November 30, 2017

Unboxing Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Finally, I was able to share this one. It has been months since I have an update on my blog. Medyo busy due to heavy workloads. 

My old vacuum cleaner is still working but it seems not work that good especially on the car. Dust and pebbles are not removed totally. This made me decide to get a new one. I picked the Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

The sleek design looks elegant and lightweight. It has wheels making the user more comfortable while in use.

Compact Size
Electrolux MobiOne is small enough that can fit into small space.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t have to worry taking care of the cables before storing the unit after use. With just one push of the button, the cord will automatically wind inside the unit. Check the short video below.

The package contains two chrome metal tubes that can be used as an extension of the handle or can be used to clean hard to reach areas.

It has also an upholstery adapter that is ideal for cleaning couch and corners.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner
With bush nozzle and combi-crevice nozzle, dusting off small areas like keyboards and other appliance is easy. 

In spite of MobiOne’s compact size, it is still powerful with a 1400W motor. It has great suction ability that it can easily collect all the pebbles inside the car. Also, the dust that seeped into the carpet can be easily removed. 


Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Just remove the tub and put the trash in the garbage. To clean further, just remove the filter and wash with soap and water or just fill any rectangular sink or basin and soak the tub to wash out dirt. Just be sure to dry it up before using to prevent electric shock.

Replaceable filter
Since it is bagless, it has a replaceable filter that is available in stores.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner, MobiOne, Vacuum Cleaner

Low noise
With 81 decibels produced noise,  the Electrolux MobiOne is quiet and not irritating to ears.

Here are the other features of Electrolux MobiOne Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Filtration: Bagless
Main Colour: Ebony Black
Filter: Micro Exhaust Filter
Cord Length: 50 cm
Weight: 3.2 kg (cleaner only)
Dust container Capacity: 1.2 L
Price: PhP 4,098.00 (at Abenson Appliance Store

Aside from carpets and couch, I tried using Electrolux MobiOne Vacuum Cleaner for dusting off window screens.

With Electrolux MobiOne Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning household will be easy as 1-2-3.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.
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November 29, 2017

10 Habits that Kill Good Luck of Students

Current research suggests that a significant part of student youth tends to be harmful habits and addictions. Addictive behaviour is a serious threat to the health of students, adversely affects their mental and physical condition, becomes an obstacle to successful learning, creative activity and high ability to work. They often apply to writing essay service for the help, where you can order a custom essay . It is established that the influence of constantly acting risk factors leads to a violation of the mechanisms of self-regulation of physiological functions.

habits, students, school, tips
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The list of 10 habits that kill good luck

1. The manner to draw conclusions in advance

One of the major mistakes of many people is the habit of hurrying out what and how. And then, following the ill-considered conclusions, a person begins to act in error, not even waiting for the truth. They often badly do any writing paper because of this. But the fate is capable of adjusting such unexpected turns that could not even come to the fore.

Also, the habit of thinking that we know everything about the behaviour of a person and is able to predict it is also false. Very often, due to such judgments, there are conflicting situations and various misunderstandings.

2. The manner of translating everything that is happening dramatically

Small failures occur very rarely, and it is not necessary to pay attention to them and collect insults. This behaviour is a constant disturbing state, which won’t help to bring luck and happiness.

3. The manner for all to look for patterns and stereotypes

When we start to define a thing by a template or fit into a stereotype, we often drown in mistakes. Everything can be completely different, so do not hurry to drive everything under certain limits.

4. The manner is divided into two camps

Life is so diverse that it is capable of throwing the most unlikely variants of action. It cannot be absolutely everything either very good or very bad. You need to rejoice for what you have, without the habit of idealizing.

5. The manner of summing up

It is impossible to adjust all our successes and failures under one comb and summarize them. Each event must be priceless.

6. The manner of perceiving everything is too close

The extraneous problems must remain such: another neighbour's illness, bad news on TV, failures of a former colleague, etc. You can sympathize, but this should stop.

7. The way to succumb to the emotions that suddenly flooded

A similar way of perceiving the world is not true, it's just your emotions.

8. The manner of the soulless is to accept everything

To be successful from you did not turn away, it is necessary to accept optimistically. When you wait, believe and hope for good - it must happen. Negative personalities are not able to catch all the opportunities that they face.

9. The manner of doing everything strictly according to the statute

A person, without noticing himself, can impose restrictions and limits on himself. Of all this, he has only extra complexity and unnecessary nerves to anyone. What to do if there are no obstacles.

10. The manner of remembering past images

The past must remain in the past. All the failures and disappointments that catch you over should not be kept in your memory. Only with faith and success for the better, you will all succeed.

How to get rid of these habits. A few writing tips:

Find out the maximum effects of your habit. As a rule, we rarely know about all the consequences that may result from one or another habit. For example, doing the assignment, not by rules can badly affect the results.

You better apply for writing help. To roughly speaking, do not feel all the pain of some of your habits, which you will feel if you do something bad.

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November 21, 2017

How Your Ideal Romantic Getaway Should Look Like?

Of course, each person has their own notion of a romantic trip. If we’re talking about a lonely dreamer, then nothing more sentimental than a trip to Paris comes to mind. And for a young married couple, romantic getaways will be associated with the sea, blue sky, fun, and so on.

Experienced couples will choose a more practical vacation: a shopping center or a mountain resort.

In other words, romance can be different. But there are still some general rules or even questions to consider when going on a romantic trip. This article is kindly provided by the site

Purpose of travel
Your goals can be different, from finding that special someone or a holiday romance to showing your loved one the place where you grew up. In short, romantic couple getaways never happen without a certain purpose, and you need to clearly define it.

By the way, for those who are looking for their love, defining the purpose is even more important: such people are too shy to admit that they go on a trip to find a soulmate. But in the end, all they get is a disappointment. Don’t be shy about your desires.

Number of travelers
You can’t go on a romantic trip with a group of other people. Romantic weekend getaways are designed only for two, or, sometimes, for one traveler. A trip that involves more than one couple is not romantic.

For couples in love, this parameter doesn’t matter, but if you’re looking for love, it’s better to go in spring or summer. Why? Sun warms up not only sea and sand but also lonely hearts. During these seasons, people usually feel even more romantic.

Where to go
If we’re talking about best romantic getaways, what can be more beautiful than Italy? Many people dream about it. Why not make your dream come true? After all, this can be a once-in- your-lifetime opportunity!

This country has become famous among couples throughout the world for its beauty and legendary history. Magnificent architecture, amazing nature, pristine seashores, and friendly locals – all this makes Italy a perfect destination for romantic beach getaways.

You can also see the humble Venice, the beautiful Verona, and the magnificent Florence with your own eyes. Also, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the capital of Italy – the eternal city of Rome and take a tour to one of the best vineyards. Every Italian is proud of their wine. You can taste this it in any local restaurant or bar.

Milan is known to be the capital of fashion. In addition to romance, you can upgrade your wardrobe with works of the most famous fashion designers. Are you interested in fashion trends? Visit one of the fashion shows. It’s much more entertaining than watching them on TV. A variety of art exhibitions and museums are waiting for you in this beautiful city.

If you only can visit Italy in winter, there are still a lot of things to do there. This country is also known for its ski resorts. Even if it’s not the kind of experience you expected, you still won’t forget this romantic trip!

Snowy landscapes are amazing, and the air is perfectly fresh.

Since there must be romance in your journey, pay special attention to Lake Como. The landscapes here are really fascinating, and the climate is very mild. Be sure to go to Naples. It’s the place where all the cultures and languages of the world are gathered.

In the end, you need to visit Venice. Without a trip to this city, your romantic getaway in Italy can’t be complete. After all, Venice is a symbol of love.

Perhaps someone may try to talk you out of visiting Italy because it’s quite an expensive trip. But remember: you may not get a second chance to visit this wonderful country. Organizing a romantic getaway is a perfect reason to visit Italy.
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