June 8, 2018

World Blood Donor's Day 2018: Blood Connects Us All

On June 14 will be the World Blood Donor's Day. This year's theme is "Blood Connects Us All" and with a slogan "Share Lives, Give Blood". The event acknowledges the blood donors around the world and also helps to encourage others to do the same.
blood donation, blood donor, world blood donor's day, give blood save life
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But before the World Blood Donor's Day, our company already held the annual bloodletting activity courtesy of the Philippine Red Cross - Bulacan Chapter.

Blood donation, blood donor, give blood save life

Every year, I am excited about this activity especially that I bear the AB+ blood. It was 4 years ago since I started sparing blood of mine. It was only last year that I haven't able to join the annual activity because I need to visit one of our suppliers.

Blood donation, blood donor, give blood save life

Improves cardiovascular health, production of new blood cells, free mini-screening, free counseling (if needed), receives priority, and burns calories are just some of the advantages of having your blood shared.

Also, by sharing blood you can help save millions of lives yearly. You can also help in the recovery and health of some patients who have been suffering from illnesses or injuries, complex operations as well as childbirth.

If you think you are qualified to be a donor, you can visit Robinson's Malolos on June 14, 2018. The Philippine Red Cross-Bulacan Chapter will join the World Blood Donor's Day by having a Blood Donation Activity there or you can also check if there is the same activity in your area.

Have you been a blood donor?