June 17, 2023

Why Should Companies Do a Background Check Before Hiring?

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Background checks provide valuable information to help you make the right hiring decisions. These checks can reveal facts the candidate might not have disclosed in their resume or job application.

Having reliable employees is critical for any business. Background checks can protect you from negligent hiring claims, privacy violations, and other legal issues.

To Protect Yourself
After putting so much time into crafting a solid resume, securing an interview, and nailing your first job, it's understandable that you would want to ensure everything on your background check is clean. However, anything might sneak past your employer throughout the background check procedure if you must be more diligent. Falsifying information on your resume or application is more common than you might think. While this might not be illegal, it is unethical and will be picked up during a background check. Note that some background checks have higher accuracy than others. Choosing a reputable company that offers background screening services will ensure that you get accurate and legitimate results. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the background check business to fix any errors and notify the applicant. It will help to avoid any misinformation from being reported and costing the candidate their job.

To Protect Your Reputation
The actions or inactions of employees can damage the reputation of an organization. Conducting a background check allows organizations to protect their brand by learning the facts about potential hires. It is essential to adhere to laws regarding what can and cannot be searched within a background check and to respect the candidate's or employee's right to privacy. Verifying someone's identification is the most frequent cause for a background check. People often lie on their resumes or job applications about past work experience or education; background checks can catch these lies. A background check can validate addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

To Protect Your Customers
A background check can help protect your customers from fraudulent activities committed by people with criminal records, such as identity theft, financial fraud, and other crimes. It also reveals a candidate's education, work history, and professional licensing or credentials to confirm their qualifications. The subject must be informed about and provided permission for the search for the background investigation to be done correctly. It is usually a part of an employment or rental application, and state and local laws often require it. A background check can also be conducted for a personal relationship with someone you know, such as a babysitter or roommate. However, it must be done legally and responsibly through social media searches or Google. It is a common way people vet acquaintances without violating their legal rights.

To Protect Your Company
Background checks help to protect your organization from fraudulent activities that can come from the people you hire. It is essential for positions that involve access to cash or confidential data.

A standard background check typically includes a criminal record search, credit report, and Social Security number verification. In addition, some searches may go further to reveal other civil court records, including bankruptcy filings, lawsuits, and judgments. Motor vehicle and education records are also common searches that can be included in a background check. Some employers run a background check before extending a conditional job offer. To be sure something is permitted, check the laws of your state. It's not a good idea to only perform a background check once you have narrowed down your candidate pool, as this could be considered discriminatory. Depending on the position and your company's needs, you can expand your background check to include additional searches such as sex offender registry, credit history, professional licenses, and more.

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