April 15, 2016

Things To Do This Summer for Kids

Matthew is officially in the vacation mode since their moving-up held on the first week of April. Though he already had a week-long vacation in Nueva Ecija, this is not yet enough for him to keep from being bored staying at home. Gusto pa nga mag-extend ng bakasyon kaso walang magbabantay. Mama and Papa go to work too.

With this, Mommy is looking for something to keep him busy at home. Printing coloring pages, downloading e-books for kids are just some.

Here are other suggestions that will help kill kid’s boredom at home.

Summer lessons
This season, there are many sports clinic offered. Basketball, swimming, martial arts are some of the common physical activities that kids may enroll.

Aside from sports, there are also art lessons like singing, playing instruments and dancing.

Advanced lessons
Though it is time for kid’s mind to take a rest from stressful school activities, having advance studies can help their mind to keep on working. Para kapag start na ulit ng school, their minds are still in condition.

This year, we wanted to improve Matthew’s penmanship. We are leaving writing tasks for him. Mommy is also looking for instructional materials to cursive writing.

Out of town
The best way to treat kids this summer is having an out of town trip. Beaches and resorts will be great but be ready for the bulk numbers of people having the summer escapades.

Going to other recreational sites like the zoo and themed parks are also a great place to visit.

Learning crafts
Learning new things is another nice way to keep kids away from being bored. Without any bias, crocheting is good. It helps improve your mind, body and mood. Aside from this, kids will have an opportunity to earn few bucks this summer.

Summer break is really a great time for many things while in another part of the globe, spring is the best time to deal with different activities. Check on https://www.alwaysforme.com/spring-break-survey the different activities for spring and it might be applied this summer too.

What are the other activities to do this summer?