December 20, 2021

Enjoy Cooking With

It was quite long before I last posted something about home. I was quite busy with my studies and this is already our last week of the semester.

There has been a lot of happenings in the past weeks. We had our company’s face-to-face Christmas Party where Mommy leads the opening prayer.

Kuya had their virtual celebration too and he was also the one that do the prayer.

Also, early this month, our Bunsoy turned 1 where everything was DIYs from the decors to the table arrangement. Food, including the cake, is cooked by yours truly.
Believe it or not, I love staying in the kitchen and cooking. There are times I will cook the upcoming week’s menu during weekends. Dishes like menudo, igado, adobo, gising-gising, pork sisig, chicken barbecue, and many more.

Bake snacks like banana bread, cookies, and more.

You can check Home Cooked Meals for some recipes. The food is very simple and can be cooked on..

Kuya Matthew is already 11 years old and he can be my assistant when working in the kitchen. However, he is still quite playful and easily bored. This is the reason why I haven’t had him with me in the kitchen for long period.
Even with that, I can still see that he loves to cook and help me in doing the task. He is already the one cooking rice for our dinner, can prepare sunny-side up and scrambled eggs. The other day, we were surprised when he took out from the fridge a tuna sandwich spread.

Maybe I need to have more patience in guiding him to the kitchen.

One thing I discovered is by letting him play cooking-related games. I spotted a site that not only lets kids play but also learn culinary activities online - The CulinarySchools.ORG.

There is a section about kid's games. One of the main games is The Boiled Eggs .
The player will cook eggs in different pots simultaneously. The cook will monitor the time, temperature, and adjust cooking parameters when needed. What the game needs is to avoid overcooking or burning the eggs.

Baking is also one of my passion. As mentioned earlier, I made our Bunsoy’s birthday cake. I made a moist chocolate cake and designed a Baby Shark theme.
Speaking of baking, another game for kids to be prepared in baking is the Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake.
With this game, kids will be familiarizing themselves with the kitchen and teach them to follow cooking instructions
There are also other food-related games available on the site that you and your kids will love.

Do you kids love cooking too?
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December 16, 2021

3 Tips for Booking Private Transportation


If you are traveling, private transportation services are an excellent option to get around town. You can use public transit options, but that is not always an attractive choice, especially in a city you have never been to.

Try scheduling a luxury transportation service instead of taking a crowded bus or waiting for someone to pick you up. Continue reading this article to learn three tips for making your travel experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Plan Ahead
Talk to the service to get an idea of transit times. Public transportation such as buses and trains might make several stops along the way to your destination. When you hire destination transportation Florida, you can save a lot of time. Your rider will pick up and drop you off directly at your stop, leaving more time for you to enjoy your trip or get work done.

Don't Procrastinate
Booking a transportation service should be done as early as possible. This not only guarantees you can hire the company, but you might also save money on a unique or seasonal promotion. If you know a trip is coming up, start planning right away. That way, you can plan your trip around the pickup times you want, rather than working around whatever is available.

Know What You Want
Make sure the transportation company knows what you require. Tell them how many passengers you have if there are any children and how much space you want. If you are not specific, your drive might show up in an unsuitable vehicle for your travel needs.

The key to traveling is to plan ahead. A big part of your planning should be dedicated to how you will get around in an unfamiliar area. Hiring local drivers that know the region goes a long way towards memorable travel experiences and should be carefully considered when you budget a trip.
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Advantages of Vehicle Change Oil


Our SUV has already reached the 10,000km mark and it is time for an oil change this month. How long will it spend when having an oil change service? In my experience, it will only take less than an hour. Most of the service centers are already equipped with auto lifts making the task easier. You can check these 2 post car lifts out!

What are the major advantages of regular change oil?

Protects engine to give better performance.
The main role of oil is to lubricate, clean, and cool the engine’s moving parts. As the metal parts rub with each other, oil prevents the engine from heating up caused by friction.

The oil carries dirt and debris that enters the engine will eventually turn into sludge. As the oil passes through an oil filter, the dirt is trapped. Over time, oil degrades its function and needs to be replaced. This freshens up the engine and has a smooth run and better performance.

Saves fuel consumption.
Having an engine with fresh oil, uses fuel efficiently, which means more mileage saving more on fuel consumption.

Longer engine life.
Dirty oil contains gunk that increases friction that caused wear and tear. There are well-fitted engine parts like pistons that eventually wear causing oil leaks between the piston and engine block. By having a regular oil change, such damages will be prevented.

Protects the environment and emission test compliance.
As the oil runs into the engine, the heat breaks down the oil and emits gases. Heating leads to the production of sludge, which eventually adds hazardous hydrocarbons into the environment.

With clean gas coming out of the engine, it gives confidence of passing any emission test.

Cools engine parts.
Having fresh oil running around the engine maintains proper lubrication giving minimal friction between moving parts. This prevents engine overheating.

Complies warranty.
The manufacturer’s warranty includes routine maintenance and regular change oil is one of these. If routine maintenance is unfollowed, it may void the warranty that eventually provide an extra cost.

Regular check-up.
There are centers that offer free vehicle check-ups when availing of change oil service. Vehicle check-up is essential in determining and preventing damages other than oil-related ones.

But when is the real-time to have a vehicle change the oil?
Generally, the 5,000-km rule applies. However, there are some oils that can extend up to 7,500km. Aside from these, there are also other factors to consider when to bring your car and have an engine oil change.
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December 3, 2021

Three Interesting Facts About Television

Televisions are in nearly every American home, enabling people to watch live news, events, weather, movies, and shows of all genres. However, it is easy to take for granted the impact television has had over the past century. Here are three interesting facts about television.

One of the First Televisions Was Introduced in the 1920s
While many people simultaneously contributed to the invention of the television, one of the first televisions, referred to as a televisor, was introduced by John Logie Baird in the 1920s and did not look at all similar to the televisions that people own today. In fact, this early television was made with a hatbox, bike light lenses, scissors, needles, and glue. The device displayed five images per second to give the impression that the images were moving. It would still be a long time before people began watching flat-screen televisions with access to cable and satellite dish installation Columbus.

Television Amplified Political Discourse
The first televised debate between two presidential candidates in the United States took place in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Not long after that, news channels covered the assassination of Kennedy in 1963. The year 1969 brought live coverage of astronaut Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. It should come as no surprise that it was during this decade that televisions surpassed newspapers as the most popular source of information among American viewers.

Televisions in the United States Today Must Support Digital
In 2009, the federal government and Federal Communications Commission ceased to support analog broadcasting for televisions, switching to a completely digital format. Analog television sets require a digital-to-analog converter, but the images may still not be as high in quality as those on a digital set.

Remember these three facts the next time you sit down to watch television.
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