos up to 120° which makes it perfect for selfies and group photos. It is also great for capturing scenery and landscapes.
Asus, ASUS Cellphone, cellphone review, gadget review, review, unboxing, Zenfone, Zenfone 5Q,
Front Cam
Zenfone 5Q is capable of recording 4K UHD videos using the main rear camera.

Connectivity and Wireless Technology
Zenfone 5Q has a micro-USB slot which enables you to transfer media content to your PC.

It has also WLAN 801.11 b/g/n/ac with 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.1, and WiFi Direct 

Battery, Audio, and Others
With a 3300mAh built-in battery capacity, Asus Zenfone 5Q can be used at a longer time without charging. It can stand up to 24 days 4G standby or 30 hours 3G talk time or up to 4 days music playback.

It has a loudspeaker and can play in FM mode.

Reduction Technology.
Zenfone 5Q has a triple slot for dual sim and one microSD card that is secured and can only be opened with the ASUS-provided key.

The package contains the main handset, a headset, charger and USB connectivity cable, and a Zenfone 5Q Clear Case.

I got this at a discounted price of PhP16,995 at Abenson. It comes with a JBL Clip2 Bluetooth Speaker worth PhP3,000. 

Now the price in the market drops between PhP8,000 to PhP10,000.
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April 1, 2020

Goodbye Papa

Dear Papa,

It's been a month since you left us but I know that you are happy where ever you are now. Thank you for everything.

I remember when I was a kid, I was afraid when you get mad. Hindi ka madalas magalit pero kapag nagnyari yun talagang lagot na kami.

Naalala mo nung nagwala ako dahil nabawasan ung Coke500 na binili mo sa akin? Dinala mo ako sa tindahan at binilan ng 3 bote pa at pilit na pinapaubos sa akin. Even Mama was scared because you threat her not to help me in drinking those. But you were surprised when you arrived at home from work, I asked tinapay na putok to pair with the softdrinks.

I thought that punishment will be mine but here are your apos, having their own big bottles of softdrinks too. Hahaha.

There are events during my growing up years that you are not beside me. During my circumcision, you are not the one who accompanied me in the health center but Mama. However, when I was at home, you are the one who is teaching how to properly clean down there to avoid infection and will heal faster. The old ways nga lang na nilalanggas ng dahoon ng bayabas but it works.

When I started learning to drive a bicycle, I did it by myself. I know you just wanted me to have the courage in learning and not afraid of falling and have bruises during the learning period

You taught me how to drive pero palagi mo akoing pinanapagalitan kapag namamatay ang makina. But this gives me more eagerness to learn. Kasi kapag naapainom ka at kasama ako at least I am there to drive you home.

Naalala mo noong sinama mo ako sa bukid where you were assigned to work? You taught me how to catch fish using DIY fishing rod in a nearby river. You just showed me how to get a good catch and left me there for 4 hours kasi kailangan mong tapusin mag-araro sa bukid. You were surprised when you got back because the fish net was almost filled with fishes. You are proud telling our neighbors that I was the one who caught all of the fishes.

You also taught me how to catch fishes in the ricefield while following the tractor that you are driving. Pati palaka na iuuwe natin tapos ako maglilinis at magluluto

We didn’t have any argument, na kahit galit ako sayo hindi ko magawang sagutin o ipakita sayo kasi I respect you as my father.

I remember the time I was reviewing for the finals, you are so drunk and noisy which makes me shout to let you stop. It was only recently I realized the pain you felt that time. Masakit palang malaman na ang tatay mo ay may taning na ang buhay and you cannot do anything about it. Yan din ang naramdaman ko but I need to be strong and show you na lumalaban ako.

When I graduated, I was the only one from hundreds of graduates to have a picture with a parent upon exiting the stage which is supposed to be a solo picture. Pababa na ako nung bigla kang tumabi sa akin. Wala ng nagawa ung photographer. I can see in your smile how happy you are.

Same with Det, I saw you crying when she arrived at home wearing her toga.

When I passed the board, you imemdiately went to the newspaper stand and bought one to see my name in the list of new Licensed Chemist. Nakailang balik ka nga daw kasi pinapamigay mo sa iba ung dyaryo showing my name in the list.

After our oath-taking, I showed you our photo in Manila Hotel and you told me na hindi ka makakapasok ng isang five-star hotel because of me.

Also, when Det passed the LET, you cried and told Mama na masaya ka kasi lahat ng anak mo e professional na. These proves how proud Papa you are.

Naalala mo Pa, nung  may di inaasahang nangyare kay Det? That was the time I felt a deep hug from you asking sorry to me and Mommy for what happened and I felt how hurt you are but accepted the situation. Naalala ko pa nga nung sinadag nila before her wedding, I decided not to attend but you told me “Wag mo naman ganyanin kapatid mo.”

To your surprise, I was there. But what surprised me, is when the announcer speaks: “Yung susunod na kanta ay para sa magkapatid.” Siguradong ako na yun kasi wala naman kapatid si Ron. You requested the song “The Power Of Love”. We end all crying in the middle while everyone in the crowd is crying too.

During our wedding naman, you are truly proud father for us. Natutuwa ka kasi Mommy Maye and I did all the plans as well as the expenses except of course sa pangako mo na ikaw sasagot sa handa. I saw how you supported us. Naalala ko ung barong na binili naming sayo, favorite mong sinusuot yun everytime na mag-aanak ka ng kasal.

When we transferred to our home here in Bulacan and we need some house work, ikaw ang laging anyan para tumulong. You filed leave from work for almost a month just to be here.

When Matthew came, hindi lang kami ni Mommy ang excited but you too. Gustong-gusto mong pumunta dito sa Bulacan to see your first grandson. But when you arrived, you are afraid to hold and carry him kasi baka mahigpitan mo hawak mo. During your week-long stay, you are the one making him out for the morning sunlight.

Lagi kang ready to go in our home when had no househelp. Spoiled na spoiled sa’yo si Matthew. You gave everything he asked, from 20 pesos to buy Cornetto, toys, clothes, accessories and many more. You feel guilty whenever you cannot give it to him.

You are happy and excited whenever we go home in Nueva Ecija. Pagbaba pa lang ng sasakyan, si Matthew na kaagad ang sasalubungin nyo ni Mama. Tapos iiwan na kami ni Mommy. Hahaha

Madami ang nagtataka kung maglolo nga daw ba talaga kayo kasi kulay palang ang layo na. Hahaha.

Every year, you are there to witness Matthew receive his medal during their school recognition. I am sure Pa, he will miss your presence in his next recognition.

You will be missed by your two apos especially the Lolo’s Boy Matthew. They team up to play and bully you. But I can see how happy you with the two.

One night, we had a boodle fight, you cried again because our family is complete. Your two apos started to sing “Say Something” while you are crying. Bully talaga.

Here is your apo singing the same song on your wake.

You are always happy seeing our family gather at home. Kahit simple handaan or kainan, may birthday man o wala, I can see in your eyes how grateful you are having a complete family.

This photo is taken during your 60th birthday. Tuwang tuwa ka sa surprise cake ni Matthew and Gwen.

Last year, you started to feel pain near on the left side of yo. Sabi mo masakit pero ayaw mo naman magpacheck-upI know you are scared to know what causes the pain that is why you keep on refusing whenever we say na magpacheck-up ka.

Ayaw mong ipakita na nasasaktan ka, you even asked us na pumunta tayong Monasterio de Tarlac to show us how strong you are.

Every year you and Mama went here in Bulacan to celebrate New Year. This year only the three of us, Mommy, Matt, and I spend the first day of 2020. Hindi na kayo nagpunta kasi hindi mo na kaya ang pagod sa byahe.

Last January, when we went home, I was wondering why you kept on telling stories about your childhood, about your experience and how difficult your life was. Biniro pa nga kita na di bale ngayon, iba na buhay mo.

Then I realized, na kaya pala parang one-day millionaire ka kapag nakakakuha ka ng bonuses or loans mo kasi you don’t want us to experience what you had. Gusto mong ibigay sa amin yung mga hindi mo na-experience.

On first week of February, Det asked me to go home to see you kasi andami daw nagbago sayo. There are word that you cannot mention already and keep on saying (in Ilocano), “Anya met nga panunot atuyin? Madik maibaga ti kayat ko nga ibaga?" (Ano ba naman itong isip na to, bakit hindi ko na masabi ung mga gusto kong sabihin?”)

Since birthday ni Det, she treated us for dinner. While waiting for the food to be served, you called me and Det. You asked us to fix all the documents needed for your retirement.

Before we depart for Bulacan, I approached you habang nasa duyan ka and hold your hands. I told you to get well para makalibot at magbakasyon ka sa amin sa Bulacan. You replied, “Hindi na. Hihintayin ko na lang dito sa bahay.” I don’t know what you mean for that.

I know you feel pain but you want to show us how strong you are. You don’t want Mama to worry on your condition. My tears started to come out of my eyes so I turn my back and leave. I don’t want you to see me crying but you told Det that you saw me and you don’t know why I shed tears.

Two weeks later, we went back home and I was surprised you are lying in bed and your body dropped too much. You cannot speak and wasn’t able to eat well. The moment I saw you, I wanted to cry but I keep holding myself.

When you saw Matthew smiling at you, you smiled back with small tears coming out from your eyes. Natuwa ako kasi kilala mo pa sya. Nakikipag-appear ka pa nga.

We stayed for two days at home and during that time, I wanted to spent that day with you. I even slept beside you holding your hands and removing your blackheads just what I was doing when I was a kid.

When we are preparing to go back home, I saw you looking at us and when I approached you and hold your hand, you lift it. You are telling something to me. I don’t know what it is. Are you saying that you are proud of us, or you wanted to say na wag papabayaan si Mama, or you are telling me that you are ready to go and have rest? I really don’t know.

You don’t want to sleep until I told you that I will be back in a week, you simply closed your eyes and sleep. Yun na pala ang huling beses na mkikita kita.

Yes I went back after a week pero wala ka na. “Pa, andaya mo! Hindi mo ako inantay.”, yan na lang ang nasabi ko. But knowing you na mainipin kang tao, kapag sinabi mong aalis na dapat aalis na. You don’t want to wait.

I know that you are happy where ever you are now and you will continue guide us. Just like what I  always say, you may not be the perfect father but for us you are the best.
We love you Papa. We will truly miss you.

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