January 22, 2024

Finishing a Garage for Market Listing Appeal

When it comes to improve a house for the purposes of putting it on the market for a sale, the typical go-to ideas tend to be the kitchen and the bathroom for upgrades. These are commonly associated with living in the home. However, one of the easiest places to upgrade with a low level of disruption is the garage.

Starting With Almost a Blank Canvas
Normally, the garage is left bare, assuming the homeowner will basically treat it as a utilitarian room and a place to park the car. The walls are sometimes not even finished, and the floor is just are bare concrete slab. Then it tends to get filled up by the appliances if the washing machine and dryer are placed there as well as cabinets for storage and placing household chemicals or oversized things. However, nothing says that it needs to remain unfinished.

Buyers Like Homes With Little Work
When looking at used homes in Middlesex County, buyers can be turned off by the idea of a property that needs additional work unless the listing price has been reduced enough to make it worth the trouble. If a buyer has to put in another $20,000 to $30,000 of improvements after purchase, it actually increases the cost of the property in the buyer's mind versus other choices on the market. However, when looking a home with improvements already included and obvious on first sight, like a finished garage, then things get very interesting. In fact, some buyers are willing to pay above market to obtain such a home, knowing they won't need to worry about any additional work themselves after purchase.

Consider Epoxy Flooring to Finish a Garage
With an epoxy flooring in Middlesex County, a homeowner in the area can easily upgrade a property to be listed quickly and for very little fuss. The idea of a finished garage can be very appealing to prospective buyers, and it can also make a home for sale far more competitive too. Epoxy flooring near me searches on the Internet prove again and again, the value of a finished home easily creates buy points, attraction and market attention in the real estate arena.

A Bit of Cleaning and Then Treatment Produces Big Changes
The process of upgrading a garage is not hard. As soon as the area is completely cleared, a professional team can come in and start treating the cement to clean it and prepare the surface for the epoxy layering. As the treatment goes on and seals the floor, it both protects and improves the overall appearance of the garage. At that point, simply finishing the walls and adding some professional cabinets completes the job and adds thousands of dollars of value to a home right away. The curb appeal jumps up immediately, and the home becomes very attractive on the market compared to similar units.

If you're thinking about selling a home, upgrades are definitely a way to make your property stand out, and garage flooring improvement is actually easier to implement than a house remodel. The return can be easily added to the home price and will catch a buyer's attention quickly too.

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