November 8, 2021

Playing Cards Online thru

One of the past times that Pinoys do is playing cards. There are many occasions that you can see Pinoys playing cards. Two weeks ago, when he went home and visited my BIL's place, playing "pusoy" is one of the bonding activities aside from chitchat. The money that has been won was used to buy snacks. This is another way of contributing money and enjoying playing cards at the same time.

Before I proceed, only adults were allowed to play the cards burning our mini-get together.

Playing cards with others is enjoyable. 

What if you are alone? 
You can still play cards even you are alone. You can play solitaire games.

What if you don't have cards at home?
Even without the physical cards, all you need is the power of your gadget and the internet and play at

In, there are many solitaire games available and will really suit your choice. Here are just some of the solitaire games:

This is the classic solitaire. There are seven columns with an increasing number of cards (first column, 1, the second is 2, the third is 3, and so on.) The first card in each column is shown. A lower number card can be placed below a higher number with a different color suit.
For example: if there are 10 clubs and 9 of hearts shown, the 9 of hearts can be placed under 10 of clubs.

There are 4 spaces where you can place the Ace first followed by 2 of the same suit until completely filled with King of the same suit.

There are reserved stacks where you can draw and get a card that can be placed in the series. The game ends if there are no more available moves and if the reserved cards have been drawn without getting at least 1 card.

If you completely fill the 4 suits from Ace to King, you win.

The cards are arranged in a pyramid with a total of twenty-eight cards, all shown.
King will correspond to 13 while Queen is 12, Jack is 11, and so on. A pair of cards with a total of 13 can be removed. For example, King can be removed from the pyramid since it is already equivalent to 13. Queen and Ace, Jack and 2, 10 and 3, etc.

The game ends if there are no available cards with a total of 13 that have been removed from the pyramid.

Spider Solitaire has ten columns with 4 columns of 6 cards each and 6 columns with 5 cards each. You need to draw all cards with the same suits from Ace to King.
Spider Solitaire has 3 levels: easy, medium, and hard. Easy level has only 1 suit while the medium has 2 suits. The hard level has 4 suits.

The game ends if you have no more moves available. 

Freecell deals all the cards in eight columns. You need to draw all the cards by arranging the same suit in decreasing order. The number of cards that can be moved depends on the number of free cells available.

The game ends if there are no more moves available.

Aside from solitaire, there are other card games that can be played on

Playing cards nowadays can be enjoyed physically or online, solo or with colleagues.

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