October 2, 2023

The Science Behind Vape Tricks

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Vaping has taken the world by storm in recent years and has become more than just a popular alternative to smoking. It has also developed into an art form, with vapers able to blow vapor into intricate shapes like rings and jellyfish.

Whether or not you want to learn these tricks, you should know the science behind them.

Vape tricks are fun for showing off your skills and creating cool visual effects. The key is to use a high-quality device with a low-resistance coil to get thick clouds of vapor and the best e-liquid to match. If you have a device that can produce different colors of vapor, this is even better and can add some style to any trick.

There are a lot of different vape tricks out there, but some require more practice than others. Some more complex tricks, like vapor bending and bubbles, are not easy to master for beginners.

Vapor Ring
You’ve probably seen videos of vapers producing colorful vapor in their clouds. While technically, this isn’t a trick, it can still be an excellent way to enhance any other tricks you may do visually. You can accomplish this effect in post-production using digital editing or a mod that uses LED lighting to color your cloud.

One of the easiest tricks to master is the vapor ring, a “ghost inhale.” This trick involves releasing a ball of vapor and then pulling it back in. It’s not a trick for newbies, but it will look impressive once you get it down.

For this trick, you will need a high-VG e-liquid that can produce thick plumes of vapor. You will want to use a mouth-to-lung inhalation method, which works best for beginners and smaller vapes, or a direct lung (DL) inhalation mode for larger devices.

Scientists are still learning about vaping’s health impacts, but the aerosols produced can damage the thin layer of protective mucus that coats the nose, lungs, and mouth. These tiny changes over time could increase your risk of certain diseases.

Single O’s
One of the more challenging cool vape tricks to master requires a steady hand and careful manipulation. It involves exhaling vapor into the air, then twisting it into a tight spiral shape — similar to a smoke ring. You’ll need a lot of practice to perfect the trick, but it’s sure to impress once you do.

One of the most popular vape tricks, the waterfall, is simple enough for even a novice to master. Start by taking a total drag of your device to do this trick, but don’t inhale it into your lungs. Then, shape your mouth into an ‘O’ shape with the back of your tongue and the bottom of your throat flat against your mouth and lips.

Slowly push the vapor out, starting from the back of your mouth and moving down to your nose, forcing a downward flow of smoke with each breath. This trick will require a bit of practice, but once you’re comfortable with it, you can easily create four distinct plumes of vapor that will make you look like a dragon.

The tornado is another impressive vape trick that isn’t difficult to learn. It requires more skill than the waterfall but is a great way to impress your friends and stand out from other vapers. This trick works best with a powerful device and a high vegetable glycerin liquid, as it’s all about movement.

When practicing your vape tricks, try to do it in a quiet environment, without distractions like televisions or other people. This will help you keep your movements consistent, improving the quality of your finished result. Additionally, it will be easier to see if you are doing the trick correctly without being distracted by other noises.

Vape tricks can be fun to perform and can turn some heads. However, it’s essential to be safe when performing them in public. It’s best to practice these tricks indoors, shielded from the wind and away from fans. It’s also a good idea to use a low nicotine-content e-liquid when practicing so that you don’t get too high quickly.

The tornado is a cool trick that looks like it’s complicated but is relatively easy to master. To do it, you need to isolate a flat pool of vapor and then chop at it with your hand in a chopping motion while quickly driving up your arm. This causes the vapor to swirl upward and create the tornado effect. This is one of the cooler tricks and would look great in any vape video compilation.

These are just a few vape tricks you can try, and they’re all beginner-friendly. If you want to improve your technique, it’s worth watching some tutorial videos on YouTube.

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