February 26, 2014

Gear Up With Lazada's Ultimate Gadget Craze

To all gadget geeks out there, here is the latest press release by Lazada.
One of the campaigns is the “Great Samsung Sale” which is tagged as Samsung’s biggest sale of the year. Buyers can get a discount of up to Php3,500 and get to have cool freebies along with it. In addition, gamers can enjoy playing the latest Sony PlayStation 4 console for only P23,500! The bundle package is priced at P26,200! Playing with your favorite games will not be complete without a new LED TV. Lazada is offering My View LED TV that can go as low as P4,999.
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February 25, 2014

41 Reasons to Date a Photographer

On my last post, there are 41 cons of dating a photographer. This time, here is the 41 pros naman.

Even if your photographer companion is not paying attention to something interesting, it’s not a problem. There’s always a high end camera around waiting to capture the moment.


It’s very simple really. All you have to do is get something related to photography, within your budget. It’ll do the trick every time. Just make sure not to get the same filter twice.
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February 22, 2014

41 Reasons Not to Date a Photographer

Even Valentine’s Day has passed, it is not yet late to have a date since we are still on the love month. Since I am an aspiring photographer, here is an interesting  article why you should not to date a photographer.

By the way I summarized the 41 reason in this photo. You can read the whole article HERE.

If there are cons in dating a photographer, there are also pros which I will post next.
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February 20, 2014

Project: Rapunzel Crochet Hat

Crochet Rapunzel Hat
Mommy mentioned in her post that after attending our friend’s wedding, I need to finish the Rapunzel hat. Because of not having a pattern and this is new to me, this took me about a week to finish two sets of different sizes.

After I finished this project, I asked Matt to fit the other one since the head circumference is the same as his. Wala kasing ibang bata na pwedeng maging model for this one. Buti nalang game si batang kulit and he keeps on saying it was “Galema” instead of Rapunzel. He got a point, mukang Galema nga naman lalo na ung maliit.
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February 19, 2014

Movie Sharing: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

ang babae sa septic tank poster
Grabbed for theInternet
I am really curious about this movie until yesterday, I finally able to view the whole movie kahit paputol-putol ang panunuod. Hehehe.

This is a story of a director – Rainer (Kian Cipriano), producer – Bingbong (JM de Guzman), and their production assistant – Jocelyn (Cai Cortez) who want to make an indie film entitled “Walang Wala” which aims to be part of different international film festivals. The story focuses on a mother with 7 kids. Due to poverty, she was forced to sell one of her kids to a foreigner.
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February 18, 2014

Summer Sideline: Ice and Ice Candy

As of now, we are experiencing a slight increase in ambient temperature. Though PAG-ASA haven’t officially declared, parang summer na especially during noontime. Because of this, last week, we already started selling one of the famous pampalamig – ice and ice candy.
Signage on our gate
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February 15, 2014

On Our Friend's Wedding

Yesterday, instead of having a private date with Mommy, we travelled all the way to Antipolo for our friend’s wedding. A week before, my friend already asked me if I can be their official photographer. I was a bit hesitant since I am not yet used to capture photos of such events. Pero sige na nga alang-alang sa pagkakaibigan. Bahala na. Hehehe

Instead of giving the copies of the photos to the newly-wed, I was planning to do some editing, lay-out and video slides as part of the job. Of course with a right professional or kahit talent fee na lang…(Just kidding.)

Here are just some of the shots and I will post some after editing, lay-outing and slide.
The newly-weds
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February 12, 2014

On Brass Band and Sanitation

Banda 69 of Bulacan
(Grabbed from the Internet)
Summer time is on its way now. This season, there are lots of fiestas happening in every town. In our barangay, a thanks-giving fiesta was held last Sunday. Aside from the Mr. and Miss barangay, one of the highlights is the band competition. I haven’t witnessed the said contest.
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February 11, 2014

The Reunion + Matt's New Car

Aside from celebrating MIL’sbirthday in Nueva Ecija, one of the reasons why we decided to go home is to meet one of our college friends who took her vacation here from Dubai. This is actually a sort of "mini-reunion" since our last meeting was held about 7 years ago.

From Bulacan, we just left our things first at home and headed to their house (just a few minute drive). We had our dinner and chit-chats. Sayang lang at di namin natikman ang pamosong Pancit Malabon by her mom. They are expecting us to visit the following day kaya hindi daw nagprepare. There is always next time naman.
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February 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Throw Back Babies

I was supposed to share this last week but I find hard time collecting their baby photos. So here they are, the Throw-Back Babies.

 Can you guess how they look like now?
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February 5, 2014

Kitchen Adventures: How to Peel Ripe Mangoes

I know that peeling ripe mango to be used in some recipes is messy. Here is a tip on how to remove the peel easily.
How peel ripe mango
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February 3, 2014

When to Watch Movie at Cinema House?

I mentioned in my previous post that Mommy. Matt and I watched the animated movie Frozen on weekends. Matt’s eyes were seriously staring the screen even we are using the netbook lang. Parang alam na alam nya ung pinapanuod nya. Then Mommy said: “Pwede na yata natin isamang manuod ng sine.”  Oo nga, it’s been a long time since we watched movie. “In my life” (Cast: Luis Manzano, Vilma Santos and John Lloyd Cruz) pa yata huling movie na napanuod namin ni Mommy.

Is he really ready to watch movies in cinemas? I read some articles on what is the appropriate age for a kids to watch cinema. Here are some things that we should consider if we are going to bring our kids (3 years-old and below).
Matt seriously watching Frozen
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February 1, 2014

Friday Holiday: Kung Hei Fat Choi

The Wooden Horse 
Since Chinese New Year was declared holiday by MalacaƱang, we took the opportunity to visit the Human Heart Nature Store at Meycauayan to buy some personal stuffs. Nice that they are open even on holidays. Then, we headed to SM Marilao for Matt to see the Dragon Dance. He was delighted to see the dragons visiting the stalls. On the other hand, he was also afraid that he might be eaten by it. I left Mommy and Matt at Jollibee to take some shots of the Dragons. Matt was so excited to see me coming back and said, “Ayun si Daddy, di pala sya kinain ng dragon.”

After having lunch, we went to hypermarket to buy some items before heading home.
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