April 29, 2020

5 Proper Steps To Follow When Wiring Your House

In order to wire your house successfully, you need to have a good understanding of how electricity works and the different systems incorporated within your home.
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It’s worth noting that there are an estimated 20 deaths a year from electrocution, evidencing the need to be safe when undertaking any form of electrical works. You should also be aware that some wiring in your home can only be undertaken by a qualified professional.

Should you decide to do any wiring in your home there are 5 steps you should follow every time.

Draw It
The first stage should always be to draw what you are intending on doing. This may be a new installation, one extra circuit, or even just a socket. Drawing it will help you identify what materials you need and make sure you have everything you need to hand before you start.

Verify Socket Numbers
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The average radial circuit is only allowed to have between 6-8 sockets. You need to verify this number with your local regs and then identify all the sockets on a particular circuit. Once you’ve done this you’ll know whether you can add to a circuit or need to install a new one.
It’s important to stick to the guidelines as too many sockets will increase the risk of overloading and the potential for a fire.

Check Before Drilling
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When you’re running new cables into a position you’ll need to drill holes through walls and floors to ensure the cables are in the best possible position. You may also want to run them behind the walls. But, even if you’re simply fastening trunking to the side of a wall you’re going to need to drill fastening holes.

Whenever you drill into your walls, floors, or ceilings, you need to be certain that they are no electrical wires or water pipes in the walls. Hitting one of them could be bad news for you and your home.

Power Off
Before you start any work you must switch the power off at the main breaker and verify that it is off where you’re working.

This is a simple thing to do and one that could literally save your life.

Contact A Professional
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Even if you decide to complete the work yourself it’s a good idea to contact your local electrician Sydney and have them inspect your work. This will allow them to grant you a certificate, that’s useful if you ever decide to sell the house. They can also identify any issues and give you peace of mind.
Of course, if you decide the job is too complicated for you to do by yourself then step 5 becomes step 1, and you won’t need to do anything else.

Don’t forget, if you’re running in a new circuit you’re going to need a new breaker. You should also wire from your breaker box outward, never go from the socket to the breaker box only to discover you don’t have enough cable.

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