December 28, 2011

Kitchen Adventures: Experimental Siomai

Originated in China, siomai or pork dumplings is a traditional Chinese dish served in dim sum.  It is spelled differently but pronounced almost similar in different Asian countries like China – shaomai, Japan – shuumai, Indonesia – siomay, Philippines – siomai.
The main ingredient in this appetizing food is ground pork, beef, fish or even crab meat added with extenders like peas or carrots then wrapped in wanton wrapper. It is either steamed or fried to crispy texture and best served with toyo-mansi (calamansi-soy sauce misture). Others add spicy oil and roasted garlic for more flavor.
I made several recipes in making siomai using different main ingredients like ground pork, minced fish. I haven’t tried using crab meat since it is a bit expensive but I already tried canned sardines with squash.

Yes, sardinas at kalabasa (as extender)! It tastes similar to normal siomai but differs in color (yellowish). I made minimal mistake this resulting to slightly salty. To counteract, I just recommend to use calamansi without adding soy sauce as dip.

mixture with grated kalabasa

the act of grating

before steaming
steamed sardines and kalabasa siomai

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December 27, 2011

December 25, 2011

After series of preparation and cooking for Simple Noche Buena (leche flan, barbecue, mango cheesecake, ham, spaghetti, and macaroni salad – last two dishes made by Mommy), its Christmas Day!
preparing homemade powder sugar

simple noche buena

Before eating, we watched the short fireworks prepared by one of our neighbors. Matt is very afraid of the bombing sounds, saying “putok, booowm!” holding her mom as tight as he could.
This year we celebrate Christmas with our Nanay Maria (grandmother-father side), Mama and Matt’s tita Fe.
L-R: nanay (a bit shy of cam), tita fe, and mama

We woke up around 7 am. Take breakfast from the food prepared for Noche Buena, take a bath and supposed to be went to Barosoain Church in Malolos. 

picture first before "send-off"

nanay and mama

We didn’t make to the church because we stucked up almost 2 hours in traffic on our way to bus terminal (Nanay needs to go back to Nueva Ecija). 
traffic - opportunity to take photos

matt kulit
We then proceed to SM Marilao to buy toys for Matt as gift promised by his Papa and Mama. Instead of buying educational/computer toy for Matt, which is not yet suitable for his age, we resulted into Junior Mickey Mouse (where he immediately hold and embrace while riding on his stroller saying “Mik-keeeey”) and Easel Learning Board.  

picture first

easel learning board
Mama planned to treat us for lunch but we refuses because what we are going to eat are the same as what we had in Noche Buena. We bought 2 boxes of pizza instead and eat it while on our way home.
Tiring but fulfilling day.

Happy Birthday Jesus! -Daddy, Mommy and Matthew Andrei
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December 21, 2011

Crocs Philippines Trivia Promo

I saw Crocs Philippines Promo in Facebook last week. The winner will be receiving a limited edition stationery set. They will be giving away  twenty eight (28) units of the said item as Christmas Give-away.

I followed their fan page and waited on how the contest runs. On the first day, I was not allowed to join since the trivia questions were applicable only to a particular region. When the trivia question is for Central Luzon residents, I immediately searched for the answer on their trivia question.

When I was about to post my answer, I became hesitant since there is only one entry that time and winners should be from the 13th, 23rd, and 33rd respondents giving the correct answer. So I checked the previous trivia questions first if I will still have a chance to win even I am not the respondent number they are looking for. Yes, I will still have the chance to win even I’m 2nd to post my answer.
Announcement of winners: There is only one respondent who got the correct answer (13th person). They also announced that they are going to raffle the other two prices for all the respondents. This gets me excited. Taaadaaa! I was one of the lucky winners after raffling the two other prices.

Price will be claimed at Marquee Mall, Angeles Pampanga.
This is my first to win in online promos.
(photos courtesy of Crocs Philippines Fan Page )


Yesterday, December 23, 2011 I went to Marquee Mall to claim my prize. (forgot to take pictures of Crocs Marquee Mall stall)

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December 13, 2011

13th Month Pay

One of the most awaited by every employee especially this holiday seasons is their 13th MONTH PAY… Most of us used this in buying new clothes for our kids, gifts for officemates, and most of all, aguinaldos for inaanaks… Last week we received our 13th month pay (hoping for a 14th month pay hehehe).
Together with my wife and our son, we went first to church then proceed to SM Marilao to buy gifts for our monitos. Another agenda of going to mall is to buy Mickey Mouse  stuffed toy for Matt which is offered at 60% off the regular price but we resulted in buying the Cuddly Pillows sold at Department Store.

As gift for ourselves (me and my wife) we bought each a pair of shoes (from MFG).

Her mom bought Matt a ride-on toy as her Christmas Gift.

Finally, as a treat to our son, we dined-in at his favorite fast food where he finally personally meet a real-life Jollibee mascot which he referred to as “Jaybi”.

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Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner. It is only 13 days to go. Christmas party is one of the traditional ways to celebrate this holiday season. On December 10, we held our party. Highlights of the event were Miss Produ 2011, announcement of parol-making contest (made of recycled materials), games and raffles, and most of all food and drinks.
Parol-Making Contest - I was happy enough, because one of the major prizes goes to our group. Yes, we won the contest! Parols were judged based on uniqueness, creativity and durability. Visit Momayes Diary for the other entries.  
the winning entry
2nd place
2 entries tied @ 3rd place
Games and raffles I won one of the minor prizes, consists of grocery items in the raffle. Good to know also that 6 out of 10 in our department won other minor prizes. I, together with one of my colleagues join the most influential game in television – “PINOY HENYO”.  We lost for  I wasn’t able to guess the word.
dancing with tomato
Miss Produ 2011 This is the first time to held this type of contest in my 9 years of celebrating Christmas Party in our company. Contestants were not ladies but gentlemen (hahaha). Unfortunately our group doesn’t have a representative. I was chosen to be one of the judges and have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A portion.

miss produ 2011 introduction
miss produ 2011 talents (contestant 2, i can't get a clear shot)
miss produ 2011 waiting for the announcement of winners
first runner-up and miss produ 2011 winners
Food and Drinks The foods were Chicken Cordon Bleu, Roast Beef with Gravy, Seafood Roll, Chopseuy Macao, Pork Morcon and Leche Flan as dessert.

just checking if foods are ready (takaw!)
We are also fortunate to entertain by kids from Children of Joy Foundation (orphanage) through their caroling and dance number. They have been entertaining us every year since 2009. 
children of joy foundation
 Miscellaneous Photos
the stage

the early birds
pictures first while waiting
qa feeds group (not complete though)

the feeds groups
 We must remember that this season, we are not celebrating for fun but we do this in the essence of our JESUS CHRIST'S birth.
Our team, QA Laboratory Department also held our annual Christmas Party. Simple yet fun. (Visit Momayes Diary for details)

Our parol was purchased by one of our workmates and will be submitted by her son in their school.
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December 9, 2011

Comprehensive Management Training

Four months ago, Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. started its Comprehensive Poultry Management Training Program, a classroom-based management training for the future employees.
“Students” came from different universities like Central Luzon State University (CLSU), Central Mindanao University (CMU), and University of the Philippines-Los BaƱos (UPLB) having degrees like Agricultural Engineering, BS Agriculture (Soils and Animal Science Majors), and Doctor of Veterinary Science and Medicine. Furthermore, they are not just degree holder but all of them either graduated cum laude or topped the board exams in their respective fields (which is one of the qualifications in order to be part of the management training)
Last week (November 28-December 2) is our division’s (Feed Milling) schedule in giving "lectures" to the “students” about how our system works. Luckily, I was assigned as one of the lecturers.
On the first day, Sir Johan Susana gave an introduction about feed milling during the first hour of morning session and continued about receiving of raw materials. In afternoon, Sir Richard Rapisura talked about the different processes of feeds production.  

sir richard

On the 2nd day, Sir Johan discussed about dispatching or delivery of finished goods during the first two hours while Doc Joyce Cruz lectures on basic animal nutrition until afternoon session. 
sir johan

doc joyce
On the 3rd day, it was my turn to speak regarding Feeds Quality Assurance. The discussion runs about 2 hours while the remaining time allotted to me was used for the demonstration of basic laboratory techniques in evaluating raw materials.  

getting ready for their challenge

finding an insect damaged kernel of corn
(none of them found it)

In the afternoon, Doc Joyce gave her examination while the rest of the lecturers were given on the 5th day.

5th day
On the 4th day, it was a trip to the plant to discuss and show how the system runs in reality.This is also the time the students meet the people behind quality feeds. 
trainees with the Feed Mill Personel
On the 5th day, before giving their exams, we are very fortunate to have Dr. Neneth Reas of American Soybean Association to speak about global and local status of raw materials used in feed milling industry.

doc neneth reas of ASA
It was a tiring week for such activity but fulfilling knowing someone learns from you…

(photos courtesy of Doc Joyce)
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First entry

I got inspired in creating this blog by one of our co-workers who posted about his hobby-photography. I was also supposed to post pics taken using either my cellphone or digicam, and in the future my plan to have a DSLR camera-which is supposed to be purchased before the year ends. 

a wishlist
The plan has been cancelled because me and my wife decided to purchase gas range which I can use both on my passion in cooking and my “cravings” for baking…

the plan

I stopped and plan to delete this account, until I saw my wife started hers named "Momayes Diary" . It is  about her experience on being 24/7 mom to our little angel. I was encourage to continue this blog, but instead of posting my “supposed to be collections” on my “frustrated-future-hobby”, this page will include everything under the sun…from cooking experiences, gardening, holidays, fatherhood, etc…
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