February 27, 2016

My Easy Soft Shoes

I heard from the news earlier that after suffering from drought caused by El Niño, La Niña follows and will be experienced on the last part of the year. With this, frequent downpours will be experienced.

When this weather condition strikes, pahirapan na naman magpatuyo ng damit. Clothes are not the only to be worried about, but shoes too. It is very uncomfortable going to school or work wearing wet shoes.

Though there are footwears suit for rainy seasons like boots or shoe covers, you need to have an extra bag for the shoes for work or school.

I was buying shoes made of rubber but after few months, pudpod na ung swelas and parang nag-e-expand. Until last year, Mommy and I discovered the Easy Soft by World Balance and I bought two pairs for me. These shoes are made of Vicro-tech material and it is durable, waterproof and shock absorbing.

The first pair I had is the Lincoln Loafers. I used this not only at work but as casual shoes going to mall or market with a pair of shorts. Just one precaution, be sure to wear socks that will cover your ankles. Medyo matigas kasi ‘yung edge and may result in blister. Other features is okay naman.

The second pair I purchased is the Orion which I used mainly for work. It can be paired with semi-formal slacks or denim pants. Matthew has the same pair of Orion as an alternative for his school shoes. He loves wearing it. Magaan kasi.

Photo Source: Momaye’s Diary 
Last week, my Lincoln loafers tore. This is just in time I got my new pair of Easy Soft Chukka Boots – Texas.

This pair is not only for formal but can be worn if you want a rugged look. Though it looks like tough and sturdy, it is lightweight making it more comfortable to wear at any occasions, just like the other pairs.

When it comes to cleaning, soap and water are all you need. Instead of wax for polishing, tire black is  recommended you need to restore the color and make it look new.

With the remaining two Easy Soft Shoes, and planning to get another pair, I am now ready for the rainy season kahit La Niña pa as well as Mommy and Matthew.

Our Easy Soft Shoes (Photo Source: Momaye’s Diary)
By the way, Easy Soft is a division of World Balance that specializes in mould-injected footwear. 

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February 25, 2016

Throw Back Thursday: Spiderman and Me

Spiderman is one of Matthew's favorite superhero. I bet he will be envy of me upon seeing this photo of mine beside Spiderman painting.

This photo was taken on March 02, 2008 at SM The Block. Bigla ko tuloy naisip, it has been years since the last time I visited the place.

Happy Holiday Thursday!
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February 19, 2016

Summer Getaway Must Haves

Last weekend, I feel the temperature rises which is an indication that summer is on its way. I suddenly get the urge to visit a beach or a resort like our last year’s outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Saan kaya kami this year?

Before heading to a beach or a resort, we should prepare ourselves to have a stress-free summer getaway. Aside from swimwear and beach towels, backpacks should be filled with other necessities for a summer outing. Here is a short list of summer getaway must haves:

Of course, this is a must for taking selfies and documentations. If you can afford to have a waterproof gadgets, the better.

Though you have your ATM or debit cards in your wallet all the time, having extra cash is still better. There are some beaches or resorts that do not accept cards or located in a place far from and cash dispensing machines.

Photo Source: Makeup and Beauty
Staying under the sun needs protection from the UV rays and sunscreen is a nice way to stay away from the harmful effect of UV rays. The higher the SPF the better. Also, consider re-applying everytime you went out of the water. Aside from the skin, our lips are also prone to sunburn so better include in your bag a lip balm with SPF too.

Extra Clothes
Bringing a couple of extra clothes will not make your beach bag heavier by 10 kilos. This is in cases of emergencies or you opted to stay longer in the resort. It is better to bring excess than running out of what you wear.

Flip Flops
Source: Old Navy

Wearing sneakers as your travel outfit is nice but wearing light weight but sturdy pair flip flops is a better pick when you walk by the shore or near the pool. 

Hobby’s Kit
Long stay on a beach or resort may put you into boredom. Inserting hobby-related things in your bags like books, portable video player, or in our case, crochet will help diverting your interest aside from the waters around.

Insect Repellent
insect repellent
Photo Source: Momaye's Diary

Most outings have an activity on a shore around a bonfire. Having a small bottle of insect repellent will keep you away from insects related disease like dengue.

Medicine and First Aid Kit
Eating and drinking is one of the best parts of summer outing. There are times that your body might react negatively resulting to headaches, diarrhea, allergies and heart burns. Having medicines in your bag like paracetamol, loperamide, anti-histamine, and antacids can help solve these problems. If you have someone with you that takes maintenance, don’t forget to bring extra number of their medicines.

Summer Hat
Source: BuyHatHats
Sunscreen is not enough, especially to our face. To avoid redding of cheeks and nose, bring a floppy hat that shades our face from the sun.

Photo Source: ZaloraPH
Eyes need protection from the UV rays too. There are available eye-wears with UV filters or polarized lenses. Beat the sun with cool Oakley sunglasses only at ZALORA

By the way ZaloraPH is currently having 15% discount store-wide. Just use the code below:

Body fluids drain faster because of hot temperature. Water is the best way to keep the body hydrated. Normally 8-10 glasses of water are recommended by health experts but this increases during the summer season. 

This is the best tool for parents. There are beach resorts that are being visited by many people during summer vacation. To avoid losing your kids, this tiny thing can help you locate your kids.

Putting these things inside your beach bag will not make it heavy but this will help stay away from possible problems that will be encountered while having your summer vacation.

Can you add some more on the list?
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February 18, 2016

Brother's Trade-In Madness and "Show Me Your Brother" Promos

Thinking of replacing your printer with a new one? This offer might catch your interest. Brother currently having a Trade-In Madness Promo. You can exchange your old working or non-working printer of any brand and avail as much as 50% discount.

Grabbed from Brother Facebook Page

Just bring any old printer machine (printer/scanner/fax/Xerox), fill-up the Trade-in Acknowledgement Form, and present it to a Brother Authorized dealer to avail of the discount. Customers can only redeem a maximum of three units for the entire duration of the promo.

A premium model offered is the MFC-J3720 InkBenefit A3 Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center that can print, fax, copy, scan, and print photos directly with a print speed of up tp 35 pages per minutes. Other high-end products for grab are MFC-9330CDW Color LED Multi-Function CentreMFC-L2740DW Monochrome Laser Multi-Function CentreHL-L2365DW Monochrome Laser Printer, and HL-3170CDW Color LED Printer.

Source: Brother's Website

Though the trade-in Madness started on February 10, 2016, you can still catch-up and get a new printer at the following locations:

Robinsons Tacloban on Feb. 10-16
Gaisano Mall of Tagum on Feb. 10-16
SM Megamall & St. Francis Square on Feb. 12-18
Rockwell Powerplant Mall on Feb. 12-22
NE Pacific Cabanatuan on Feb. 15-21
SM City Bacolod on Feb. 20-Mar.1
Gilmore IT Center on Feb. 21-Mar. 28
NCCC Mall Davao on Feb. 22-28
SM City Naga on Feb. 23-Mar. 1
The Annex, SM City North EDSA on Feb. 26-Mar. 4
Gaisano Mall in Iligan on Feb. 26-Mar. 4

Once you got your new printer, you can join the Show Me Your Brother Promo by sending a photo on how a Brother product/s help you in your activities. You might be able to get a new PT-D210 Label Maker. Check https://www.facebook.com/BROTHERatyourside/ for more details.

Actually, I have a Brother Printer DCP-J100 at home for more than a year now. I am using this to print invitations and pictures, scan Matthew’s exams to be used as a reviewer, and other stuff. I am happy with it and I don’t encounter any problem so far.

Do you own a Brother Printer?

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February 12, 2016

Captured Moments: Traffic Lights, OFF

With the heavy traffic experiencing in the metro, having traffic lights can help ease the said problem especially on the busy streets. However, there are also traffic lights that don't help, instead, it may worsen the traffic situation.

Nowadays, traffic lights are not only common in the metro but in other suburban areas. This is not only to cope up with the technology but to help solve traffic situation provided that drivers have the discipline to follow the rule – Slow Down, Stop and Go!

In one of the busy crossings in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, a set of traffic lights was installed in 2015. Many commuters and private vehicle owners were excited to see how it will ease the problem in the area. Unfortunately, the installation of traffic light resulted in a more inconvenience than having a smooth flow.

The time of red light on the main road is three times longer than the green light which resulted in very long lines of vehicles. 

This is not the only problem, as of now, the traffic light is not used for several months already. I don’t know if the system is defective or not. The local government placed an enforcer to mandate the traffic in the said area.

I hope that this traffic light will turn ON kasi saying naman ung tax na ibinabayad natin to install such utilities and just put into nothing.

Do you have the same scenario in your area?

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February 9, 2016

Valentine Gift Ideas For His And Hers

Few more days before Valentine’s Day!

Have you already picked the right gift for your love? If not, here are some gift ideas and you might be interested with one of the items listed.



Chocolates are must be included in the list of gifts for your girlfriend or wifey. Pick a box of different varieties. This Valentines, Red Ribbon Bakeshop offers a Heart-Shaped Black Forest Cakes which can be a great alternative to a box of chocolates.

This heart’s day, flowers will be the best selling item. Either in a bouquet or three-piece roses can put a smile on her face.

A piece of earrings or ring can be a nice option in terms of jewelry. Pick a piece that will show how you love your girl. Giving a promise ring for her is an ideal thing to show how your feel.
Promise Ring
Handmade Scarf or Shawl
Ladies will be fascinated if you will give a thing that is made by your own hand. A simple crochet scarf or shawl is a good choice. This will give the impression of how you exerts effort to finish the handcrafted masterpiece.

Crochet Scarf

Choose of a delicate, fresh, and floral scent like orange, jasmine or cedarwood.


Men are not “sweet-tooth” in nature but chocolates are not exempted as a gift this heart’s day. However, instead of giving the traditional milk chocolates, go for other variants like dark and mint flavors.

Ladies loves roses but cactus is so far the “manliest” plant for a boyfriend or hubby. An additional tip, a big and thorny variety is best for a "clumsy" type of men. This can be placed in a pot or much better in a terrarium.

Terrarium (Grabbed from Pinterest)

Shade and Watch
Though men are not used to wearing jewelry, giving them shades, caps or watch are the best counterpart of necklaces and earrings for women.

Power Tools
Men will prefer home-pampering tools rather than body pampering sets. Power tools for home crafts are the best choice.

Women looks sexier in their lingerie but for men, jacket, jogging pants and boxer briefs are better options.

Pick the sandalwood, citrus, peppercorns, or woody scents rather than tobacco and spice.

Whatever you give to the one you love, look not on how much or how beautiful it is but on how you love him/her.

Have you already pick the best gift for your love one?

Other Source: Cosmopolitan
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February 5, 2016

Movie Sharing: Burnt

It was already February but I haven’t seen any movies shown in January particularly those in my lists like The Forest, The Boy and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Though I didn’t visit any movie house lately, I was able to see a movie about one of my passion – cooking. The movie is entitled Burnt which starred by Bradley Cooper as Adama Jones, Daniel Bruhl as Tony and Sienna Miller as Helene. 

Source: INQ Pop

Here is the plot:

Adam Jones is a former drug user and a perfectionist who disappeared and let himself open 1 million oysters in a bar in New Orleans. After doing oysters, he decided to return to London to regain his reputation and get his third Michelin Star – an indication of how great a chef is.

He went back and ask Tony to take over hotel restaurant. However, Tony doesn’t trust him and he thought that Adam is already dead because he did not appear in their friend’s funeral.

Adam visited another friend, Conti and get attracted to the sous-chef Helene.

He also found his friend Michel where he betrayed in Paris by releasing rats in Michel’s restaurant and reported to the health inspector. In the end, they agreed to work together.

Adam (Screenshot)

In order to convince Tony to his request of having his own restaurant, he invited Simone, a famous restaurant critic, to dine in Tony’s hotel. There, Adam appeared in the kitchen to prove himself. Because of this, Tony’s father decided to renovate the hotel and hire Adam as the head chef in a condition that Adam will undergo a weekly drug test. The hotel was named as Langhams.

Helene gets fired by Conti and worked with Adam. Unfortunately, because of Adam’s too much humiliation in front of the team and becoming physically aggressive to her, Helene decided to quit but Tony convinced her to get back by giving some insights about Adam and she will get respect from Adam.

Helene working in the kitchen (Screenshot)

Adam appeared on a talk show and invited different famous restaurant critic to dine at Langhams where he get great reviews making Langhams as one of London’s must-to-go restaurant.

Helene and Adam working relationship improves when Adam baked a very nice cake on her birthday.

Tony and Adam continues to prepare for the Michelin Star.

Their fried Reece reopens his restaurant and invited Adam to attend the event. He asked Helene to accompany him. On the night of the event, they met Anne Marie ( Jean-Luc’s daughter). Adam and Anne used to date and like Adam, she was also cleaned and sober. Anne wants to hand her father’s knives to Adam.

The next morning, Helene and Adam met at the fish market. On their way to the restaurant, they kissed but interrupted by the drug dealer’s henchmen. Adam handed the fish to Helene and go with the henchmen. The following morning, Helene found him at the kitchen entrance with blood on his face. They planned to send Adam to the hospital but the Michelin critics arrived. Adam stood up and prepare the food. Unfortunately, minutes after the food was served, Tony returned because the soup was too spicy. Michel sabotages the food by adding cayenne pepper as revenge for what Adam did to him in Paris.

With dismay, Adam considers jumping from the Westminster Bridge. Later, he went to Reece’s restaurant drunk and begins weeping. Adam stays there for the night. The next morning, Reece prepared food for him and told him that he admires Adam because he kept on experimenting on his menu.

Adam returned to the restaurant and found that Anne Marie paid the drug dealers. She also handed him his father’s knives.

Tony and Helene found tony at the hotel room. They give a good news that the customer they thought as Michelin reviewers were not even they behaved as like them. With the excitement of getting a chance to get a Michelin star, Adam kissed Tony before leaving Helene and Adam alone.

One of the dishes served to Michelin reviewers (Screenshot)

Adam returned to the kitchen and started listening to Helene and other staff. When the real Michelin reviewers appeared, together with Helene, Adam prepared a superb meal which leads to receiving the third star.

I was amazed on how a “Michelin Star” a big deal in becoming a famous chef in Europe. Just one wrong move can ruin your glory as a famous chef in the area.

This also shows how fun and difficult to work inside the kitchen as the chef, sous-chef, and other members of the team.

Have you seen this movie too?
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February 3, 2016

Level Up Your Valentine Surprise with Red Ribbon

Love month has already started and Valentine's Day is just few days to go. Chocolates, cards, and flowers are the most popular items to show someone your love.

Every year, some thinks on how to level up their surprises aside form the usual bouquet of roses or bunch of chocolates.

Look how Doug Kramer levels up his surprise to his wife Chesca.

Doug levels up his game for Chesca this Valentines

The sweetest surprises come in the most unexpected circumstances.

Doug Kramer—a player in the Philippine Basketball Association who is known as GlobalPort Batang Pier’s power forward—revealed last January 31, 2016 his biggest surprise yet for his wife, Cheska Garcia-Kramer.

Cheska is a known actress, social media icon and mother to Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin. The family is widely known in the country as ‘Team Kramer.’

According to Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon, Doug took his Valentine’s Day surprise to Cheska to new romantic heights by proclaiming his love for his wife via a 40 by 60 ft billboard along C5 Bagong Ilog Bridge in Pasig City. Check the video HERE.

“Doug found a very unusual way of showing his love for Cheska, and it is something beyond imaginable,” Bandojo said. “We, his Red Ribbon family, are really glad to be part of Doug’s pre-Valentine’s Day surprise to Cheska because this only shows how the brand complements Valentine’s.  We hope that, together with our Valentine’s Black Forest cake, we were able to bring in more sweetness to their relationship and to the whole family as well.”

Red Ribbon—one of the leading bakeshop chains in the Philippines—is set to launch on February 12,2016 its Valentine’s Black Forest Cake, a limited edition heart-shaped variant that’s made with rich chocolate, fluffy cream and juicy cherries.

“The Valentine’s Black Forest Cake allows couples to rekindle their sweetest memories on Valentine’s Day. If you want to surprise your loved one with something different just like what Doug did to Cheska, then Red Ribbon’s limited edition offering is the right one for you,” Bandojo said.

He concluded, “Surprises may come in different ways, forms and times, but it’s always for the right reason—it’s to show how much couples mean to each other.”

You can also make your loved ones’ Valentine’s day sweeter with Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest cake which will be available from 12 to February 14, 2016.

Have you already thought on how to level up your surprise this Heart's Day?
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