Here are 30 things about me:

(1) Born Piscean, just 2 days ahead of being an Aries, in the year of the Rooster. (2) Raised as Novo Ecijano with (3) an Ilocano descendant. (4) I was the only son of my parents and (5) the only brother to my only younger sister. (6) I am currently residing in our own home in Bulacan.

(7) I consider myself as a truly loyal student of my Alma Mater, CLSU, where I took my Kinder and finished all the way my college degree as BS Chemistry. (8) I am now a Chemist by profession but (9) worked as a QA Supervisor in one of the largest broiler integrator in the Philippines, BFFI.

(10) I am considered to be the best friend of and (11) married to my first and ex-GF, my wife. She was the one who inspired me to be a (12) part-time blogger. She also used to change many things in my life.

(13) I am a full-pledge and full-time father, and (14) a buddy to my son

(15) I love gardening, which makes a little bit (16) herbalist; and (17) fond of doing handicrafts (DIYs,, recycling, cross-stitching, etc.), but (18) very passionate on cooking. If budget permits, (19) I would love to take culinary course.

(20) I love to watch comedy-drama and life-touching films, especially Korean and Hindi. (21) I love music but (22) was not gifted to have a singing voice.LOL. (23) I love to dance too, especially the swing and chachacha. Hehehe. (24) I love to drive whether motorcycle or car wherever my hands and feet took me. (25) I am fond of reading humor books especially Bob Ong. Furthermore, (26) I love surprises, asked mommy and she will tell you what are the surprises I made for her.

There are times (27)  I am short-tempered and get easily irritated especially when someone disturbs me though (28)  I am not very vocal to my feelings because I am a (29) shy-type and silent-type of person which often mistakenly known me for being snobbish. (30) I have a positive attitude in life that even I experience problems; I still managed to smile and laugh.

I know thirty things are not enough to describe me and know me better.

Have a good day!