August 14, 2020

Unboxing Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Mommy and I have work outside the home. We are very lucky that Kuya Matthew is doing independently at home while we are at work. We will just prepare his lunch and snacks and all done. Like last school year, after class, he went home alone and stays there but, of course, with constant monitoring na din thru phone calls and messenger.

Since he stays at home all day, we can't have a video chat or video call every minute or every hour to keep track of what he is doing. This puts us to decide to have a surveillance camera. After searching, we end up with this Mi Home Security Camera 360°.

The package contains the camera, power cord, instruction manual, and other accessories need if you are going to mount the unit to the ceiling or wall.

The power cord is a USB type A to Type B. You can use your old phone charger head to supply the power.

Here are the features of the Mi Home Security Camera 360°.

360° View
From the name itself, it can capture a full view of the home. It has a dual motor that rotates to 360° horizontal and 96° vertical views covering more views. The motor stays smooth and silent while it rotates.

It provides a full color that even in low light. Also, with the night vision mode, it captures a more visible view even in the dark.

Video Encoding
With the advanced video encoding technology, the Mi Home Security Camera 360 retains the same pixel counts and bitrate but uses half of the storage. This means you can save on bandwidth or storage.


There is a card slit for a micro-SD up to 64Gb where videos can be stored. It has also Network Attached Storage (NAS) capability where you can use network devices or routers with storage features to save files. The saved files can be playback on your phone or tablet.

2-way Audio
Having the talkback feature, you can always have a conversation with the one at home.

Since it has a 360 view, the unit can be installed in a table, window, ceiling, or wall. Though you need to have an adjustment on the camera setting when viewed through your gadget. 

Setting up is Easy
Just download the Mi Home App at Google Play or the App Store for iOS, power on the camera, open the app, and connect with the camera. All you need is to follow the instruction given by the app to hook the camera to a WiFi connection. After setting up, you can now start viewing through your smartphone or tablet.
Screenshot from the phone using the Mi Home App.
Multiple viewers are possible by sharing the camera with other family members. They have to download the Mi Home App and start sharing.

I got the Mi Home Security Camera 360 from Xioami Official Store at Shopee for PhP1,690 (Shipping Fee Not included) and so far, we don't encouter any problem with teh unit.

Now, Mommy keeps her phone open and monitors Matthew at home. She just muted the microphone and opens only when she talks to Matthew.

This is also essential when Matthew started his online schooling.

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