August 10, 2022

My Stress-Reliever Online Games

I mentioned in my Reminiscing the CLSU Intramurals posts that I am currently in my graduate studies. This is to take advantage of the online platform as the mode of conducting our lessons. Even though I am hundreds of kilometers away from the school, I can attend class as long as I have an internet connection.

It is quite difficult to study and work simultaneously. The stress level is increasing especially when you are beating deadlines for both areas.

Things I used to relax is by playing with kids, asking our elder for a back massage, watching video clips in Tiktok, crocheting a few items to sell on our online shop, cooking, and playing online puzzle games.

Here are some of my favorite online games that help me reduce my stress level.
The game will enable you to play with the computer or other humans. 

After clicking the dice, your chosen avatar will move based on the number indicated. If you landed on a block with a question mark “?”, a science question will pop up.  

If will provide the correct answer, the avatar will move to a special cell. The first player to arrive in the “Goal” cell wins.

This game tickles your brain. I like answering puzzles and science questions. This will also help kids enhance their knowledge.

This game is very fun. It is just the typical jigsaw puzzle but played on the computer. You can choose between25, 49, 0r 100 pieces. You can play this game with your kids too.

Once you placed the correct piece of the puzzle, it will automatically lock in place with the adjacent part.
One more thing about having fun about this game is by turning your image captured by the computer camera into a jigsaw puzzle.

This games brings me back to my childhood as I am having fun solving jigzaw puzzles.

I saw this game in one of the videos I watched on Tiktok. This is a strategy game where you need to guess who is the person in the frame of your opponent and vice-versa.

First, you need to pick the person that your opponent will try to guess.

The game proceeds by the process of elimination. You are going to pick a question to ask that you will think will eliminate majority of the person.

The first player to guess the correct person in the frame wins.
In this, you will be able to work your brain as you think the right question to guess the person in your opponent's frame the least possible time.

There are other games at to check and find what suits you as a stress reliever. There are lots of free online educational games at different categories like board, logic, puzzle, math, physics, and other games.

Can you share your stress-reliver and favorite online games too?

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August 3, 2022

The Five Types of Cleaning Services

There are different types of cleaning services available in the market. Some of them are commercial, while others specialize in home cleaning. For example, commercial cleaning companies are responsible for cleaning retail stores and commercial buildings, while residential services are more specific and concentrate on the mess in and around the home. For this reason, you should hire the services of an expert in these fields if you want your home or office to be clean and dust-free. Below we will discuss all the different types of cleaning services available in the market and how you can choose the best one for your needs.

Commercial Cleaning
There are many ways to market your business. For example, you can set up a commercial cleaning business and offer it as a standalone service or package. Many companies provide three or more different packages. One way to market your business is to provide Cleaning Services Mary Esther, FL, for various companies, such as office buildings and retail outlets.

Medical and dental clinics: Professionals are needed to clean medical and dental facilities, which require specialized supplies and equipment. CleanService offers medical cleaning services. In addition, sports facilities are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, so these cleaning services are essential.

Office Cleaning
The types of cleaning services include deep commercial cleaning, basic commercial cleanup, and everyday office-wide maintenance. Deep commercial cleaning goes beyond essential services to have more in-depth tasks such as polishing floors and furniture, vacuuming upholstery, and cleaning behind appliances. Deep commercial cleaning should be performed at least twice per year. Deep disinfection is necessary for large offices with hundreds of employees, but regular cleaning should suffice for small offices.

Office cleaning involves sanitizing work areas, restrooms, kitchens, cubicles, and common areas. Dusting, mopping, sanitizing, and collecting debris and materials are also included. Many cleaning companies provide disaster cleaning as a specialty service. These services need specific knowledge and may entail specialized equipment and materials. This type of cleaning requires experienced staff. A professional cleaning service should be able to meet these demands.

Strata Cleaning
Strata cleaning involves the upkeep of common areas. These areas tend to collect unwanted dirt and bacteria. Strata cleaning is essential in large office buildings, where the spaces are divided into many sections. Strata cleaning companies can provide a variety of services, including regular maintenance. They can also help to build owners with the management of the building. They know the correct procedures for performing different tasks, including inside and outside the building, and how to use different cleaning products.

Strata cleaning companies work for the building's maintenance committee. The committee decides which cleaning services are necessary. The committee often appoints the treasurer to handle the accounts. They put forth requirements for the property and the terms and conditions of the service. Before the company is hired, they will agree on their preferred services. A strata cleaning company will perform these services at a price acceptable to the building's owners.

Infection Control
When it comes to cleanliness and sanitary conditions in healthcare facilities, infection control is a crucial aspect. Not only are germs present everywhere, but their presence in body fluids can lead to several illnesses. As such, proper procedures must be followed at all times. A trained professional should carry out infection control services, and every facility should have a first aid kit. In addition, to avoid exposing patients and employees to infectious diseases, it is necessary to disinfect surfaces after every single use.

The most effective method of infection control cleaning involves disinfecting commonly handled surfaces. While this method does not provide a 100% guarantee against germs and other diseases, it is highly effective. Disinfectant sprays should be used on frequently touched surfaces. Disinfectant sprays must be left on for 30-60 seconds. If all-purpose cleaners are not sufficient, a disinfectant spray should be used.

Specialized Cleaning
Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, there are several demands for cleaning your workspaces and facilities. While many of these demands are general, some are more specific, such as biohazard cleaning or removing biohazards. With specialized cleaning services, you can be assured that your work areas are always clean and safe. Specialized cleaning companies also provide other services, such as construction clean-up or disaster recovery.

During a coronavirus pandemic, specialized cleaning services become even more critical. Thoroughly cleaning busy places and commercial premises is vital for preventing the spread of disease. Technical cleaning services use high-efficiency particulate absorption vacuums, wet mopping, and scrubbing techniques to ensure that every surface is clean and free of contaminants. EPA vacuums are also available for sensitive surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and doors.
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