March 30, 2017

On Recycling and Urban Gardening

One day Matthew asked me what does ‘recycle” means. For a 6-year old boy, it seems difficult to explain how it literally means.

Then I answered: “Yung gagamitin mo ulit ung isang bagay sa iba.”  I also explained that thru recycling, we can reduce the amount of waste we put into our garbage. We can also make our home decluttered. Instead of just keeping things in the storage area, we can use it for another purpose.

To make a more explanation, I asked him to join me and show what recycle means.

In this picture, I used plastic containers as plant pot by removing the top portion of the container.

In the next photo, I also used plastic containers, filled it with soil and randomly put holes in “body”. We used kamote taps as recycled material too. Instead of putting everything into the trash bin, we inserted it into the holes of the container.

After a week, here how it looks like:

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Aside from teaching kids the meaning of recycling, our activity helps Matthew into the idea of Urban Gardening. We don’t have that much area in our home to plant such veggies. This method is also applicable to areas where there is only limited space for gardening.

Also, giving kids a responsibility can be taught thru these. I asked Matthew to take good care of these plants because he is the one who owns it. He needs to water the plants regularly.

Summer is officially here. I am planning to make another DIY plant box in front of our house. I am still looking for some design and ideas like the one I got from I am planning to have this finished before the rainy days.

By having this plant box, we can have a better management and maintenance on the ornaments we had at home.

What are your recycling and urban gardening ideas?