September 29, 2020

Simple Wedding Gifts for Any Budget

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So, you've got your wedding invite in the mail! Before you start planning your hair, outfit, and date for the big day, you've got to think about what gifts you'll give the happy couple. This can be a sore spot for many wedding attendees — what should my budget be? What do they want? Can I go off the registry and give them something that's more my own personal style?

We're here to help! Here are a few of our top tips for awesome, memorable, and useful wedding gifts that you can pick up at any price point.

Registry Regulars

Their registry is there for a reason! The happy pair is ready to start their life as a married couple, and they simply must have some of those adulthood staples to do so. We love this idea which recommends putting together a few items from the registry and making it into a themed box of sorts! Snag that popcorn maker and throw in a few of your favorite DVDs, a cute popcorn bucket, and bam! You've got an awesome, themed date night AND gift for the newly married couple. If they have grilling items on their list, you could put together a few spatulas along with stylish skewers, a few of your favorite sauces and suddenly you have a whole BBQ-themed basket on your hands. Play around — this is your time to have fun!

Cold, Hard Cash

Planning a wedding can get pretty pricy. For many brides and grooms, they'd just be happy to see a few extra dollars back in their bank accounts! You can denote in your card or online payment if you'd like the money to go to any specific funds — think home downpayments, honeymoons, and more! You'll be helping them build the foundation of their new life without having to step foot into a store. If you're wondering how much cash you should spend, check out a few gift guides for inspiration.

Personalized Pieces

Another super-sweet gift idea is a personalized piece for the bride and groom! Personalized Cooking Utensils are something they'll use in their day-to-day life, and with a personalized piece, they'll always remember receiving it on their wedding day from you! There are all kinds of options — from the traditional cutting board to the pizza peel, ladles, and tongs! Grab just one for the lovebirds, or go crazy and give them an entire personalized set. 

Now that you've got a few gift ideas to go off of, it's time to shop! We hope this article helped you pick out an awesome gift for your newly engaged pair.

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