April 3, 2020

Goodbye Papa

Dear Papa,

It's been a month since you left us but I know that you are happy where ever you are now. Thank you for everything.

I remember when I was a kid, I was afraid when you get mad. Hindi ka madalas magalit pero kapag nagnyari yun talagang lagot na kami.

Naalala mo nung nagwala ako dahil nabawasan ung Coke500 na binili mo sa akin? Dinala mo ako sa tindahan at binilan ng 3 bote pa at pilit na pinapaubos sa akin. Even Mama was scared because you threat her not to help me in drinking those. But you were surprised when you arrived at home from work, I asked tinapay na putok to pair with the softdrinks.

I thought that punishment will be mine but here are your apos, having their own big bottles of softdrinks too. Hahaha.

There are events during my growing up years that you are not beside me. During my circumcision, you are not the one who accompanied me in the health center but Mama. However, when I was at home, you are the one who is teaching how to properly clean down there to avoid infection and will heal faster. The old ways nga lang na nilalanggas ng dahoon ng bayabas but it works.

When I started learning to drive a bicycle, I did it by myself. I know you just wanted me to have the courage in learning and not afraid of falling and have bruises during the learning period

You taught me how to drive pero palagi mo akoing pinanapagalitan kapag namamatay ang makina. But this gives me more eagerness to learn. Kasi kapag naapainom ka at kasama ako at least I am there to drive you home.

Naalala mo noong sinama mo ako sa bukid where you were assigned to work? You taught me how to catch fish using DIY fishing rod in a nearby river. You just showed me how to get a good catch and left me there for 4 hours kasi kailangan mong tapusin mag-araro sa bukid. You were surprised when you got back because the fish net was almost filled with fishes. You are proud telling our neighbors that I was the one who caught all of the fishes.

You also taught me how to catch fishes in the ricefield while following the tractor that you are driving. Pati palaka na iuuwe natin tapos ako maglilinis at magluluto

We didn’t have any argument, na kahit galit ako sayo hindi ko magawang sagutin o ipakita sayo kasi I respect you as my father.

I remember the time I was reviewing for the finals, you are so drunk and noisy which makes me shout to let you stop. It was only recently I realized the pain you felt that time. Masakit palang malaman na ang tatay mo ay may taning na ang buhay and you cannot do anything about it. Yan din ang naramdaman ko but I need to be strong and show you na lumalaban ako.

When I graduated, I was the only one from hundreds of graduates to have a picture with a parent upon exiting the stage which is supposed to be a solo picture. Pababa na ako nung bigla kang tumabi sa akin. Wala ng nagawa ung photographer. I can see in your smile how happy you are.

Same with Det, I saw you crying when she arrived at home wearing her toga.

When I passed the board, you imemdiately went to the newspaper stand and bought one to see my name in the list of new Licensed Chemist. Nakailang balik ka nga daw kasi pinapamigay mo sa iba ung dyaryo showing my name in the list.

After our oath-taking, I showed you our photo in Manila Hotel and you told me na hindi ka makakapasok ng isang five-star hotel because of me.

Also, when Det passed the LET, you cried and told Mama na masaya ka kasi lahat ng anak mo e professional na. These proves how proud Papa you are.

Naalala mo Pa, nung  may di inaasahang nangyare kay Det? That was the time I felt a deep hug from you asking sorry to me and Mommy for what happened and I felt how hurt you are but accepted the situation. Naalala ko pa nga nung sinadag nila before her wedding, I decided not to attend but you told me “Wag mo naman ganyanin kapatid mo.”

To your surprise, I was there. But what surprised me, is when the announcer speaks: “Yung susunod na kanta ay para sa magkapatid.” Siguradong ako na yun kasi wala naman kapatid si Ron. You requested the song “The Power Of Love”. We end all crying in the middle while everyone in the crowd is crying too.

During our wedding naman, you are truly proud father for us. Natutuwa ka kasi Mommy Maye and I did all the plans as well as the expenses except of course sa pangako mo na ikaw sasagot sa handa. I saw how you supported us. Naalala ko ung barong na binili naming sayo, favorite mong sinusuot yun everytime na mag-aanak ka ng kasal.

When we transferred to our home here in Bulacan and we need some house work, ikaw ang laging anyan para tumulong. You filed leave from work for almost a month just to be here.

When Matthew came, hindi lang kami ni Mommy ang excited but you too. Gustong-gusto mong pumunta dito sa Bulacan to see your first grandson. But when you arrived, you are afraid to hold and carry him kasi baka mahigpitan mo hawak mo. During your week-long stay, you are the one making him out for the morning sunlight.

Lagi kang ready to go in our home when had no househelp. Spoiled na spoiled sa’yo si Matthew. You gave everything he asked, from 20 pesos to buy Cornetto, toys, clothes, accessories and many more. You feel guilty whenever you cannot give it to him.

You are happy and excited whenever we go home in Nueva Ecija. Pagbaba pa lang ng sasakyan, si Matthew na kaagad ang sasalubungin nyo ni Mama. Tapos iiwan na kami ni Mommy. Hahaha

Madami ang nagtataka kung maglolo nga daw ba talaga kayo kasi kulay palang ang layo na. Hahaha.

Every year, you are there to witness Matthew receive his medal during their school recognition. I am sure Pa, he will miss your presence in his next recognition.

You will be missed by your two apos especially the Lolo’s Boy Matthew. They team up to play and bully you. But I can see how happy you with the two.

One night, we had a boodle fight, you cried again because our family is complete. Your two apos started to sing “Say Something” while you are crying. Bully talaga.

Here is your apo singing the same song on your wake.

You are always happy seeing our family gather at home. Kahit simple handaan or kainan, may birthday man o wala, I can see in your eyes how grateful you are having a complete family.

This photo is taken during your 60th birthday. Tuwang tuwa ka sa surprise cake ni Matthew and Gwen.

Last year, you started to feel pain near on the left side of yo. Sabi mo masakit pero ayaw mo naman magpacheck-upI know you are scared to know what causes the pain that is why you keep on refusing whenever we say na magpacheck-up ka.

Ayaw mong ipakita na nasasaktan ka, you even asked us na pumunta tayong Monasterio de Tarlac to show us how strong you are.

Every year you and Mama went here in Bulacan to celebrate New Year. This year only the three of us, Mommy, Matt, and I spend the first day of 2020. Hindi na kayo nagpunta kasi hindi mo na kaya ang pagod sa byahe.

Last January, when we went home, I was wondering why you kept on telling stories about your childhood, about your experience and how difficult your life was. Biniro pa nga kita na di bale ngayon, iba na buhay mo.

Then I realized, na kaya pala parang one-day millionaire ka kapag nakakakuha ka ng bonuses or loans mo kasi you don’t want us to experience what you had. Gusto mong ibigay sa amin yung mga hindi mo na-experience.

On first week of February, Det asked me to go home to see you kasi andami daw nagbago sayo. There are word that you cannot mention already and keep on saying (in Ilocano), “Anya met nga panunot atuyin? Madik maibaga ti kayat ko nga ibaga?" (Ano ba naman itong isip na to, bakit hindi ko na masabi ung mga gusto kong sabihin?”)

Since birthday ni Det, she treated us for dinner. While waiting for the food to be served, you called me and Det. You asked us to fix all the documents needed for your retirement.

Before we depart for Bulacan, I approached you habang nasa duyan ka and hold your hands. I told you to get well para makalibot at magbakasyon ka sa amin sa Bulacan. You replied, “Hindi na. Hihintayin ko na lang dito sa bahay.” I don’t know what you mean for that.

I know you feel pain but you want to show us how strong you are. You don’t want Mama to worry on your condition. My tears started to come out of my eyes so I turn my back and leave. I don’t want you to see me crying but you told Det that you saw me and you don’t know why I shed tears.

Two weeks later, we went back home and I was surprised you are lying in bed and your body dropped too much. You cannot speak and wasn’t able to eat well. The moment I saw you, I wanted to cry but I keep holding myself.

When you saw Matthew smiling at you, you smiled back with small tears coming out from your eyes. Natuwa ako kasi kilala mo pa sya. Nakikipag-appear ka pa nga.

We stayed for two days at home and during that time, I wanted to spent that day with you. I even slept beside you holding your hands and removing your blackheads just what I was doing when I was a kid.

When we are preparing to go back home, I saw you looking at us and when I approached you and hold your hand, you lift it. You are telling something to me. I don’t know what it is. Are you saying that you are proud of us, or you wanted to say na wag papabayaan si Mama, or you are telling me that you are ready to go and have rest? I really don’t know.

You don’t want to sleep until I told you that I will be back in a week, you simply closed your eyes and sleep. Yun na pala ang huling beses na mkikita kita.

Yes I went back after a week pero wala ka na. “Pa, andaya mo! Hindi mo ako inantay.”, yan na lang ang nasabi ko. But knowing you na mainipin kang tao, kapag sinabi mong aalis na dapat aalis na. You don’t want to wait.

I know that you are happy where ever you are now and you will continue guide us. Just like what I  always say, you may not be the perfect father but for us you are the best.
We love you Papa. We will truly miss you.

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March 31, 2020

How to Explain an Employment Gap on Your Resume

Having a gap in employment on your resume can be intimidating when it comes time to apply for new jobs. Hiring managers generally look for candidates who show they’re dedicated and consistent, and these gaps in your work history might leave your resume overlooked. The reality is that many of us take time off work for reasons that sometimes are out of our control or that are intended to better ourselves. Maybe you took a few years off to raise your child, or you decided to go back to school to actually improve yourself to be able to earn more with your next job.

Having a gap in your work history doesn’t have to mean you give up on the application process altogether. Learning how to explain this lapse in employment is the best way to ensure you don’t get passed up on a great opportunity. Taking time off doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It gives you a new perspective, and research even suggests you’ll come back more motivated to work than before. Let’s talk about the best ways to handle different situations, and the best way to navigate this tricky area during the application process.
Image via Pexels
When You Don't Need to Mention It
First, we need to talk about some situations where you don't need to bother explaining an employment gap on your resume. There is no formal requirement to include your entire history on your resume, and if your gap in employment was decades ago, feel empowered to leave it out completely. 

If you’ve been employed since your lapse in employment, you don’t need to formally call attention to it. While you should never lie on a resume, you don’t need to discuss any gaps in employment that happened years ago or after having worked elsewhere since this time.

Formatting Your Resume
If your employment gap is recent, you should include it on your resume to avoid getting called out during the verification process. You might also need to be specific on any job applications that ask about your work history. There are some resume formatting tricks that can make these gaps less noticeable to hiring managers, especially if they’re short gaps. 

First, don’t list the months you were employed if you were at a company for several years. Instead, just list the years. For example, instead of listing “Receptionist, May 2013 - August 2015” simply put “Receptionist, 2013 - 2015.” You can also use a resume format that doesn’t draw excessive attention to the dates of employment. Avoid bolding the dates or listing them on their own.
Image via Pexels
Another option is to skip some experience from your resume. As said before, you don’t need to list every single job you’ve had before applying for this position. After being in the workforce for many years, it’s acceptable to only put the most recent and applicable experience on your resume. Your college job waiting tables doesn’t mean much to hiring managers after years of working in an office!

Finally, consider including other experiences during the gap in your history. If you spent time freelancing, volunteering, or consulting professional, these are perfectly acceptable things to include on your resume to show you were active during this time you weren’t formally employed.

Addressing the Gap
No matter how you arrange your resume, sometimes it’s better to explain these personally to hiring managers. This is especially true if you weren’t active in your field or taking a class during your time of unemployment. Being forthright, honest, and clear with future employers is always a good idea. 

The first line of defense is to use your cover letter. You don't’ need to bring the situation to the employer’s attention if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but a line about how you left to care for a family member, and you’re excited to jump into the field again can go along way. Be brief, and don’t let it overshadow your other experience. 
Image via Pexels
Finally, you might be addressed about the gap during your job interview. It’s best to practice your response in advance so you aren’t caught off guard. Be honest, but don’t feel pressured to go into detail. Sometimes life happens, and as long as you’re clear about wanting to do your best work, you shouldn’t burn any bridges. Always try to focus on the positives.

Returning to Work
It’s not impossible to return to your field after a break in your career. As long as you keep the focus on the positive things you accomplished during your gap in employment, you’ll be able to work the application in your favor. It’s always a smart idea to emphasize your commitment to this position, and how motivated you are to continue your career growth. If you’re the right fit for the job, your enthusiasm will speak for itself.
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March 28, 2020

Project 101: Urban Gardening - Homemade Insecticide

I want to make our urban garden organic as much as possible. Since I started planting veggies on it, I haven't applied any fertilizer since the soil is a mixture of ordinary soil and decomposed rice hulls.

But one problem arising now is the ants and aphids attacking the plants particularly the string beans. With this, I made some research on how to make homemade and organic insecticides to shoo away insects.
home, home and living, homemade insecticide, tips on urban gardening, urban gardening,

I made the all-in-one homemade insecticide spray. This is easy to make since all you need is to mix all the ingredients and let it stand overnight before using.
tips on urban gardening, urban gardening, homemade insecticide, home, home and living,

Here is the recipe for the all-in-one homemade insecticide spray.
All-in-One Insecticide Spray
tips on urban gardening, urban gardening, homemade insecticide, home, home and living,

1 bulb garlic, minced
1 medium-sized onion, minced
2-3 pcs chili pepper, minced
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tbsp dishwashing soap
1 tbsp vegetable oil

1. Mix all ingredients in a 1-liter capacity bottle.
2. Fill the bottle with water and shake. Let it stand overnight.
3. Strain the mixture and spray directly into leaves and other exposed surface of the plant.
4. Store any remaining mixture in a fridge and can be used up to 1 week.

Care to share your own insecticide recipe?
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March 25, 2020

How to Recycle Household Items

If your city or county offers curbside recycling, simply ask for a bin and follow their instructions. If curbside service is not available in your area, you can still save recyclable items by designating a special container in your kitchen or garage to keep them. Once the container is full, take it to the closest recycling center. Here are some of the items you can save.
 gardening, home, home and living, recycling, urban gardening, tips on urban gardening

Different types of plastics can be identified by a number on the bottom of the container. Ask your local recycling center what types of plastics they recycle, and begin saving those containers after using them. Be sure to rinse them out and replace the lids, which can also be recycled.

Most recycling centers accept aluminum cans and metal food cans. Another way to recycle metals that helps you, too is to sell them to a scrapyard. Tin, iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel can all be traded for cash. If you are curious how much money you could earn, check the current scrap metal prices PA.

Glass containers of most colors can be recycled. Separate the colors if required by your local recycling center, or leave them together for single-stream recycling facilities. Do not place items such as drinking glasses or mirrors into the bin, and do not include broken glass. Broken glass bottles may cut a worker who handles the materials, so they must be discarded in the trash instead.

Most types of paper can be recycled. Examples of paper that cannot be used again are paper towels, tissues, sticky notes, and wallpaper. Brown paper bags should be included with cardboard. Another option for paper is to put it in a compost bin to decompose naturally.

By recycling the above items, your family can do its part to help keep trash out of the ocean and landfills.
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March 24, 2020

Here Are Some Helpful Ways to Drop Those Unwanted Pounds

Stubborn belly fat or extra weight in other areas of the body can result in health problems and make it difficult to find that perfect fit at the clothing store. Fortunately, tips like those outlined below can be a big help to anyone's goal of losing extra pounds.

Nature Is Your Friend
Though there have been fads and trends that failed to live up to the hype, some nutritional supplements and additives have proven effective at boosting metabolism and burning fat. Peptides and other promising products are available on the market today while dietary experts including Ryan Smith Lexington KY provide professional clarification.

Nutrition Is the Key
Many dieters know the importance of cutting calories. Beyond that basic step, though, it is also critical to make sure those calories come primarily from nutritional sources like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Exercise Is an Added Boost
While it is possible to lose weight based entirely on reduced caloric intake, maintaining an active lifestyle will help immensely. Start off slow with a daily walk or a decision to skip the elevator and take the stairs.

Finding the right balance is critical for anyone hoping to get in shape. Remember the preceding points for assistance in this regard and find a plan you can maintain.

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March 23, 2020

Project 101: Urban Gardening Update

Now that we are under the Enhanced Community Quarantine because of COVID-19, we are advised to stay at home. Pero nakakainip din ng nasa bahay lang the whole day.

Why not try urban gardening to make the day a bit productive. I made a post several weeks ago on how to start your own garden at home.

Here is short update on my own garden on roof top.

It looks messy but the plants are growing healthy. By the way, I haven't applied any fertilizer not pesticides.

The string beans started to bloom. 
gardening, home, home and living, recycling, tips on urban gardening, urban gardening,

And in week or two, I will be harvesting bunch of it. 
gardening, home, home and living, recycling, tips on urban gardening, urban gardening,

The tomatoes have already their fruits. Ang sipag mamulaklak and soon I will be getting a basket of it.
gardening, home, home and living, recycling, tips on urban gardening, urban gardening,

By the way, I already havested 2 pieces of eggplants. 
gardening, home, home and living, recycling, tips on urban gardening, urban gardening,

Perfect for tortang talong. Recipe will be soon posted on Home Cooked Meals.

I will keep on updating my Urban Gardening.
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March 21, 2020

Parts Of A Military Uniform

military, military uniform, parts of military uniform, army clothes,
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What a soldier wears for a uniform makes them distinctive from a civilian. Each branch of the armed services has a different style of clothing yet the same components. These are the parts of their wardrobe.

On the dress uniform, a soldier would display their military decorations san antonio tx.on their chest. They are also required to wear a dress shirt, undershirt, and tie. When they are on active duty, they wear a T-shirt in the summer and long sleeved shirt in the colder months. Both are covered by a jacket.

Apparel worn on the legs while in the field are referred to as trousers and are puffed out above the footwear the soldier is wearing. They are the same tint as whatever they are wearing on top. If they are wearing their dress uniform, men’s trousers are well ironed with the correct pleats. Women can opt for a knee long skirt as well as the same type of pants that her male counterparts are wearing.

Boots are always worn in combat with the pants tucked inside them. When there is a physical training exercise, troops are allowed to wear tennis shoes. While in their dress uniform. Both make and female soldiers must wear dress shoes.

Head Protection
Every member of the military wears some form of headgear. They can vary from a baseball cap to a helmet. The commander of that particular division determines what their soldiers will wear while they serve. These accessories can protect the person from the sun if they are outside most of the day or can keep them safe while they are in battle, especially if they take a hit near the head. Any other additional equipment is decided by the head of the unit and usually has to do with whatever task the group is doing at the time. 
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March 19, 2020

3 Keys To Making the Most out of Your Next Move

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Moving is among life’s most stressful events, yet it’s something Americans continue to do. In fact, changing residences is such a common practice that it typically occurs more than 11 times during a citizen’s life. That’s a lot of packing and unpacking, which is perhaps why 85 percent of movers opt for new abodes in the same city or state. Staying in a familiar region eliminates or reduces much of the stress, from temporary considerations like logistics to long-term issues like lifestyle changes. Those brave souls who embark on long-distance relocations don’t have it so easy, however. They must deal with an entirely different set of problems, from finding new friends to learning local culture. If you find yourself settling in a strange place, here are three tips to help you move from anxiety to excitement.

Meet the Neighbors
Even when moving with family or a partner, you’re going to need a new social circle. Making friends is a process, however, so start with one neighbor. He or she can introduce you to others, and before long, you’ll have a new group to call your own.

Locate Vital Services
Your new friends will be a great source of knowledge about the best – and worst – services in your new community, like restaurants, schools, churches and medical providers. Individuals also will find valuable information online, where review sites offer ratings and recommendations on everything from dry cleaners to dance studios. Many even include a message board feature where you can inquire about personally relevant topics like where to wash my car in bel air md or your new location.

Embrace the Culture
Whether you’re moving to a new country or just an unfamiliar part of America, there are brand new experiences to enjoy. It may not be the flavors, sounds or style you are used to, but open yourself up to trying something different. It will help you fit into your new surroundings, and you’ll be surprised how often you find something you love.

Moving is never easy. It can be a smoother experience, however, when adhering to these tips
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March 17, 2020

What You Should Know About Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The entire Luzon Island is already under the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Unfortunately, we are just received a memo from our HR that we are still required to report to our work:

"Pursuant to Proclamation Nos. 929 and 922,  Bounty Fresh is a food production (manufacturing) company which is a critical value chain of food preparation and distribution entities which are included among the exemptions in the enhanced community quarantine. "

By the way I got the article below from Mommy's Site and I would like to share this for the awareness of everyone:

Like any other parents, I am too worried about how rapidly coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading. In fact, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic on Wednesday as it spreads in more than 100 countries around the world, which includes Philippines.

President Rodrigo Duterte puts Metro Manila under 30-day ‘community quarantine’. This prohibits traveling to and from the national capital until April 14 and banning “planned or spontaneous” mass gatherings. Also, the suspension of classes in the metropolis (and in near by province like Bulacan) is extended until April 12. This is after the Department of Health confirmed 52 cases and five deaths from the pneumonia-like disease COVID-19.

Sounds really scary but getting the right information can save lives. Here are what you should know about coronavirus disease (source: www.unicef.org);

 Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

 Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

 Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

 Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

 Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

Coronavirus disease, health, COVID-19,

Like what I have said, spreading awareness on coronavirus disease can save lives. Proper hand washing, having good hygiene, and boosting our immune system can keep us safe from the disease. Also, in times like this we should stay calm, don't worry and trust God. He is always in control.

Trust God

Stay safe everyone!

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March 12, 2020

Simple Tips on Car Aircon Maintenance

Kia Picanto, car aircon, tips on aircon maintenance, car, auto tips
On our way to work last monday, Scarlet's air conditioning system started to malfunction so with its radiator making its engine overheat.

Good thing I was able to detect and refill the reservoir with water before it runs out.

Upon checking with a car aircon, it was found that the pressure in the compressor drops as well the freon leaked. There are no leaks found on the tubings inside the hood and I was advised to check for the evaporator.
Kia Picanto, car aircon, tips on aircon maintenance, car, auto tips

Checking the evaporator will require removing of the dash board and needs leave the car in the service center for few days. This will be using 
comparison of car lifts, like the one in Best Buy Auto Equipment to completely check all the tubing system.

I opted not to do this for a while. I will bring Scarlet to other specialist for a second opinion.

For the meantime, here are some tips in taking care of car air condition system:

Keep the AC running
Some used to turn off the AC system during cold weather. Aircon does not only provide cool air but it can also help remove moisture in from the car interior. This also helps prevent the formation of fog on the windshield.

Keeping the AC runs even on cold weather maintains the gas pressure and helps the compressor function properly.

Use the air conditioning (AC) system properly
Before running the AC system, let the engine heat up, turn the aircon on the highest level then open the window to let the heat exit. After a few minutes, close the windows and lower the aircon level.

Regularly clean the air filter
The air filter case is usually located at the back of the glove box. Remove the filter and clean it to remove debris and dust. This can be clean with soap and water and let it completely dry before placing it back to the case. 

According to some aircon specialist, the air filter can be replaced with a new one every 6 months.

Do periodical maintenance
It is recommended to have a regular tune-up of the airconditioning system. Evaporators, compressor, and condenser are the major components that are being checked during preventive maintenance.

Normally, every 2 years, the system needs to checked to prevent grime build-up. 

But beside all of the tips mentioned, it is good for a car owner to be observant of the air conditioning system. This will help reduce costly repairs and severe damage.

Do you have any tips to share on car air conditioning system maintenance?
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March 3, 2020

Urban Gardening: Simple Tips on How to Start

Living in an urban or suburban areas provides only a limited space that seems to be impossible to have vegetation at our own home. This is not a hindrance if you wanted to have your own garden at home.

But before starting your own garden at home, I would like to share some basic things to consider.

Begin with small ones
 gardening, home, home and living, recycling, urban gardening, tips on urban gardening
Start with easy-to-grow veggies like basil, pechay, mustasa, chili or bell pepper. Once you mastered growing simple plants, you can now grow tomatoes, spring onions, amplaya, sitaw, eggplant and ecen watermelons.

Think of R-R-R
Using the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle principle does not only help saving Mother Nature.
 gardening, home, home and living, recycling, urban gardening, tips on urban gardening

Urban gardening does not reqire to use earthen pots, recycling PET bottles, buckets and worn tires are already perfect as long as it can hold enough soil to grow plants.

Do composting
Rubbish does not always go to garbage bins. You can use this to create your own nutrient-dense soil which supports the growth of plants.

These watermelons actually came from the seeds that I put here to decompose.
 gardening, home, home and living, recycling, urban gardening, tips on urban gardening

Adding rice hulls, saw dust, dried leaves, or cow dung (if available) can enhance the quality of the soil.

Cover your soil
 gardening, home, home and living, recycling, urban gardening, tips on urban gardening
Soil covered with richulls
Adding a layer of rice hull or saw dust on soil helps reduce evaporation of water. This also serves food for good micro-organism in the soil and protection from direct sunlight.

Enjoy planting!
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February 29, 2020

How To Organize The Perfect Health Insurance Coverage Plan – Budget-Friendly Options

Four Primary Steps
When it comes to choosing the best possible healthcare package for you or your family, there are a few different schools of thought. Generally, doing the job right will be a four step process. You need to chose your healthcare marketplace, explore the plans inside that marketplace, explore how large covered networks are, and determine out-of-pocket costs.
Between these variables you can find which solution best fits your needs. Some will be more expensive on the front end, but provide you more coverage in out-of-network areas. Some will be less expensive on the front end, but come with limited options. For example, you may not get a choice of your primary care physician.
This was the case with the ACA. Many patients were outraged that the bureaucratic realities of the Affordable Care Act impacted the doctor they could work with. Even though ACA represented itself as an affordable alternative, many saw premiums increase, and many were forced to change doctors—not all, but many. Baring that, taxation was required.
This is surely intolerable. The average cost of health coverage in America presently is $574 per individual, and over $1,500 for families. Now some packages will include things like dental coverage, many won’t—not unless you pay extra. So $574 a month often isn’t even representative of your total needs.
Serious Expenses
When car insurance is $100 a month and healthcare is $574 a month, on top of rent averaging $800, if you’re single, you’re looking at $1,474 a month before you buy food, water, or other necessary items to live on a regular basis. If you’re making $2k a month, you would be lucky to save anything. Even if you were making $3k a month, things are hard.

So what are your needs, and what is the healthcare market that best represents you? Well, there are a few options you might want to consider. For example, if you’re single, you probably shouldn’t be paying $574 a month. Every year, that’s $6,888—just at the average level; you could pay more, though you might pay less.
In contrast, a trip to Urgent Care is going to cost you about $100. If you went once a month for a year, that’s $1,200. But you’re not really compelled to pay at that rate. Basically, if you spend less than $6,888 a year in testing, experts, and referral as provided by options like Urgent Care, you might as well not even get a healthcare option.
The cheapest thing you can do is eat food that is healthy and exercise regularly. The vast majority of medical conditions develop owing to lifestyle. Death by despair constitutes alcoholism and drug use. Obesity is another big killer, as is smoking. Just being sedentary can severely reduce your lifespan.
Considerations In Healthcare Cost Reduction
First, consider your lifestyle. If you regularly eat poorly, and you seldom exercise, it’s key that you change these habits for the better. When you keep physically active and carefully control your food intake, your body will naturally remain healthy longer. If you don’t have pre-existing conditions, you can coast for decades off healthy living and the occasional Urgent Care visit.

From adolescence until your late sixties, you’re in a prime window for health wherein the majority of your needs will be minor, unless you’re injured, have a congenital illness, or acquire some sickness incidentally. So if you take care of yourself, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare.
However, even if you’re healthy, having a family changes things considerably. Children can get injured, breaking bones. They can catch illnesses that are life-threatening. Your spouse may contract something like cancer. Though some lifestyle choices contribute to such ailments, sometimes they seem to come out of the blue.
Families must have some sort of healthcare solution, and it may be best not to go with traditional options like the ACA, or an HMO through a well-known insurance provider. You might want to look into other healthcare markets, like the healthcare sharing trend that’s been going around for a few years.
Exploring “Shared” Healthcare Markets
Essentially, in a healthcare market where costs are shared, those under a “plan” pay into a pool which is used to cover the needs of the infirm when they develop. Plans like Medi-Share start out as low as $199 a month--$375 cheaper than the national average. That’s a savings of $4,500 a year. You could buy a used car for that.

Cheap networks do exist, but they’re going to have higher out-of-pocket costs for specialists or provisions outside your network. Additionally, their networks will be smaller. You might have a physician chosen for you who refers you to specialists outside your network owing to specific conditions. That’s just how it works sometimes.
The long and short of it is, health coverage is expensive no matter how you slice it. However, there are ways you can reduce costs, and you can explore healthcare markets for health insurance that will allow you to make the most affordable choice from the available data.
An Informed Choice
Determine if you’re single, or buying healthcare options for a family. Determine whether you’re willing to go with a healthcare market like that under the ACA, that outside the ACA, or that where those under the plan share costs such as in Medi-Share. Decide whether or not you’d rather just avoid a health plan altogether and pay at Urgent Care when needs arise.

You can save money, but it will require a bit of strategy. If you’re clever, you can be fully covered as an individual for under $2,400 a year. Also, don’t neglect coverage options through employers or government agencies. You can definitely reduce what you pay for healthcare. Seek advice, and know all your options to maintain savings.
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