October 17, 2015

Fun Games with Parents

Mommy already wrote about Matthew’s School’s Foundation Day. As part of their celebration, the school invited parents to attend and watch the fun games prepared for the kids on the following day. Since I still have two more leaves remaining for the year, I decided to use it and join Matthew.

We are advised to wear the same color what our kids wear. Matthew picks red.

The program started a bit late since some of the school officials were caught in traffic. Yes, traffic is not only happening in the Metro but going to our place too.

The kids were advised to go out of their rooms to officially start the program. Each grade level have their own games prepared by their teachers and where the common parlor games we know.

Preps waiting for their turn

Parlor Games

Time to the kinder and preparatory level. Their game is to paste duck’s bill while being blindfolded. Matthew’s classmate tries it first. And when her teacher asked who wants next, Matthew immediately volunteered. Hindi mahiyain.

Turn for Kinder and Prep

As he approaches the drawing, he peeked from the blindfold and place the bill just like his first classmate does. Silly boy. When I asked why he did it eto ang sabi nya: “Eh di hindi ko po mailalagay ng tama ung tuka ng duck.”

Matthew's Turn

After that game, a Pabitin was prepared for preschoolers too. I can't find Matthew while the game is on but he got two bags of candies after the game.

The Pabitin

After all the grade level do their games, I thought the program was about to end until the emcee asked 20 parents to play the games and I was forced to join. We played Mother Goose where we need to put bandana, carry bilao and umbrella, and place balloon between our legs and race. Our group won. Buti na lang wala akong pic. Hahaha.

Another game was set to parents, Catch My Egg. Unfortunately we placed 2nd.

After that fun-filled activities, here are the prizes Matthew and I got.

Prizes for Matthew and Me

Joining such school activities is one of the things that parent’s shouldn’t miss. Kids were not the only one who enjoyed but parents too.

Have you joined your kid’s school activities too?