June 30, 2012

Giveaway: iPod Touch or $200 Paypal Cash

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Free Blogger Event: Xbox Kinect Giveaway Sign-up

Here's another free blogger event!

The Xbox Kinect Bundle Giveaway Event
Hosted by Techy Tribe and Mom to Bed by 8

What to win? Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle (Xbox 360 console, Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures Game. Retail value: $299)
Who can win? Open WW (If winner happens to be utside US, they will be responsible for the additional expenses that is not covered by the shipping cost)

When it will start? The giveaway will run from July 8 (12:01 am) and ends on July 22 (11:59pm)

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One Sour Afternoon

Santol and "Artem"
On my way home from San Miguel, Bulacan last Wednesday, I passed series of fruit stands on road side near the newly opened Plaridel-Bypass Road. Most of them were selling santol. Maybe it is the fruiting season of the said fruit.  I bought a kilo of regular sized for only 30 pesos, about 6 pieces.  At home, I immediately peeled some and soaked it in vinegar from “artem” (an Ilocano term for pickled chili). For me this is the best partner of the santol.

Santol with Vinegar

I was starting drool again upon writing this entry and I want to eat santol!
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Family Day Sundays: Mickey Mouse Ride

June 22, 2012

After our usual routine of attending mass, we went to SM Marilao to apply for internet connection (see my previous post). We kept on looking for a power plug it around the mall, unfortunately we haven’t get any one. When Matt saw the carousel, he runs towards it and wants to ride. Instead, we went to the animal rides and choose the “Mickey Mouse-look-a-like” because he really loves Mickey. Quantum Amusement, can we have some free token for the rides? hehehe

After the ride we proceed to Hypermarket and buy some items before going home.

Nice to be with your family the whole day of Sunday and I am looking to be with them next week.
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Kitchen Adventures: Homemade Chicken Tocino

chicken, cooking, recipe, tocino,
Homemade Chicken Tocino

I really love tocino. The sweet and tender meat with caramelized sugar on it was really a mouth-watering meal. As much as I want to buy tocino regularly I am afraid that those sold in the market was full of artificial preservatives which really worries me because our son, Matt will be eating it too. Mommy searched the web on how to make our own tocino. (Yes, mommy was the one who researched for the recipes; I was the one who make it. Hehehe).    

Here’s how to do it with some variation from the original recipe:

½ kilo chicken breast fillet
1 tbsp. rock salt
1 tbsp. ground pepper
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup pineapple juice
1-2 tbsp. sweet paprika, for coloring

Rub the chicken with salt, pepper, brown sugar and paprika (you may opt for spiced paprika if you want a little bit spicy tocino). Add pineapple juice. Cure the chicken for at least 2 days. Fry in oil and serve with rice.

Next time, I’ll try pork meat too.
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Five Things I Want To Do Before I Get Old

Congrats to Annelei for this week’s topic on BC Blogger Meme. Other who wants to join the said meme and blog hop should be part of the BC Blogger. (Click HERE to join). Unfortunately, I was late in linking this post to our host for the week.

There are things I want to do before getting old, but here are the best five:

1. To study culinary arts to enhance my knowledge and passion for cooking is one of those. This will be my foundation in the next thing that I want to do, put up a restaurant.

2. Having this business will help me assure that I have already something to be used in providing my family once I got retired. I will put this in a possible purchased lot which is the third thing I want to do.

3. Having purchased a lot of about a hectare where I can put a restaurant or mini farm of my own can be a great achievement.

4. Furthermore, I want to have a family that will serve as a good role model to others. Having another baby will be great.

5. Lastly, I want to travel outside the country as family tour. This can be a great reward for myself after all. 

There are other things that I want to d before getting old but what is listed on top were I think what I really looking forward to.

Good day!
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June 28, 2012

Kitchen Adventures: Pork Sinigang

Pork Sinigang
I am really craving for pork sinigang.  It’s been five months since I cooked this dish. With the steamy and creamy soup with very tender meat, it fits with the rainy weather today. I can also have a double serving of rice.  I know Matt will also love to have this dish. I hope mommy will let me include this dish in our next week’s menu list. Pleeeeease…..

Update: Last night (7/2/12) mommy already cooked this one. I am busy doing another meal. Look at her version HERE.
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June 27, 2012

PhilHealth: New Benefit Package

Photo Source

I am listening to Radyo 5, 92.3 FM earlier when I heard a good news about the new benefit package offered by Philhealth to their members and beneficiaries. PhilHealth announced that they are already included Acute Lympliocytic (Lytnphoblastic) Leukemia (ALL), Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Kidney Transplant in their Benefit Package Case Type Z. However there are still limitations on the said illnesses because PhilHealth is more of the prevention stage rather than the curing stage, as explained by the representative.

The limitations are as follows:
ALL- Applicable for children below 12 years old only
Breast Cancer - On the early stage
Prostate Cancer - Low to intermediate stage requiring Prostatectomy
Kidney Transplant - Low risk end stage renal disease

The package will cover the following amounts:
ALL- P210,000 for the entire course of treatment for three (3) years
Breast Cancer P100,000 for the entire course of treatment.
Prostate Cancer - P100,000 for the entire course of treatment
Kidney Transplant P600,000 for the entire course of treatment

For more information click HERE.

This is a real good news for the members of PhilHealth. But still, "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE."
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Stop Over

Having a place for stop over during long travel is really necessary. One thing to consider for a good stop over is the rest room.

There is this Gasoline Station somewhere in Oriente, San Miguel, Bulacan. The rest room is really good without any stingy smell. One that caught my attention is the frames hanging just top of the male urinals (I just wonder how does the ladies room look like. LOL). The frames where posted with pages from a leading newspaper. The newspaper is the current issue. Thru this, gentlemen taking pee can have a chance to read some news and keep updated.

For those who will travel up north, you can have stop over this place.
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June 26, 2012

Free Blogger Event: Dyson DC24 Cleaner Home Giveaway Event

Hello there! I found another Free Blogger Event!

Dyson DC24 Cleaner Home Giveaway Event

PRIZE: Dyson DC24 Cleaner valued at $399


Sign-up HERE. The giveaway will be live on August 03-24, 2012 and is open Worldwide. However, if winner happens to be outside U.S., they will be responsible for the shipping fee and other fees applied by their contry. (Please don't forget to write Chemist Dad when asked for the one who referred you. Thanks)
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Smart Bro Back-to-School, Back-to-Expenses Promo

Photo Source

Finally after our long wait we decided to have internet connection at our home and I was really excited because I can work internet surfing at home meaning more time for blogging (LOL).

Last Sunday after the mass, we headed to SM Marilao to apply for Power Plug it Plan. But, we saw their offer on the Home Wireless Broadband (Canopy Type). It was on their Back-To-School, Back-To-Expenses Promo. By just subscribing you will get a PhP500 discount on the initial cash-out and another PhP500 will be slashed from the first month subscription for a total of PhP1000 discount. This promo runs from June 15-July 15, 2012 only.

Instead of availing the Power Plug It Plan which cost the same amount, we get the Home Broadband for 24-month lock-in period and planned to get the Power Plug It Prepaid for only PhP1245 (comes with free 240 hours and 400 SMS to Smart and Sun valid for 10 days). However, during that time, they could not process payments using credit cards so I have to cancel my p. I guess it has the reason why I cannot purchase the said plug it because I cannot use it anymore once I got Internet connection at home.

It makes me more excited when I received call yesterday from their customer representative that they are going to install our internet connection by Thursday morning.

Try to visit the nearest Smart Wireless Center for more details about the promo or you can visit their website at http://smart.com.ph/ for more details. By the way here is the Promo Mechanics:

Photo Source
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review.
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Kitchen Adventures: Lumpia Triangles

Lumpia triangles

Here is another way to enjoy canned sardines. Turn them to lumpia (spring rolls) but this time I made it in a triangular shape lumpia.

You will need:

1 can Sardines in tomato sauce, drained and mashed
½ cup flour
1 medium sized carrot, coarsely grated
1 medium size onion, finely chopped
1 piece egg
Salt, pepper and seasoning to taste
Lumpia wrapper cut in rectangular shape
Secret ingredient: 1 tablespoon finely ground dried malunggay leaves

Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the last two. Wrap about teaspoon in lumpia wrapper in triangular shape (See the picture below on how to make it triangular shape). Seal the edges with a corn starch-water mixture. Fry until golden brown. Serve with sweet-chili sauce. You can have ready-made or prepare your own. I did my own sweet-chili sauce.


How to wrap and make triangular-shaped lumpia
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June 25, 2012

Free Blogger Event: Big Top Cupcake Giveaway Sign-Up

Good day!

There is an on-going free blogger sign-up. I know cupcake lovers will be surely excited about this.

Big Top Cupcake Giveaway

The giveaway haven't started yet, but those who sill sign-up for the blogger event will be emailed once the codes were settles. One free link will be provided once you signed-up while succeeding links will be $1.00 each. For any questions you can contact the host thru her email (berichbefrugal@gmail.com) .

Sign-up HERE.
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My Wallet

I had this wallet (from a known direct selling company) of mine since December 2010 which I received during our exchange gift in our Department’s Christmas Party. At first glance, it looks bulky and contains much money not until you open it. Here are the contents of my wallet:
My Wallet

Cards: Credit cards, different membership cards, and ATM cards, including charge slips.

IDs: PRC, SSS, TIN, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG, and Driver’s License. I still have my College ID

Pictures: Mine, my wife and my son. I also have some ID pictures (1x1, 2x2 and passport size) which I used in case of emergencies.
Cards, ATM, IDs, Pictures

Paper bills: Old Philippine peso bills (Japanese Government), new 50-peso bill (given by one of my colleagues on my 30th birthday as “lucky red”), and 20 Thai Baht given by my ex-GF (now my wife) 

Old Philippine Peso Bills
Old Philippine Peso Bills (Japanese Governement)

Thai Baht

Those were the only content of my wallet. Just sharing.
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June 24, 2012

Vanity Kit, Item #3: Shampoo

This is the third item in my “vanity kit”. Shampoo.

Taking care of hair and scalp is one important part of men’s grooming.  For women, hair is their crowning glory but for men, well-groomed hair can be a plus factor.  Using shampoo compatible with your hair and scalp is a must.

I tried a lot of shampoo brands; all of them are compatible with my hair. However, one problem that really worries me is dandruff. Yes, I had to admit, these white flakes resides in my hair.

Because men’s scalp is different from women’s, Uniliver created shampoo specifically for men. Clear Anti-dandruff Shampoo. It is created with Pronutrium 10 Technology, an essential blend of 10 pro-vitamins and minerals, Clear nourishes scalp up to three layers deep and helps boost scalp defense against dandruff, grease and itch. It comes in four (4) different variants: Anti-hair Fall, Cooling Itch Control, Cool Menthol Sport, and Deep Cleanse.

Anti-Hair Fall has pro-strength ginseng technology reinforcing weakened hair and preventing it  from breakage associated with dandruff making you 98% less hair fall.

Cooling Itch Control has the cooling hydration technology making your scalp free from dryness and itching.

Cool Menthol Sport is infused with active menthol for extreme coolness making it as the ultimate anti-dandruff refreshment.

Deep Cleanse was engineered with activate carbon which acts like a magnet removing residues, grease, germs and dirt trapped on the scalp for zero dandruff.

Clear in sachet
I already tried these four variants and what really match and satisfy my needs in giving ultimate hair and scalp care were the Cool Menthol Sport and Deep Cleanse.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I am just sharing my views about the product.

NOTE: Wonder why I purchase my shampoo in sachet? It is cheaper compared to bottled ones.
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June 23, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Father's Day

This post is already late but I still want to share it.

June 17, 2012, Sunday

We spent our day as ordinary Sunday by going to church first. While waiting for mommy, tita, mama and papa, Matt keep on chasing for the butterfly he saw flying.

Matt chasing the tiny butterfly
After going to church, we headed to SM Marilao to meet-up two of mommy’s customers. After the meet-up, we went to the carousel where Matt keeps on saying to me “sakay, horse” (ride, horse) . While at the carousel, mama, tita and papa went to the department store to buy something. We followed them after the ride but we can’t find them. I bought sundae for matt which he really loves. He keeps on saying “amig, sharap” meaning “lamig, sarap” (cold, delicious).

"Amig... Sharap..."
We then proceed to our Tita’s house at Guiguinto and leave mama and papa there because they are going home in Nueva Ecija late in the afternoon. We bring some foods from Matt’s birthday and have it as our lunch.

After having lunch and some chats, we returned home and took some rest.

That’s how we spent Father’s Day. No celebration, no special food but I am happy of being a father for two years now.
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June 22, 2012

Free Blogger Event: July 4th Dual Gas/Charcoal Grill Giveaway Sign Up

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Free Blogger Event: iPod Touch or $200 Paypal Cash Sign Up

Another Free Blogger Event: Apple Ipod Tocuh or $200 Paypal Cash
The giveaway will be live on July 01, 2012 until August 01, 2012. One lucky winner will get this one (1) Apple Ipod Touch or $200 Paypal Cash. This is open to international participants.

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Free Blogger Event: $200 Amazon Blast Sign Up

This is my first time to join blogger event. The 200 Amazon Blast Sign Up
One (1) winner, open internationally, will get a 200 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway will be live on July 15, 2012 so you will have enough time to join and sign-up. Click HERE
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June 21, 2012

Things That Make You Happy

Aside from blog hop, another activity has been conducted by the BC Blogger, the Meme, where we have to share our views on a particular topic or title. You can also join the BC Blogger community and participate on our weekly activity. For this week, we are assigned to make a post entitled “Things That Make You Happy”. So here’s mine:

When we define the word happy it means delighted, pleased or glad on a particular thing. Thing? I guess it does not mean the “material thing” because happiness can also achieve from non-material stuffs. I know each of us have different ways and reasons to be happy. I am glad to share mine.

My family  - Mother, father, sister, cousins, nieces and nephews, in-laws, etc.
My friends or colleagues –  my second family.
Kitchen – This is where I have all my cooking adventures. I really love cooking.
Plants – another hobby of mine is gardening
Computer with internet, of course – with my blog, social networking sites I joined up to different forums I participated.
Cellphone - communication is very important
Work – I am happy to perform tasks in my work and finished them.
Salary – of course
Motorcycle – named "Jabee"
Our house, our home – we have to call it our own by the next 5 years.
Certificates  - College Diploma and PRC License 
My DIY crafts –  Recycled or not
Mornings – I was blessed to have another day to face life.

And of course last but definitely not the least:

My own family – Mommy and Matthew which really make my life complete. I am really happy to have my own family. I may not be the best husband and father to them but I know they are also happy to have me in their life.

There are others that are not mentioned in the list because a single entry is not enough.
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June 20, 2012

Hello Summer $1000 Paypal Cash Giveaway OPEN WORLDWIDE

And here we are again to give you a chance to win BIG BUCKS!!! Happy Home and FamilyDiva Fabulosaand a group of amazing bloggers have teamed up to give 1 lucky winner a whopping $1000 paypal cash! Yep you read it right, $1000 cold hard cash!

What would you do if you win $1000?

Go on a holiday ?
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  • Entries will be verified.
Click HERE to join and have the chance to take home the prize.
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June 19, 2012

Captured Moments: Carwash Boys

Carwash Boys

One Sunday afternoon, daddy decided to clean his car. Upon seeing the pail of water with rags to be used, Matthew rushed into it, gets his own rag, and starts cleaning the car too. He keeps on doing what daddy does. He will be angry if someone attempts to pull him away from what he is doing. Is this a form of “child labor”? (LOL). Can I start a business of carwash making Matthew as the manager?
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June 18, 2012

Mylot: First Cash Out

I’ve been a member of  Mylot  since 2009 but was inactive in participating discussions. Furthermore, my account was suspended due to inactivity, as stated in their terms and conditions. Late last year, I saw my wife participating discussions again. I tried to retrieve my account and started to join discussions of my interests. I was happy seeing my earnings to continuously increase until last month, I achieved the minimum payout. Last Saturday, I received my earnings thru my paypal account. This is the first time I received payment from online earning sites and still continues to participate during my spare time.

Mylot is an online forum where you can join hundreds of thousands of discussions posted by members. You can also post your own discussions. While making your valuable contributions, you can earn cash at the same time. You will be automatically paid upon reaching the minimum payout.

Aside from forum and earning, you can have your own profile, make new friends and communicate with them, share your blog and read others too, refer your friends to join and earn from them too.

So join and earn at the same time.
Payment proof
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June 17, 2012

What Type of Dad are You?

It's Father's Day! I want to share what I read from Men’s Health Newsletter sent to my inbox entitled “What Type of Dad Are You?”.

As I go along, I realized that the article does not only apply to fathers but for both parents. There are three distinct styles of parenting according to the research conducted by Diane Baurmind. These are authoritarian, permissive and authoritative.

Authoritarian parents held their kid’s behavior in a secure and solid manner. This type of parents does not allow their kids asked about their decisions. Being parent of this type somewhat compared to a dictator that expect respect of their authority.

Permissive parents are the reciprocal of the first one. They don’t give limits and just wants to have their children happy and free. If you have this type of parents, you are like living in a lawless community.

Authoritative ones are those in the middle of the first two type of parenting styles. They will set firm limits but considerate to extend boundaries. They used to explain the reason of their decisions and let their kids argue.

According to study by Baumrind, these three types of parenting method made a great impact on the how children grow. Children grown in an authoritarian or permissive parents are somewhat less successful compared to their peers, more dependent and have lower self-confidence. Authoritarian parents might resulted into less happy kids, boys tends to be more aggressive. On the other hand, permissive-raised kids have less self-control attitude. Authoritarian parents might produce twice possibility of having heavy drinker kids while it triples with permissive parents.

Being authoritative parents is like a president of democracy. They doesn’t look themselves as perfect or godly, instead, they explains their decisions and open to arguments. They are more likely to produce children who grew up happy, confident, self-controlled and better with their peers.

This remind me that raising kids is like holding a bird with your hands: “Never hold them firmly or loosely. Holding the bird firmly can kill the bird while holding loosely might let the bird can escape and fly away.”

As father, you have the responsibility to set limits for your kids and how you are goign to implement such limits.

Happy Father’s day to all fathers.
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June 16, 2012

Stop Crying

Here are some tips how you can stop your kids from screaming when they doesn’t get what they want.

Be in control of your emotions. 
We need to remain calm when our kids cried because they want something. Once we lose our control and get irritated, we tend to get out of control we normally end up giving our kid’s needs.
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June 15, 2012

Independence Day

June 12, 2012 Tuesday

I and my wife decided to go to work even on holiday (I haven’t mentioned that we are working in the same company). We spent half day in the office and headed to Divisoria to pick up the items that my wife sold in her “mini” online business, Cloth Diapers and other baby stuffs.

We went directly to Divisoria mall to buy some items needed for the birthday celebration of my son this coming Saturday. After we bought the needed items, we had our late lunch (around 4pm) at McDonalds with spaghetti, sundae and regular burger.  We almost forgot our promise to our son; a new basketball ring in replace to old one. We immediately go to Anding’s toy Shop at Tutuban Mall to look for it. There are lot of toys here at very affordable price. We are lucky to have the last piece of the said toy.

When my son saw it, he wants to install immediately so he can play on it. I was so glad looking at him happily playing his new set of basketball toy.

I just wonder, would he be a basketball player in the future?

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Family Day Sundays: Fundae Cones

June 10, 2012
After going to church, we decided to go to our favorite hang-out place, SM Marilao to look for stuffs needed for Matt’s birthday celebration. On our way back home, we decided to stop at 7-11 for some coolers because the temperature is really hot. We choose to take their Fundae Cones. This is their sundae in a sugar cone. I love the creamy, soft ice cream. This is always available in two flavors. You may opt for a plan flavor or combination of the two available flavors. This time, they have cheese and vanilla flavors. For a price of PhP15, not bad to cool down the heat.

I decided to get only two cones since Matt and Mommy will share with one cone. I took the mixed flavors while they have the plain vanilla. I let Matt to taste mine but to my surprise, he grabbed it and don’t let it back to me which ends me having no sundae. LOL.

I really love Sundays!
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June 14, 2012

Duralite Shoes

The rainy season has been started. One thing to get worried is going to work with wet clothes as well as shoes together with the socks. It was really uncomfortable to work with this situation. Furthermore it increases the risk of having fungal infection like athlete’s foot.

On our visit to SM Marilao last Sunday after buy some stuffs needed for my son’s 2nd birthday, I decided to buy pair of slippers since my current one wants to retire already. After I picked mine; my wife told me that she wants also to buy a pair for her. While searching for a possible design, she eventually changed her mind and picked a pair of DURALITE black plastic shoes which really fits this season. She suggests that I should also have one, so we headed back to men’s footwear section again.

DURALITE is not only good for rainy season, it is known as all-weather footwear. It is made from flexi-neon plastic making light and comfortable for the feet. It is known for its durability making popular for other workers.  Aside from this features, it comes in different styles and colors. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and affordable.

With this pair of shoes, I will be worried anymore of having wet shoes and socks at work. This also saves my shoes from frequently getting wet.

Here are the pairs of Duralite shoes we bought last Sunday.
 Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I am just sharing my views about the product.
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June 13, 2012


I was looking at the updates of in my Facebook when this picture really caught my attention. It is about the stages of procrastination. I have to admit I was one of them. LOL. 

Photo source

 I searched who did this in the internet and found other humorous caricatures about procrastination or cramming in her site.

Photo Source

Photo Source

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June 12, 2012

7 Law of Leanness

Most of us asked why there are some individuals who even eats too much does not gain even a single pound. On the other hand, there are some who almost did everything to shed those extra pounds seems to change nothing.

As I read the newsletter sent to me by Men’s Health it says that there seven basic laws of lean individual that prevents them from gaining extra pounds. Taking these simple rules will really shed those extra weights.

Rule #1 – Lean People Don’t Diet.
Preventing calories from getting into our system lowers strength, bone density and muscle mass. Muscle is considered to be the main factor in burning calories, so, by having diet, you can actually increase the tendency of gaining weight. According to some studies, chasing your diet actually increase your stress level raising your cortisol – a hormone that is link to weight gain.

Having 25 grams of fiber daily (equivalent to three servings of fruits and vegetables) can enhance burning of calories up to 30%.

Rule #2 – Lean People Don’t Go Fat-Free
Recent studies showed that those who took “low fat” diet could really increase the tendency of becoming overweight. In fact, fat does not make you fat; hence it is essential in managing some nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK). Furthermore, “fat-free” foods are packed with sugars making you consume more calories leading you to consume unhealthy sweets. Fat, in deed helps you full and satisfied while fat-free foods will keep you returning back to fridge craving for more.

Rule #3 – Lean People Sit Down to Eat
Eating can actually make you leaner. Sacrificing can actually increase your tendency to get fat.
Studies showed that eating in a table having a full plate already can eat 35% less compared to the traditional “pass-on-the-serving-dish” style. Also, eating slowly can actually increase the level of two hormones that make you feel full.

Rule #4 – Lean People Know What They are Going to Eat Next
Knowing what to eat next can actually make your weight-loss program more successful compared to those who doesn’t know what to eat in case they feel hungry, according to Dutch researchers.

Rule #5 – Lean People Eat Protein
People who eats more protein are expected to lose weight that those who did not eat much protein. Having food rich in protein and low in processed starch (example, white bread) can be the effective tool for weight loss. How? Protein will work in two stages: (1) it will consume you more calories in digesting it, (2) you will stay full longer because your body will work harder to digest the protein.

Rule #6 – Lean People Move Around
Having NEATs (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) does not help you burn some calories but actually gives you some fun. Such simple activities like short bike ride, relaxed walking, playing with kids and even fishing does not only give you enjoyment but can burn you as much as 200 calories in few minutes.

Rule #7 – Lean People Watch Less TV
Studies showed that watching TV for less than two hours can divert yourself to other activities that can really help you lose weight. Researchers said that people who cuts their TV time into half burned extra calories per day. In addition, recent studies discovered that every hour in front of TV can actually lose 22 minutes of their lives.

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