April 30, 2019

Fox Apparel Buying Guide

Motocross can be as hard on your body as it is on your bike. Thankfully, Fox has designed a line of motorcycle apparel that not only keeps you safe but makes you look great at the same time. Here’s a look at some of their top selections to help you stay stylish and secure when you hit the trail.

Upper Body
When it comes to keeping dry and cool, you need a jacket that’s going to ride as hard as you do. The Fox Legion Downpour is made specifically to do just that, with a breathable stretch membrane that keeps water out while letting fresh air in. 
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For when you’re off the trails and still want to look good, they also offer a great line of motocross t-shirts and muscle shirts, too. Breathable cotton means it’s just as nice in the sun or under a jacket.

Looking good should take a backseat to safety, but Fox knows you can have both. The Raptor vest is an excellent option, featuring much more coverage than other vests and removable panels to fit your needs.
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No matter what other gear you throw on, don’t forget headgear. The V2 MURC Helmet is a perfect choice, with superb styling and excellent airflow all in a fiberglass shell.

The only way to ensure a firm grip when tearing up the track is a good pair of gloves. The Fox line of Bomber Motorcycle Gloves gives that to you even with excellent knuckle and palm protection.

Don’t forget to keep the mud out of your eyes with Fox VUE Royl Goggles. Designed with professional motocross in mind, they’ve got full coverage and moisture-wicking padding that lets you keep your eyes on the prize.

Fox is one of those unique brands that can offer cheap motorcycle clothing and accessories that still present the kind of quality you need in your gear. Check out their full line of apparel today.
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April 15, 2019

Urban Gardening

Living in an urban or suburban area will give you a limitation in gardening. But since gardening is one of my hobbies, this will not stop me from growing plants at home. I tried growing dragon fruits in pots and even asked Papa to make a small plant box in front of our home.

Yesterday, after attending the Palm Sunday Mass, Mommy and I went to buy some stuff to start gardening again. She wanted to start growing succulents and I wanted to grow herbs and veggies. I even plan to make a small garden on our roof top and grow veggies like sitaw, talong, sili, and even lettuce.

I bought some plastic pots that can be hung, filled with garden soil and planted some seeds. But you can also try recycling PET bottles for your urban gardening.

I planted tomatoes, lettuce, and spring onions.

If you wanted to do the same, there are many seeds sold in the market but you can also have your own by saving the seeds from the vegetables you used at home like tomatoes, bell pepper, and even squash and cucumber.

Also, Mommy had her first succulent. She will bring small pots and will ask my Tita to have some of her collections in Nueva Ecija this vacation.

I will make an update on this post.

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