March 3, 2012


Pandesal (pan de sal in Spanish – means salt bread) has been traditionally known as one of the famous Filipino breakfast.  Best eaten hot, either plain or with filling of your choice (butter, peanut butter or jam, etc. ). Usually it is paired with coffee, but the best thing is dip it in coffee before eating.

Now, there are bakeries selling “nutritious” pandesal. They add malunggay in making the said bread (I haven’t tried it though). Also, there are other means to serve pandesal not just plain bread but with a twist that you will surely love. Last time we had pandesal was about 2 weeks ago. After jogging, we headed to the house in our subdivision that sells pandesal. Instead of having it with butter, we turned it into a pizza. Just spread a pizza sauce mixed with beaten egg on a half slice of pandesal, topped with bell pepper, pineapple, onions and cheese.  Place in an oven toaster or pan grill before serving. In my case, we don’t have oven toaster in our home so I resulted to use our microwave oven. Then serve it while hot. This brings a new twist in having pandesal as our breakfast.

Pizza Pandesal

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