June 17, 2017

How to Get Rid of Spiders

One of the most common problems we encountered in our workplace is the presence of cobwebs on walls and even equipment. During audits, this has been always a concern of auditors.

At home, this can be also a serious problem in maintaining cleanliness.

But how can we get rid of the cobwebs or spiderwebs?

Simple cleaning activities can immediately remove the cobwebs or spider webs. However, there will be a high risk of recurrence. To completely get rid of spiderweb at home, getting rid of the source, the spiders, is the best solution.

Here few ways to get away from spiders.


There are pesticides against spiders that can be bought in the market. This will be used outside the house. Spray all possible entries of spiders like crevices on walls, windowsills, and others. But always remember that using pesticide is not to kill the spiders but to prevent from entering your home.

Essential oils

Spiders do not like the taste of essential oils. Mixing few drops of essential oil, like tea tree oil, with 2-3 tablespoons of the soap dish and warm water will be used as a natural solution for spiders. Spray the mixture in the place were spiders harbor.

Electronic repellant

Electronic repellents used to produce electromagnetic waves that repel spiders.

Pest Controllers or Exterminators

If spiders create serious infestation that either pesticides or electronic repellent could not afford to put spiders away, seeking professional help, like Insight Pest Solutions, is the best remedy to solve the problem.

Above all of the ways to stay away from spider infestation, maintaining the cleanliness of the house is the best way to get rid not only spiders but other insects as well.

Do you have any idea in getting rid of spiders?