December 16, 2021

Advantages of Vehicle Change Oil


Our SUV has already reached the 10,000km mark and it is time for an oil change this month. How long will it spend when having an oil change service? In my experience, it will only take less than an hour. Most of the service centers are already equipped with auto lifts making the task easier. You can check these 2 post car lifts out!

What are the major advantages of regular change oil?

Protects engine to give better performance.
The main role of oil is to lubricate, clean, and cool the engine’s moving parts. As the metal parts rub with each other, oil prevents the engine from heating up caused by friction.

The oil carries dirt and debris that enters the engine will eventually turn into sludge. As the oil passes through an oil filter, the dirt is trapped. Over time, oil degrades its function and needs to be replaced. This freshens up the engine and has a smooth run and better performance.

Saves fuel consumption.
Having an engine with fresh oil, uses fuel efficiently, which means more mileage saving more on fuel consumption.

Longer engine life.
Dirty oil contains gunk that increases friction that caused wear and tear. There are well-fitted engine parts like pistons that eventually wear causing oil leaks between the piston and engine block. By having a regular oil change, such damages will be prevented.

Protects the environment and emission test compliance.
As the oil runs into the engine, the heat breaks down the oil and emits gases. Heating leads to the production of sludge, which eventually adds hazardous hydrocarbons into the environment.

With clean gas coming out of the engine, it gives confidence of passing any emission test.

Cools engine parts.
Having fresh oil running around the engine maintains proper lubrication giving minimal friction between moving parts. This prevents engine overheating.

Complies warranty.
The manufacturer’s warranty includes routine maintenance and regular change oil is one of these. If routine maintenance is unfollowed, it may void the warranty that eventually provide an extra cost.

Regular check-up.
There are centers that offer free vehicle check-ups when availing of change oil service. Vehicle check-up is essential in determining and preventing damages other than oil-related ones.

But when is the real-time to have a vehicle change the oil?
Generally, the 5,000-km rule applies. However, there are some oils that can extend up to 7,500km. Aside from these, there are also other factors to consider when to bring your car and have an engine oil change.

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