November 29, 2018

How to Survive the MRT

Last week, I attended a 5-day training course in Ortigas. According to our facilitator, it was a test of endurance to finish the entire course, both physical and mental.

Tama sila. The venue is in Ortigas and I had my overnight stay in Cubao. Although malapit lang, pero susubukin ka talaga.

There are two options to reach Ortigas from Cubao, MRT or PUBs (bus or taxi). Medyo mahal ang Grab so, I choose the MRT as the mode of transportation and I survived it for five days.

It was difficult for me na hindi naman yun ang nakasanayan ko. 

But how did I survive the MRT ride for 5 days? Here are some tips based on my experience.

MRT, north avenue station

Be Early.
Although the training starts at 9 in the morning, I started traveling at 6 am. At this time, hindi pa gaano kadami ang pasahero. Di pa siksikan. I just take my rest at the training venue.

Wear Light Clothing
For a person like me na pawisin, literal na maliligo ka talaga sa pawis umaga palang. “Dri fit” clothes are recommended since madaling matuyo. If you don’t have, it is good to bring extra clothes and lots of towel.

Why? Dapat marunong kang makipagsiksikan. During the rush hours, the train wagons are already full. Kahit puno na, once it stops in one station, some will try their luck to get inside the train.

mrt, beep card, stored-value card

Have a beep card or stored-value card
If you are using MRT for several days, purchasing the stored-value card. During my 5-day stay, I used this and not on a single journey to avoid queuing another line to buy the tickets daily.

Be Calm
It will be annoying seeing the different situations in the MRT. Instead of ranting, keep calm. I experience this for 5 days only, how about others who used this mode of transportation daily.

To keep you calm, be ready with your phone and headset. Once you reach the station, start listening to music of your choice. This will helps you divert your attention on the music rather than the situation you are in. Minsan di mo namamalayan na napapasayaw ka na slight.

Do you have other tips to survive the MRT ride?