August 8, 2016

What is Your Interior Design Style?

It is more than half a year since we had a "major" rearrangement on our interior. New sofa set, dining table, and curtains. We are planning on having another rearrangement. There are also plans before that haven’t materialized due to busy schedules and made-to-order items in our online shoppe.

Curtains are constantly changed every month while sofa seat covers are done every two months. Since we only have two sets of seat covers, I made another one over the weekend. Next project will be curtains. We still have lots of fabrics at home for this one.

Our Sofa Set

Though there are plans in mind, I cannot think of ways on how to do it and what should be the first thing on the list. All I have in mind, for now, is to maximize our home and use some areas for another purpose.

For example, in the kitchen, placing shelves or racks under the counter is feasible. This can be used to store pans and pots. The same thing can be also made under the stairs for my tools. Since I already have a Bosch DIY impact drill set making these is not a problem. I can make shelves or racks under the kitchen counter as storage for pots and pans. The same can be also made under the stairs as storage for my tools.

We also have lots of picture frames bought in Divisoria but until now, none of it is hanging on the walls. I just wanted to have a repainting on the walls first before placing the frames.

Anyways, if you are trying to have an interior d├ęcor or arrangements at your place, you may take the interior design quiz and you might get an idea on how to decorate your home. Just visit the link:

Shabby Chic

I got the Shabby Chic design. Romantic and vintage-inspired styles are two things you appreciate. Decor in your home should have a quaint, cottage-esque feel with rosy tones throughout. Furniture and window coverings that look distressed, yet elegant, will make your home feel cozy and comfortable.

Do you have plans of re-decorating your home?