May 7, 2022

Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Are you struggling to get enough rest? Do you find yourself falling asleep but still feeling exhausted the next day? Quality slumber is essential to feel your best the next day. When you don't experience appropriate rest, you may struggle with thinking and have less energy. If you're ready to make a change, try the following tips to improve your sleep.

Drop the Temperature
Is your room cold in the evening? If not, it's time to change the thermostat. Studies indicate that most people sleep better when the room is around 65 degrees. Change the thermostat to a programmable one that turns it down for you each evening. Work with HVAC contractors St Charles IL to ensure your air conditioner is working correctly.

Create a Routine
People are creatures of habit. Sleep is part of it. The body gets used to the schedule you give it. If you're up at different hours every day, your mind may not know what to do. Get consistent. Pick a time to wind down for the day and a good hour to head to bed. Stick with it.

Workout Early in the Day
Wear out the body by completing an exercise routine. Earlier is better. You don't want to increase your energy right before bed.

Turn Off the Electronics
Do you like to catch up on social media at night? Are you watching your favorite shows? Those hours work well for picking up a phone or television remote. However, the light from the electronics stimulates the mind and could prevent you from getting your best sleep.

Turn them off at least one hour before bed. Go to your room only once you are ready to retire for the night. Grab a quiet book or take a shower.

It's hard to do things when you don't rest. Set a routine, make it cold and avoid electronics. Give your body what it needs to wind down well.

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