April 28, 2016

CLSU Summer Festo 2016

Last week, we had a chance to visit our home town for some “business opportunity”. Mommy and I decided to take a try on this one rather than keeping our savings in the bank which gives an insignificant interest. We really need to take the risk. As the quotation by Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Mama and Papa were surprised on our arrival. Though Mommy’s brother already mentioned to them that we are going home that they, hindi din kasi kami nag-inform na darating kami.

We were informed that there is an event happening at CLSU Oval (sports field), the CLSU Summer Festo. This event is the counterpart of the yearly Lantern and Float Festival every December.

It was 2002’s Lantern and Float Festival when Mommy and I last attended an event in the same place. Fourteen years na pala. Every year, we are planning to attend the same event but the date always coincides with our company’s Christmas Party.

There were floats, street dance contest, food stalls and much more to enjoy. Parang Lantern Festival din. Sinabayan pa ng mahangin na panahon that time.

Matthew is very happy and much enjoyed the event too. Parang hindi nagbyahe ng apat na oras.

There is also fireworks display but we haven’t caught it since it started before we arrived the place. Nagtreat pa kasi si Papa for our dinner.

What we watched is the street dancing competition by different colleges. They tour the audience by dancing into different Asian festivals like in Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar and others. Kumpleto pati costumes and music. Some are accompanied with drums and beginner guitar.

After the street dancing, comedy duo is the next part of the event but did not start immediately. I asked Mommy if we can go home and take a rest after the long travel.

There have been changes in such event in our Alma Mater. The stage is a lot different from before. Kumpleto na ng light effects and widescreen is already installed so everyone can have a view even far from the stage.

By the way, sorry for the quality of photos, these were took using our phones.

I am hoping to attend such events in our Alma Mater in the future.