November 9, 2022

My Graduate Studies Journey #RoadToMSChemistry

graduate studies, CLSU, road to MSChemistry, #RoadToMSChemistry,

In 2021, my Alma Mater, Central Luzon State University, started to offer a graduate degree in Chemistry (Master of Science in Chemistry). This gives me a thought if I can pursue the said studies. I inquired what will be the platform of learning and I was fortunate that it will be online (synchronous and asynchronous). I took the opportunity since I can still attend work while attending lessons.

The first semester will be full of excitement since we are the pioneering batch of the graduate program and I will be meeting my previous professors in undergraduate.

During the first semester, lots of reviews are needed since I haven’t attended school for almost 20 years. With lots of readings and downloading references, I managed to cope with the lessons. The first semester went well and I was happy when I received my grades.

graduate studies, CLSU, road to MSChemistry, #RoadToMSChemistry,
One of our first face-to-face session in the laboratory

In the second semester, we were able to choose subjects that will suit my chosen path for my research. I picked Natural Products since my undergraduate thesis is in the same area. In our Biochemistry subject, we were tasked to submit reaction papers on a given topic weekly. It ranges from common diseases, illnesses, and even forensics. I will be sharing some of my written works here too.

graduate studies, CLSU, road to MSChemistry, #RoadToMSChemistry,
Working with protein isolation

In the current semester, one of my subjects is more laboratory work which requires a face-to-face session. Our professor is considerate since most of us are working and will not be able to attend class regularly. I can say that I am lucky since I can work on some of the laboratory activities at our workplace during my free time.

graduate studies, CLSU, road to MSChemistry, #RoadToMSChemistry,
Protein isolation from chicken eggs

Aside from the laboratory class, I am currently enrolled in 2 seminar subjects where lots of paper reviews are at stake. The other day, I presented my seminar paper and last night I was able to finish one of the activities on another subject. A 3-minute pitch talk where you need to present a research paper from introduction to conclusion and recommendations in just three minutes.

graduate studies, CLSU, road to MSChemistry, #RoadToMSChemistry,
Doing the online seminar presentation at home 

Also, my research adviser asked me to finish my thesis outline, and shall be presented this semester. Wheeew! I got a month only to finish the paper.

That will be all for now. I will make another update on my graduate studies.

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