June 2, 2014

On Kamachile, Duhat and Sineguelas

We visited our hometown two weeks ago but returned back here in Bulacan in the afternoon. Balikan lang talaga. Tiring but very happy especially seeing your parents happy to be with Matt kahit konting oras lang.

We dropped Matt at home before we headed to our favorite destination – the local market! We really need to maximize our time.

Since it is summer time fruits in season can be found in the market. We want to buy some since we really missed eating these fruits, but we were surprised by the price. For a regular glassful of duhat, it costs 10 pesos while sineguelas costs 50 pesos per kilo. In the end, hindi na kami bumili. Umiral na naman ang pagiging kuripot. LOL

Here more funny encounter with another fruit.

On our way home, I remember that there is a certain place in Nueva Ecija, (San Leonardo, if not mistaken) were kamachile is being sold along the road. I told Mommy that we will buy some since I haven’t ate this fruit for more than a decade now (no exaggeration). Mommy agreed if the price permits (kuripot talaga).

I pull-over the car and Mommy made some negotiation:

Mommy: Magkano kamachile?
Vendor: 20 pesos po ang tumpok (about 10 pcs).
Mommy: Hindi ba 10? (half the price kaagad ang tawad)
Vendor: Hindi po kaya, luge po kami. 3 tumpok 50 pesos pwede.
Mommy: Cge wag na.

In the car, we were laughing how the vendor told us maluluge if she will give it for 10 pesos. Eh sinusungkit lang nila yun sa katabing puno. LOL.

Remembering the old days, we can get those fruits for free. As long as you can climb the trees, you can pick all you want, saka namin pagsasaluhan under the tree.

By the way for those who doesn't know these three fruits, here are photos grabbed from the net:

Kamachile or Madras Thorn

Duhat or Black Plum

Sineguelas or Spanish Plum

How about you, what are the fruits that you really missed?