September 30, 2019

Germany Offers Novel Options For Treatment Of Colon Cancer

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German hospitals permanently take part in clinical trials aimed at prolonging life of patients with advanced colon cancer and increasing cure rates in patients with resectable tumors. Large clinical trials are evaluating combinations of currently available therapies, like treatment of colon cancer with chemotherapy added to immunotherapy or targeted therapy.

German hospitals permanently take part in clinical trials aimed at prolonging life of patients with advanced colon cancer and increasing cure rates in patients with resectable tumors. Large clinical trials are evaluating combinations of currently available therapies, like treatment of colon cancer with chemotherapy added to immunotherapy or targeted therapy. Smaller studies are evaluating new agents and techniques. At the present time preference is given to sparing and localized procedures along with medicamentous support.

Endoscopic surgical procedures
Endoscopic interventions serve for both diagnosis making and treatment performing. Their effectiveness is maximal at the early stages of colon cancer. Endoscopic procedures are more advantageous comparing to the conventional ones due to lower surgical risks.

1. Snare polypectomy is removing of the malignant or suspicious polyps with the help of wire loop. It is used in patients with pedunculated and sessile lesions of 0.5-2.0 centimeters in the diameter. According to the data of National Polyp Study, polypectomy can serve as the prophylactic measure as well.

2. Endoscopic mucosal resection is used for removing lesions of mucosa or submucosa that are not likely to affect nearby lymphatic nodes. Basically, endoscopic mucosal resection combines polypectomy with submucosal fluid injection and local mucosa removing.

3. Endoscopic submucosal dissection is used for the en-bloc resection of large intestinal lesions. These include areas of high-grade dysplasia or early cancer. The technique is applied in patients without deep submucosal invasion of the process.

Sparing and localized radiation therapy
Radiation therapy is applied in a number of treatment schemes: before or after the surgery, along with chemotherapy, as a symptomatic treatment in advanced cancer. In Germany, sparing techniques are applied for reducing irradiation of healthy tissues.
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1. Radioembolization is introducing coated with radioactive substances emboli in the tumor vessels. In addition to the irradiation of the neoplasm, embolization reduces the blood flow, so tumor receives less oxygen and nutrients.

2. Endocavitary radiotherapy is placing of the radioactive source inside the intestine for the certain time period. Usual treatment course includes up to 4 procedures, with about 2 weeks interval between them. Positioning of the radioactive source is performed under the US control.

3. Interstitial brachytherapy is mainly applied in rectal cancer. In this case irradiation is delivered by few tiny sources, the co-called “seeds”. Seeds are implanted near the tumor. Due to the short path of radiation in the tissues, its maximal dosage is concentrated exactly at the tumor.

Pharmacotherapy with chemotherapeutic and targeted agents
Chemotherapy kills cancer cells of the primary tumor and distant metastases. Treatment of colon cancer with chemotherapy in Germany is performed in the adjuvant and neoadjuvant modes. The most efficient medications are capecitabine (Xeloda), 5-fluorouracil, oxaliplatin (Eloxatin), irinotecan (Camptosar), and combination drug containing trifluridine and tipiracil (Lonsurf).
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Targeted therapy is mainly used in patients with stage IV metastatic cancer and bad response to the chemotherapy. Targeted therapy may supplement chemotherapeutic drugs or serve as the monotherapy. Schemes with panitumumab (Vectibix), cetuximab (Erbitux), and bevacizumab (Avastin) may be considered.

Immunotherapy is also mainly aimed for patients with unresectable and metastatic tumors. It may be performed as the single-agent treatment with pembrolizumab (Keytruda) or nivolumab (Opdivo). Immunotherapy can also be used in the subsequent lines of therapy in biomarker-positive patients.

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September 21, 2019

Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas You Have to Try

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Birthday parties are important rites of passage for children. They help them feel loved, accepted, and special. But for adults, these events tend to not get as much recognition. We seem to phase out of having birthday parties into our late teens or early twenties, but research suggests this isn’t a good thing. Rituals are shown to positively affect a person’s mental and physical health, no matter how old they are. Birthday celebrations are some of the most desired. The question is, how do you throw your favorite grown up a birthday party? Dinner and drinks seem a little mundane, and clowns and balloons feel a little immature. So, what kind of party should you throw? Here are just a few of the best ideas.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great activities to get everyone out and about while enjoying each other’s company, and there are several ways to do this. One is a citywide scavenger hunt. To do this, begin by making a list of items guests can find and where they’re located. You won’t usually tell them where they’re located, but you should keep the information in case you need to give hints. Assign each item a certain number of points. You can give them each one point to make it simple, or you can assign higher points to the ones that are harder to find. Next, you’ll divide the party group into teams. You can have as many teams as you want, but the winning team should get a prize. They can photograph the found items and text them to you as they find them. That way, you will know who got them first in case of a tie.

Decade party

A party that pays tribute to a particular decade can be a lot of fun for someone who grew up in it. Seventies and eighties parties are the most popular since there were so many significant fashion and pop culture fads in each one. Seventies parties can include disco balls and wild floral decals for decoration. You can also serve fondue and vintage drinks for snacks. Most importantly, though, don’t forget to ask everyone to wear their favorite seventies attire. They might wear bell bottoms and headbands, or sundresses and bare feet. 

Eighties parties usually include plenty of video games and geometric prints. Of course, you’ll need to tell people to dress the part, too, with big hair, leg warmers, and risky business sunglasses. No matter what decade you decide to celebrate, be sure to capture the moments. A photo booth rental Long Island is the perfect way to catch your friends and family in their retro best. You can add fun props and backgrounds to make the photos unique. Be sure to give everyone a hashtag so they can be easily shared on social media.

Dinner party

Even though having a simple dinner can be pretty boring and overdone for a birthday, a lavish dinner party at your house has a classier twist. That is, of course, if it’s something you don’t do too often. For an elegant dinner party, you can serve fancy hors d'oeuvres and signature martinis while everyone mingles. Then, you can serve a meal you either cooked yourself or hire caterers. Obviously, these types of parties are centered around the food, so just make sure your menu is something out of the ordinary. The second element to a dinner party is attire. To make the event special, make it a black tie event and go all out on the decor. You can play fine music in the background and possibly even designate an area to dance.

Birthday parties can get a bit typical, especially when they are meant for adults. The next time you throw a festive gathering, take it upon yourself to spice things up. Whether you plan a physical activity of some sorts or add a twist to a traditional party format, your guests are sure to enjoy your creative approach!
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September 9, 2019

How to Boost Your Studying Potential with Nootropics

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For a lot of people, studying can be difficult. It requires conentration, brainpower, and alertness. Read more about other tips about studying in this link here. Most of them study for an hour and drop the activity because they can feel tired or sleepy. After all, it is hard to remember all the things that you have learned, and it is harder to motivate yourself.

For people who want to improve their brainpower, the good news is that there are nootropics that can help them. Nootropics or most commonly known as “smart drugs” help students increase their attention, memory, and focus.

Nootropics or noots serve as food for the brain. It can be natural or in the form of over the counter supplements that you can buy at your local drug store. These capsules are commonly made up of phytochemicals, antioxidants, lipids, and vitamins that will quickly improve your cognitive functions.
So, if you are looking for a way on how to study tons of books in a short period, then noots can be an option for you.

Boost your Studying with these Nootropics

Creatine is known to improve some functions of the brain because it boosts the body’s adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP serves as the cells’ energy and it is needed when you are trying to do complicated tasks. A boost of the ATP with the help of creatine means that you can increase your dopamine levels and your brain will function at its best.

Creatine is often found in meats. Meat lovers can rejoice because studies show that they can improve their studying potential by 50% and have higher scores in intelligence test because of a surge of creatine. Read more about creatine in this link here:

Other individuals who use supplements with creatine can significantly improve their recall ability and memory. Note that creatine is also used by bodybuilders to improve their muscles while doing gym exercise. So, if you want to be fit while improving your cognitive function, then this might be the best nootropic for you.

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This drug was first made by scientist to develop astronauts’ resilience in space. As there’s no gravity in space, more cosmonauts need to boost their energy and brainpower while doing complicated tasks in an oxygen-deprived environment.

Nowadays, phenylpiracetam is considered a part of the racetam family of nootropics. More and more people see the wide range of benefits that it offers. It relieves stress, and it is known to prevent depression. This also serves as a tonic to the central nervous system because it reduces anxieties by optimizing the neural flow of information.

Most students find out that they can improve their memories better when using this nootropic. They can immediately access stored information which can significantly improve their scores. The focus and attention that this drug provides are unrivaled. One cosmonaut said that his body and brain are working well with each other when he takes this noot.

This is a popular drug that reduces sleepiness and was used to cure sleep apnea. Most students find that they are more wakeful then taking modafinil. Most employees who want to have a good sleep routine use this nootropic so that they can be more wakeful during their work shifts.

Most people see an increase in productivity when they feel wakeful in times that they need to work. Most students who are studying for exams that are worthy of admission in Silicon Valley companies use this to increase their focus.

To get the most benefit out of this nootropic, you may need to consult a medical practitioner first. The effect of modafinil depends on your lifestyle if you are taking other kinds of drugs for other illnesses, and a lot of other factors. Take this nootropic as prescribed and you’ll be fine.

Many say that noopept is the drug of choice for many biohackers and this statement has some truth to it. Check more about noopepts in sites such as nootropics professor. Many people who want to enhance their brain function use this to enhance their sights and increase awareness. Some people said that reds become redder and greens become greener. Their conversations with their friends become more pronounced and they can hear sounds better. Their sense of touch also heightened as well.

When it comes to studying, noopepts are said to offer a subtle hint of creativity. Most people who use this for a few days report that their senses were enhanced to a higher degree. The process of noopept involves sensitizing the acetylcholine which in turn, improves the brain’s neurons. It also increases neurotrophin production which prevents Alzheimer’s disease in the long run.

Noopept is part of the racetam family that is manufactured in laboratories. You can get it in capsule form or powdered form. When you choose the powdered one, you can stack it with another natural nootropic which is black tea. This will keep you awake while making your focus clearer while you are studying pages of scientific discoveries.

This is a naturally occurring choline compound that can be found in the brain. Some studies show that alpha-GP is used to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Participants who experienced a recent stroke were given doses of alpha-GPC three times a day for five months. The results were patients have experienced rapid cognitive recovery than those who were not given any alpha-GPC dose.

One of the brain’s chemical called acetylcholine increases when users take alpha-GPC. Read more about acetylcholine in this site here. Acetylcholine is a useful brain chemical that improves learning. Most students find that they increase their thinking skills and learn better when they use a good dose of this nootropic.

The effectiveness of this noot depends on several factors such as the user’s health, age, other medicines that he is taking, and others. For the appropriate range of alpha-GPC, it is better to consult a healthcare professional. There are specific directions that you need to follow when it comes to nootropics especially when you are using stacks. 

A Final Word
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Aside from those mentioned above, there are other nootropics out there that can help you with your studying. All the mentioned nootropics were known to improve learning abilities and cognitive function. As a student, it is better to consult first with a doctor before taking any smart drugs. If you are using them in the right way, expect that you can score better when it comes to tests and you will be able to memorize a lot in a short period.
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