June 5, 2023

Taffy and Caramels For Every Occasion

Every occasion deserves to be celebrated. From Birthdays to Weddings, Holidays to Baby Showers, and more, here are a few ideas for Taffy and Caramels to help you celebrate.

A traditional taffy recipe calls for melting molasses and sugar with water to make it a soft chewable candy. This can be done at home or a party.

A sweet and salty treat to share with family or friends, a special birthday treat, or a fun-filled holiday gifting opportunity. Whether it's a big daddy birthday bash or just a little get-together, our deliciously crafted treats are sure to impress. We have everything from taffy to fudge and even hand-dipped chocolates.

Much research went into each confectionary creation's design, construction, and testing. It's all a part of our mission to provide the best candy for your buck.

The company's name Purple Mountain Taffy has earned a reputation for producing the highest quality saltwater, taffy, and creamy fudge.

Weddings are an excellent time for family and friends to gather, so you should offer them something special to remember. Taffy is a perfect choice for gifting and celebrating.

If your wedding is beach themed, fill jars and bowls with classic boardwalk candies like saltwater taffy. It comes in an array of carnival colors and looks enticing on display.

Another way to add color is with foil-covered chocolate balls. These bright treats look delicious, piled at a table or in a candy buffet.

Black licorice can also be a good wedding choice, as jars look classy. It may even have a pleasant aroma, too!

Baby Showers
If you're a parent-to-be, baby showers are a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your child. They can be a fun way to meet new friends, give gifts, and show your support for the expecting mother.

A lot of planning goes into a shower, from the location and invitations to games and food. It's essential to remember the expectant parents' personalities and pick a venue that will suit their tastes and desires.

Some hosts choose to register for gifts, which is a practical way to ensure that guests get the best gift for the baby's needs. Others prefer to keep things low-key and let family members buy gifts from a list.

Graduation season is a particular time to celebrate your loved one. So make their day extra special with these graduation candy ideas!

Taffy is a fun and chewy treat. It's made with boiled sugar, butter, vegetable oil, flavorings, and coloring.

A sweet and chewy taffy is a great way to celebrate your grad. This taffy comes in assorted flavors and is perfect for gifting!

A graduation candy table can be simple or elaborate. Either way, you can easily keep it festive by using cute toppers and signs.

Holidays and special occasions are perfect times to indulge in delicious sweet treats! Treat your family and friends with taffy gifts and caramels to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Caramel apple taffy is a fall favorite that's delicious and chewy. It's freeze-dried for a fresh taste and texture that's hard to resist!

You can even try homemade taffy with recipes like salty chocolate brittle or chewy watermelon gummies. Make a batch with your kids, or plan a taffy pull party with your friends!

Taffy isn't just a fun treat for kids; it also makes a great homemade gift. Wrap them up in festive holiday cellophane or waxed paper for a fun and thoughtful gift that will delight the caramel lover on your list.

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