The Shops

Momaye's Shoppe was born because of my dream to be a WAHM. Though, I am still working full-time outside home, I am very positive than one day my dream to be a WAHM will come true.

We started with selling cloth diapers and diaper bags. Soon, I have discovered other cheap but good quality baby clothes and stuff that are offers to other Moms like me. 

Eventually, with the help of my husband (yes, my husband), we started to venture into made to order crochet baby accessories, booties, headbands, hats and more. That's when Mom and Dad Crochet was born. 

This is not easy for we are working full-time and you can just imagine how we sacrifice our time for rest and sleep to make this set up possible.

In God's grace and strong will, we earn the trust of many Moms and Dads as well. That's why we are really thankful for the support and trust you are giving our shop.

As a way of giving back all these blessings, we are also planning to help other Moms who's thinking of putting an online shop. Our humble shop is now accpeting resellers. And for the near future, I want to share our little knowledge in crocheting to every mom at home. So that they will have another source of income while at home.

I am praying everything we desire will be done in God's time.

We are always thankful to all the people who give trust and continuous support on our shops.

More blessings to us!

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Please don't forget to refer it to your mommy friends or soon to be mommies. Please... Please... :)

Again, thank you so much for all the support!