March 27, 2013

Captured Moments: Penitensya

On my way to Tarlac this morning, I saw group of men walking on the road beating themselves. I was a bit shocked when I saw their backs red and full of blood. I can imagine how painful it is. This is the first time I saw it in real action. I am thinking of getting out of the car and interview one of them who is just preparing to join the rest of the group.

Warning: Look at the photo in your own risk.
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Kitchen Tips: Homemade Confectioner's Sugar

Confectioner’s sugar is known for cake decorations and is the main ingredient in making icing. It is also knows as powdered sugar or icing sugar

Here’s how to make your own confectioner’s sugar.

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March 26, 2013

The Future Cager?

He has a good grip on the ball
Aside for becoming a mechanical engineer (see my post here, here and here), do you think he will become a cager too? Here are other photos with his new ball.
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March 25, 2013

Driver's License Renewal

It’s been three years since I last renewed my driver’s license and I need to make another this year.

I decided to go to SM Marilao since there is a renewal center there. Unfortunately, it was offline and seems the personnel there is doing nothing to fix the problem. I heard that it was already offline a day before I went there. So I decided to go to Sta. Maria LTO Office.

Renewing driver’s license is as easy as 1-2-3.  (1) Submit duly accomplished application form together with the other requirements like old driver’s license and medical certificate. (2) Wait until your name is called for the photo and signature capture. (3) Pay the appropriate amount. (4) Finally, wait for the OR and your driver’s license at the releasing area.
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Plans for the Holy Week

Next week is Holy Week and it is a long vacation for many but not for us. We still need to go for work until Wednesday.

By the way, here is our plan for the entire Holy Week:
Sunday, March 24 – Attend the Palm Sunday Mass at Divine Mercy Shrine-Marilao or at Immaculate Concepcion-Sta. Maria.
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March 24, 2013

Weekend Reflections: Are You Rich?

It’s Palm Sunday already. Before heading to church, I will leave these words to think of.

I believe that the true meaning of wealth does not rely on the expensive things you own. You can be rich in other means and most of them are priceless. Just like the statement above, having a family is already enough as man’s wealth to consider you rich.
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March 23, 2013

BDO i Pay, i Win! Promo

iPad Mini (Source: DailyTech)
Good news for Banco de Oro Customers!
They are giving away six (6) iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi and thirty (30) Andytech Telepads for new and existing BDO Online Banking users.
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March 21, 2013

Big Garments Summer Sale

Looking for Great Summer Sale? Try to consider Star Trends Apparel's Big Garments Summer Sale. Happening on March 21-23 (8am to 6pm) at Sterling Park, Meycauayan, Bulacan (Refer to map below).

There are lots of brands for grab like F21, H&M, Jockey, Nike Golf, Skechers and many more. They have wide range of products to choose from clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes and even household stuffs. Good thing, there are also Buy One Take One promos on selected brands.
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March 20, 2013

Hooray Monday: McMuffin Morning

Last Monday, we headed to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija to fix something. Mommy remembered that it was National Breakfast day and McDonalds is giving away free McMuffin to their first 1000 customers, so we took our breakfast at McDo Cabanatuan.
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Kitchen Tips: Blend Oil and Butter

Photo Source
Butter gives strong flavors to your dish but it can be easily burned and blackened at low temperature. This can be prevented by blending with cooking oil to at least 50-50 proportion. Cooking oil will prevent the milk solids in butter from charring.
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March 19, 2013

My Worst Birthday

It's been a year but I still remember this incident that happened on my 31st birthday.
March 19, 2012: I just turned 31. It was a nice day, Monday and start of the work week. The night before, Mommy and I were really busy in the kitchen cooking something to as a treat for my colleagues.
I leave the office at around 8:30am to buy some drinks. On my way back to the office, I received a call from one of our colleagues in Cagayan de Oro but I haven’t picked up the phone since I was driving. Then, before I reached the office Mommy called and I answered it.
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March 17, 2013

Weekend Reflections: Let Them Value Things

It's Sunday again! Here's a short post before we proceed to church.
Lessons Learned via Facebook
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March 16, 2013

Hooray Monday!

I've seen lots of this ad in the net.
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March 15, 2013

Milcu Trial Packs

It's payday Friday again! Thank GOD for another blessing!

Speaking of blessings, here is another one I received last week.
Miclu Trial Packs
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March 13, 2013

What I Got From Commex?

I joined BC Blogger’s weekly comment exchange with other members. Aside increasing traffic of my blog, I learned lots of things from other bloggers that joined the weekly task. Here are just some:

Parenting – Though I am a dad and most members of BC Bloggers are moms,  I learned a lot from them. How to take care of their kids, how to handle tantrums, how to raise them properly are only few.  Also, this gives me a great opportunity to share my own experience as a dad.
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Kitchen Tips: Pick the Right Ampalaya

Ampalaya or bitter gourd is one of the healthiest veggies. However, this is often avoided due to its bitterness.

How do we choose ampalaya with light bitterness? Simple.

Just pick the one with a larger “wrinkle” gap. The larger the gap, the lesser bitter it is. So, eating ampalaya will not be problem anymore.
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March 12, 2013

Yellow Sunday

This has not something to do with what we wear last Sunday. It is about the food that coincidentally all comes in yellow.
Mashed Potato
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March 11, 2013

At Last, I Have It!

After months of waiting and series of follow-ups, I received my Sodexo Pass from AIP. This motivates me to continue participate on their surveys. Hope to receive more survey invitations from them to earn points to be exchange of gift checks.

For more information about AIP Survey, visit their site and register.

Again, thanks to AIP.
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March 10, 2013

Weekend Reflections: Life is an Experiment

In science, testing hypothesis thru series of experiments is the best way to conclude if you are right or wrong. Same in life, you cannot prove something if you just kept in your mind what you are thinking ending up regretting for not turning these into actions. Again, there’s no harm in trying.

Enjoy the rest of the weekends!
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March 9, 2013

Purple Bell Pepper

Red, green and yellow bell pepper but haven't heard of a purple one?

Here it is:
Purple Bell Pepper
It is just about the size of a thumb. All I know it is for ornamental purposes only but lately I found that these are also edible.
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March 8, 2013

When He Became She?

Here is our little Matt on his favorite ride at SM.

I am just curious if Matt becomes a girl, how does he look like?
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March 7, 2013

Saltless Diets

Photo from Chris Kresser
Before I found an alternative way to replace sugar, now I found a way to make our dish salt-less without sacrificing the flavors and taste.
The recommended amount of sodium intake daily is 2300mg and for ages 51 and up, it is lowered to 1500mg. This is also the recommended value for persons with hypertension, diabetes, heart failure or chronic kidney disease.
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March 6, 2013

Kitchen Tips: Salt Replacements

Just want to share something that you can enjoy flavorful dishes without salt. You just need to have some herbs, pour in blender, mix thoroughly and you will get a saltless seasoning.

For normal mixture:
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp powdered lemon rind or juice
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Mechanical Engineer? (3)

Last sunday, Matt and I were strolling around the subdivision using Jaby. It's been months since the last time I used this one. I need to make some adjustments to make Jaby run smoothly so I parked and get the screw driver. Matt grabbed it while saying "Ako na. ako na." (I will. I will.). I got what he means and just gave him the screw driver. He went on this side which seems he already knew where and how to do the adjustments.
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March 5, 2013

Fave Street Foods

Here are some of my favorite street foods - isaw, tenga ng baboy and hotdog, best paired with spiced vinegar, except for the hotdogs.

One of the pre-caution in buying street foods is how sanitary the preparation is. This is one of the reasons why I will only buy these foods on the one I trust and much better if you can have it by your own.

How about you, what are your favorite street foods?
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March 4, 2013

The Role of Chemistry

Just a short post to start the week before returning to work.

These are the major roles of Chemistry. Agree or Disagree?

Good day!
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March 3, 2013

Weekend Reflections: Life is Like Chemistry

I am happy seeing quotations related to chemistry. Here's one:

I agree with this one. Having positive attitude and patience is the key to attain a pure crystalline happiness. Though there are times it will not be as perfect as you expected, just keep on trying.

Enjoy the weekend!
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March 1, 2013

Creamy Delight Yogurt

Mommy was searching yogurt drink for Matt in the grocery until she saw this Creamy Delight Yogurt. She called me if I want to give a try. This is new to me so I checked the label for other details including the manufacturer. Of course, we need to be a bit tedious when trying new products. Since it came from a well-known company – Asia Brewery, why not try for it? Instead of having one, I told Mommy to also try the Thick and Creamy variant.
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