March 17, 2016

Cellphone Clip Lens

I got a new set of accessories for my phone – The Clip Lens.

The package contains fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses. It also includes small pouch for storage and lens covers.

The lens is easy to assemble, just screw and clip on your phone and you are on your way to taking shots.

In using the wide angle lens, it will not directly fit the clip and needs to attach the macro lens first and screw the wide angle lens. The wide angle lens makes the coverage of the ordinary camera wider.

Take without clip lens

Taken with wide angle lens

The fisheye lens adds a much wider angle that resulted in a visual distortion making the image either wide panoramic or hemispherical.

Taken using fisheye lens

The Macro lenses can actually capture small things. However, you need to place the camera the closer to the subject to have a nice focus. You also need to have a steady hand, needs a tripod if you want, because the focus easily disturbed with a slight move of the camera.

Taken without clip lens
With clip lens
Here are two more photos taken using macro lens.

Center of Euphorbia flower
A fly on a rose leaf
Though the resolution stays the same, you can still see the differences between using the clip lens and built-in camera.

If you want to have the same gadget, don’t hesitate to send a message or visit Momaye’s Shoppe.