October 12, 2021

How To Help Kids Pack

There are many instances that we encounter relocation due to changes in work. It can be long-term or short-term. Although some may have already had permanent homes, others still opt to rent an apartment with their kids.

When moving from one place to another, packing things is always coined with it. There are lots of things that need to box.

Packing things can be tiring and time-consuming. However, if you have kids that are old enough to help, that would be great. All you need is to teach and give them direction on how to pack things properly.

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Going back, here are some ideas on how to help kids pack.

Condition your kids.

There may be lots of questions from your kids before moving especially if this is being done more frequently. Let us say every 5 years.

Having your kids' minds focused on moving to another place, will make the packing a lot easier and faster.

Prepare early.

Early preparation rather than procrastination can help ease the packing time. Ask your kids to separate things not to be used until you the moving date. Some of these are clothes, toys, and other personal belongings.

Guide them.


Making kids pack their things does not mean you have to be on their side until they finish their job. Just show them how you pack your things and let them do theirs. You may visit their room from time to time to let them know that you are there to help.


Sorting is essential in packing. It helps to find things easily upon moving to a new place.

Small things, like toys, can be placed together in separate containers like paper bags or zip locks.

Secure fragile objects.

Asking your kids to help you secure breakable objects will let them know that some items need care when packing.

Certain materials need bubble wraps as protection and will prevent breakage.

Placing liners in the box can also help reduce breakages and damages.

Label properly.

Kids' things, or even yours, will not fit in a single box. Let them label the boxes with their names. 

Also, placing a "Fragile" note will keep delicate objects from damage.

Letting kids draw or doodle the boxes will keep them think that art is still part moving. 

Putting labels on each box makes it easier and avoids confusion for you and your kids upon reaching your new place.


Although packing things is tiring, let your kids enjoy what they are doing. It will help them forget time, and eventually, they are done and ready to go.

To make packing works enjoyable for kids, you can play upbeat music to keep their mood alive. Together with the music, inserting TikTok dances can also boost and lighten the ambiance.

Another way to kill boredom is packing activities, making it a game with corresponding rewards that keep the kids' adrenaline high.

Letting your kids participate in the packing process, especially with their personal belongings, makes them feel important in the process.

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