February 28, 2013


Another month is about to end and what excites me more, its payday!

Just before the love month ends, I would like to make a short post and share this line.

 Good day!

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February 27, 2013

Kitchen tips: Prevent Your Herbs from Caking

Photo Source
Is caking a problem with your herbs and spices stocks? Caking usually happen when there is an excess moisture uither from the herbs itself or from the environment. You may try the following remedies to resolve your problem:
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Project: Homemade Soap (update)

After 4 weeks of curing my Homemade “Herbal Soap”, I already tried it and seems alright. It can make lather like any bath soap in the market. I did not feel any itchiness or stinging effect like I am expecting because of the lye (sodium hydroxide) which is known to have itching effect on skin. However, I haven’t tried used this on my face. LOL
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February 26, 2013

Weekend Kulitan

Last Saturday, Matt and I went on his daily afternoon walk around the subdivision since his Tita was not around while Mommy was left at home folding clothes. Of course, this gave me another chance of taking some photos for my Captured Moments.

We went to the clubhouse as he requested and continue walking into the swing. Unfortunately, somebody’s using it, so we just sit down for a moment before continues our walk. He keeps on saying “Doon, doon pa.” (There, let's go there) pointing where to go as if he was the one guiding our way. Perhaps this is where they go every day.
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February 25, 2013

Another Healthy Snack: Kamote

This time, carbs and of course fiber. Better to have this than buying potato chips for snack. Let's go  for healthy options.

By the way this is the variety I am talking about used in my Halaya.
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February 24, 2013

Weekend Reflections: Accepting Limitations

Sometimes, we need to swallow our pride even we don’t use to. Let us learn to go down and accept the fact that we have our own limitations.

Happy Sunday!
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February 22, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with Adidas Energy Boost

One night, I was on my way to our granny’s home where I stayed the first semester of my college life. Their home was a bit far from the main road and no tricycle available at the terminal that time. I decided to walk about 3 kilometers.

Fear struck me when I started to pass the woody and very dark path. I heard lots of scary things  in this place like white lady, a crying baby, a headless man and a dog that suddenly turned into a giant horse. I started to feel goose bumps and keep on thinking those scary things. Instead of walking I started to run fast as I can, feeling something or someone is chasing me.
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February 21, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

I love making surprises to Mommy on special occasions like our anniversaries and her birthdays. Recently, I made a surprise last V-day by secretly placing chocolates on her bag and tagged her in the photo I uploaded in FB. I am thinking of what other surprises that I can make. One is by cleaning the house and preparing breakfast in bed which is best done on the weekends while she was still relaxing on her sleep.
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Riding My Bike Again

Last Saturday, we asked Matt if he wants to ride on his bike (given by Lola Mama a year ago) again. He did not answer yes but immediately ran into where it was stored and trying to pull it out.
I removed foot rest since can already reach the pedal. We taught him how to drive it by himself. Unfortunately, it is not easy. He keeps on pushing the pedal with his feet simultaneously. Ending? Pushing his feet on the ground to make the bike move or he will ask us to push the bike.
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February 20, 2013

Sleeping Positions for Health

Try to consider this sleeping positions for a healthier you.

(Photo credited to Men's Health Magazine)

Position 1 or "Recovery Position" on your left side helps reduce heartburn. The oesophagus and stomach are joined in the right side due to gravity preventing acid reflux.

Position 2 or "Lay at Your Back Position" aids in reducing chances of arthritis and joint pains. The weight of the body is being distributed evenly minimizing the strain.

Position 3 or "Fetal Position" will lessen pressure on the spine discs. Furthermore it helps in channelling the fluid to enhance its repair.

I hope this helps a bit. Good day!
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February 19, 2013

Sugar less with Stevia

After searching for months, I already got my first stevia plant. Stevia is known to be a source of natural sweeteners because of the rebaudioside A.  There are also other benefits that we can get from stevia. Some claimed that it can help reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar level because of its stevioside content. Other use this as treatment for heartburn, lowering uric acid level, boost strength of muscle contraction that is needed in pumping blood from the heart, aids in water retention while some said that this helps in preventing pregnancy.

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February 18, 2013

Movie Sharing: Upside Down

Starred by Jim Sturgess as Adam and Kristen Dunst as Eden, this is a story of two individuals who lived in a different planet lying next to each other. These planets have opposite gravity and have three (3) major rules: (1) all matter is pulled by the gravity of the world it came from, (2) an object’s weight can be offset by another matter from the other world, and (3) after a specified period of time, matter in contact with inverse matter will be burned.
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Kitchen Tips: Rescue Your Wilted Veggies

Aside from using ice bath in the process of blanching, it can be also used in freshening up limp veggies. Plants losses water content which causes them to wilt while ice water breaks inside plant cells to restore crispiness. Speaking of blanching, as I promise, I took photo of veggies - ampalaya, that undergoes blanching using the technique I learned from a famous chef.
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February 17, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Sunday - Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata by Max's (Source)

My Crispy Pata

You can check my tedious recipe HERE.
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Weekend Reflections: Dad the Best Example

My attention was caught by this photo – a sort of warning.

I admit that I am not perfect. I commit mistakes. I made some troubles. But no matter how many people they will meet as they grow-up, still, I want, even not the perfect, but the best father in the eyes of my kids (if given a chance to have another) who leads by example.

Good day!
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February 16, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Wrapsabado

Goldilocks Fresh Lumpia


Easy recipe, lumpia, lumpiang sariwa, pinoy dishes, Pinoy recipe, recipe, togue,
Lumpiang Sariwa (Togue version)
Recipe? Check this Lumpiang Sariwa Togue Version Recipe.
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February 15, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Friday Fried Day

1pc-Chicken and Spaghetti -Jollibee
Crispy Chicken with Gravy
My version? See it HERE.
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Valentines 2013

Simple dinner
Last year we celebrated our Valentine by dining outside not only for me and Mommy but we had Matt too. This year we made it simple by having dinner at home. I just cooked crispy chicken and malunggay pesto. Simple but fulfilling.
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February 14, 2013

Project: 1st Crochet Booties

With the continous orders in Momaye's Shoppe, most of them are boots and sandals. I was assigned to take charge of the hats while Mommy does the booties and sandals.

Last week, no hat orders but tons of booties so I asked Mommy that I am going to help him with the booties. Here's my first ever crochet booties and I am doing another one.

If you are interested, you may place your order on Momaye's Shoppe in FB.
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One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Thursday Steak

Burger Steak with Rice - Jollibee
Burger Steak in Mushroon Gravy Sauce
HERE's how I made my version.
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February 13, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Wednesday Go Go

Pancit Canton by Chowking
Go Go  Pancit Canton
My recipe HERE.

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February 12, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Bloody Tuesday

Dinuguan by Goldilocks (Source)
Dinuguan ala Daddy
You can check my recipe HERE.
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February 11, 2013

One Week Fast Food Inspired Meals: Monday Guisado

Sotanghon Guisado by Goldilocks
Sotanghon Guisasdo (Chemdad Style)
You can check my recipe HERE.
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February 10, 2013

Mister Donut Bavarian Doubles

I saw this new variant of doughnut in TV ad last week and I made a try of it during my “cheat day”. The doughnut was filled with bavarian and choco. Just like having two doughnuts in one for only 14 pesos. However, it was kind messy having this type of doughnuts (any brand) because of the confectioner’s sugar dusting.
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February 9, 2013

My Lunch

My lunch for the day. Less carbs, veggies and water only.
cheese, cucumber, carrots, celery stalk
(Clockwise from upper left)

What can you say about this one? 
Am I really getting serious on my weight-loss target?
I am planning to have this one on daily basis.
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February 8, 2013

Healthy Snack

Since I have my goal on weight-loss, I switched my snack to something healthier, I took some slice of apples, orange or ponkan and 3-4 cheese strips. Tomorrow, just switch pear with apples.

Isn’t it healthier and cheaper than those ready-made fruits in syrup sold in the market?
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February 7, 2013

Movie Sharing: The Vow

Screen shot from the movie
This is based on the actual relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter written on the book entitled “The Vow”.

This is a story of a couple name Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channong Tatum). They get got into car accident resulting to the loss of Paige’s memory. She can’t remember that she was married to Leo. All she can remember is that she was engaged to Jeremy but did not know that she dumped her just before the marriage.
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Desserts: Panna Cotta

Reading Men's Health mag, I find and ineresting dessert, Panna Cotta. Sounds "sosy" and seems a bit difficult to make so I was really challenged to make this one. By the way, "Panna cotta" is an Italian term meaning cooked cream. This is done by simmering milk, cream and sugar then mixed with gelating and setting it in fridge.

For the recipe, you can get it HERE.
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February 6, 2013

Late Christmas Gift

Last week I got a late Christmas gift from one of my colleagues in our Tarlac plant. When I got the small box, I already guessed that it was one of his sibling’s product – glass etching. However, I have no idea what exactly  is inside of the box.
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February 5, 2013

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites

Last Sunday, we had our lunch at KFC. We tried their Mac and cheese bites. For 79 pesos, you can have it with regular drinks and fries. Though I already seen the commercial of this one few months ago, I was excited to try it.
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February 4, 2013

Goodbye Coffee for Better?

Rice Coffee
Coffee is one of the best known beveragse in the world. It can be taken hot or cold and can be mixed with other components to make coffee more enjoyable. It was also known to contain anti-oxidants which is good for our health. On the contrary, natural medicine said that coffee must be avoided by those having high uric acids in the body since coffee is a form of beans which are known to have high in uric acid content. It is also known to be diuretic. They are recommending alternatives like the one I used - Rice Coffee. Just roast and grind the rice and you will have your homemade rice coffee.
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Kitchen Tips: Prevent Your Chopping Knife from Getting Dull

Knives are made of metal. Metals can be easily damaged by acids. Therefore, knife can be easily damaged by acidic food making them dull. One way to prevent your chopping knife from making dull, use knife bread in chopping or slicing acidic veggies or fruits like tomatoes, lemons or calamansi.

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February 2, 2013

Fat Burners

One of my goals this year is to reach the 75kg mark in the scale. Still heavy for others but once I reached this target, I already lost about 16 pounds.

Having foods that burn calories is a great help. Here are some I got.

Ginger  contains acid that triggers stomach enzymes to increase metabolism by up to 20%. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and good for hypertension for its blood-thinning property. (Will this also change my singing voice? LOL)
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February 1, 2013

Time to Sleep

Mickey and Orange Book
I was just amazed why there are things we cannot forget before we sleep. I used to have mosquito net on my feet not until I got married. The mosquito net is still kept in our closet.
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