January 2, 2014

Project: Lightning McQueen Crochet Hat

Happy New Year to All! To start the year, I would like to share my last project for the year 2013 – the Lightning McQueen Crochet Hat.

Matt is a certified fan of Cars. He knows the major characters like McQueen, Hudson, Sally, Mater, Sheriff and Mac. He even called my service car as McQueen (Red Picanto), his Tito’s Pick-up as Hudson and our neighbor’s black car as Sheriff.

Last Christmas, we decided to have him a Cars-inspired outfit - clothes and shoes. To complete the set from head to foot, I made a Lightning McQueen crochet hat. Nakakakonsensya kasi yung sabi ni Mommy: “Andami natin nagawang hats for others this year, pero wala pa tayo nagagawa para kay Matthew.” This is one of the reasons why we closed the MTOs at Momaye’s Shoppe on the first week of December.

This is a real customized project since Matt picked the design from the photos in the internet and I made it without the pattern. Here is our conversation while choosing for the design he wants:

Me: Matt, ano gusto mo na McQueen? (Showing photos from the internet)
Matt: Eto na lang kaya? (Pointing on the one with an earflap)
Me: Eh, ito ung may gulong na black?
Matt: Eto na lang kaya? ‘Yung may gulong na black.
Suddenly he added.
Matt: Eto na lang kaya? ‘Yung may 95 na yellow.

Take note of his special request “95 na yellow” should be there. Buti na lang hindi nya ni-request yung word na “Rusteze”. Hehehe.

Here is Matthew wearing the Lightning McQueen Hat (not yet finished). Medyo napasubo lang kasi dami palang embellishments but feels fulfilled after finishing it on Christmas Eve and seeing him happy wearing it on Christmas Day.

Grabbed from Facebook
Here is the finished product:
Grabbed from Facebook
Here is Matt wearing a Cars-inspired outfit on Christmas Day.
Grabbed From Faceboook
By the way, Mommy did the first part or crown area of since I am still finishing three (3) MinionHats as the final MTO for the year. You can check my own pattern in Our FamilyBlogs About site. You can also choose other designs and place your orders at Momaye's Shoppe.