February 27, 2012

Valentine's Day

Simple menu for our Valentine's Day Dinner

I was not able to post this entry because of being busy and stressed this past weeks...better late than never...

As on my previous entry, we had already dined at one of pizza house as Valentine's family treat . But to celebrate the Valentine's Day, I cooked something to enjoy. I made fried chicken and potatoes, my own version of chao fan (a special fried rice). I also tried one of the recipes I saw in a cooking show, they called it "Sta. Maria Vegetable Salad". This is to honor the town of Sta. Maria, Bulacan where they bought the ingredients in its public market and they held the tapping for that episode as their feature town.
The salad is quite interesting but doing it is as easy as one-two-three! Furthermore, the main ingredients could be found in any public market or supermarket...RADISH (Thinly-sliced, add salt to make it watery and washed afterwards. This is to remove the stingy taste of radish. Toss sliced tomatoes and drizzle with the vinegar-oil-salt-and-pepper mixture as its dressing). Tastes like green mangoes dipped in vinegar. This is what I have for dinner since I am on my weight-loss diet (hehehe).
Unfortunately, our son is sick that time so we have to took a lot of care on him which is a really more important than celebrating any other special days.
Fried Potato and Chicken

Chao Fan

"Sta. Maria" Salad

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